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    DARC Enlightenment Series Topic: Weddings, Funerals, etc. - Rights of Passage

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    A weekly RasTafari radio reasoning rendez-vous. 

    Topic: Weddings, Funerals, etc. - The Significance of Rights of Passage and Civic Duties in the Great RasTafari Nation

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    The Rite of Memphis and Misraim

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    On Thursday April 30th, 2015 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will present a discussion on the quasi-Masonic Rite of Memphis, sometimes called the Rite of Memphis and Misraim which is highly irregular in orthodox Masonic circles and is usually considered a Clandestine (unrecognized and proscribed) organization to which regular Masons cannot belong. This collection of rites or degrees (96 of them) has a long and colorful history which we will delve into consulting Mackey, Calvin C. Brut, John Yarker and Allen Greenfield. In the 1880's the Rite of Memphis infiltrated the Scottish Rites Northern Jurisdiction and went into competition with Scottish Rite itself to see which system would become an accepted Advanced (Red Lodge) along with York Rite for regular American Masons. Scottish Rite's 33 degree system won the turf war, with Albert Pike's help and the Rite of M&M disappeared into the College of defunct Masonic Rites (yes there is such an institution). The same thing had happened to it in France a hundred years earlier when the Grand Orient absorbed it and locked it up in their archives -- but the M&M is not easily suppressed. Its founder, after signing it over to the Grand Orient, sneaked it into Moldavia (one of Dracula's hang outs) and it briefly rose again. Recently Masonic mavericks Allen Greenfield and Jeff Peace have tried to resurrect it here in the United States. Jeff Peace tried to get a number of regular Masons who were interested in the esoteric involved in M&M, at their peril. So if you would like to explore a delightfully conspiratorial and deliciously controversial secret society that claims to have "All the Secrets of ancient Masonry and certainly enough of its degrees" then tune in and we'll sail up the Nile to the Pyramids. 

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    This Wed Mar 19th at 8PM/EST…….. We welcome Tamara Hawkins, Nurse Practitioner/International Lactation Consultant and Founder of Stork and Cradle to #LetitbeKnownLiveRadio for our discussion “CHILDBIRTH IS A PROFOUND RITE OF PASSAGE.”  Stork and Cradle, focuses on the empowerment of Childbirth and Parenting Preparation with classes for Women and their partners on childbirth education, Pre-natal and Post-natal Lactation Counseling, and Post-Partum. Tamara earned her bachelorette nursing degree at New York University and master's nursing degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. Beginning her career in obstetrical nursing and perinatal education in 1999, She then went on to become certified as a labor support specialist, Lamaze instructor, lactation consultant, and a holistic health counselor certified through the Association of Drugless Practitioners.

    She will be providing some incredible insight on the holistic options and medical choices to have an empowering birth experience......... TUNE IN!

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    The Great Rite : A Symbolic Act Of Creation

    in Spirituality

    Thank you for joining me for episode 111 of HiPPiE WiTCH : Magick For A New Age.

    You can pick up a FREE copy of my eBook "HiPPiE WiTCH : Peace, Love & All That Good Sh!t" here... http://www.joannadevoe.com/p/free-stuff.html

    MUCH LOVE -xo



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    SWU - Purple Passage - Special Guest Kamila Willis - Helping Young Adults

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    Purple Passage

    Purple Passage is a newly established 501 (c) 3 nonprofit geared towards helping young adults (18-25) get back on track and on an Academic/Career Path. We teach "real" social/life skills like character development, responsibility, money matters, and etiquette, just to name a few. In conjunction, we steer students toward taking at least one community college class to enhance their skills for self and workforce improvement. Our goal is to provide an educational scholarship to pay for tuition/books, as well as provide follow-up services a year after the student leaves our program.

    Who are we: We are Advisors, Instructors, Mentors, and Coaches with decades of academic and professional experience that give back for FREE! We do it b/c we care.

    Where: Renaissance Richardson Hotel 900 E. Lookout Drive Richardson, TX 75082. FREE Parking at Eisemann Garage next to Hotel.
    When: Remaining FREE Sp'15 Dates: 03/14th, 03/21st, 03/28th, 04/11th, 04/18th, 04/25th & 05/02nd.

    Are you between the ages of 18-25?

    Feel stuck? In a rut? Haven’t reached your true potential? Made some mistakes and just need to get back on the right track? We are Advisors, Instructors, Mentors & Coaches (AIM Team).  Our AIM is to teach you “real” life skills and get you on a pathway towards Academic & Career Success.

    If you answered YES, then PURPLE PASSAGE is your key to becoming the best you can be!

    Kamilah Willis, B.S., M.S.W., C.P.C.


    Purple Passage



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    Passage to Empowerment - Ancestral Power

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    How can finding out about your ancestors empower you? Maybe you are feeling ho hum about who you are and where you have come from? Maybe finding out about those that have come before you in your family will make you feel pretty good. 

    Join us as we explore our ancestors and if you call in or join us in the chat room Mel-tech will help you find out more about your family.



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    Replay - Jill Pond of Girl's Rite

    in Women

    Jill Pond is the founder of Girl’s Rite and Safe Kids by Personal Body Safety Programs and is a Senior Workshop Facilitator.  She is a Colorado native and mother of 2 little girls. Jill holds a BA in Communication, and is currently a Sexual Health Educator. She is a trained Sexual Health Educator through Planned Parenthood, as well as a trained facilitator of Our Whole Lives, a comprehensive sexual heath education curriculum. She teaches Growing and Changing to the 5th graders in Jefferson County, and to 4th and 5th graders in the Unitarian Church.   Jill also teaches Safe

    Kids classes to preschool through third grade in Jefferson County Schools.

    Her decision to form Girls’ Rite came from a deep desire to empower girls through their adolescent years, years that were awkward, confusing and full of angst for her. Becoming a mother of two girls provided her with the motivation to create a program that would support girls and their families during this potentially difficult time. Fed up with the messages and role models provided by our society and media, Jill believes that the need for education and discussion is imperative for girls. As they become young adults encountering new situations, she believes they need to be sure of their decision making skills and values, values which are so easily influenced by television, movies, music and peer pressure.

    Safe Kids by Personal Body Safety Programs grew from a desire to protect and empower her own kids.  Kids are the most vunerable and trusting people in our population, and by educating girls, boys and their parents, Jill believes that as a community we can significantly lower the rates of childhood sexual abuse and abduction.

    Jill Pond

    Founder & Facilitator

    Girls' Rite



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    Rites of Passage for Young Women with Dr. Norma Edwards (Preparation)

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    Today, I’m welcoming Dr. Norma Edwards back to the show. She is the founder and director of Reprogram Your Life, LLC. She is a recognized leader in the fields of spiritual development and community empowerment. We are going to be moving through a series of shows talking about “Rites of Passage” for young women. Over the course of these segments be discussing what rites of passage are, how there is a need for rites of passage in these changing times, and ‘the sacred time-line of life’. We encourage you to join us and share this show with the young women in your life.


    Plaid for Women radio is produced to give you information, advice and resources to manage “The Business of Life”. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, get connected, and be heard. 



    Plaid FB: http://www.Facebook.com/PlaidforWomen 

    Plaid TW: http://www.twitter.com/plaidforwomen


    Dr. Norma Edwards

    Reprogram Your Life, LLC.

    P.O. Box 863

    Laurel, MD 20707?

    Phone: 240-786-5444

    E-mail: reprogramyourlife@yahoo.com 

    Web: http://www.reprogramyourlife.net



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    Passage to Empowerment - Celebrating Spring

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    How do you celebrate spring? Do you "spring clean" your house and your mind? Does getting rid of clutter help you feel better and clear up your thinking? Spring is a time to renew? How do you renew yourself? Does gardening and planting help lift your spirit? Seeing new growth in your yard and out on your walks and drives lifts me up and gives me new hope for my life and for the lives of others. What does it do for you.

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    Passage to Empowerment - What do you do in you spare time?

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    Brenda, Lydia, Mel and Nina are going to talk about what they do in their spare time? I know we never have much spare time in a day but when you do what do you do? Do you craft? How about reading? Is exercise part of your daily routine or do you only do something if you have time to spare? Or do you just veg out? How about playtime? Date night?




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    Passage to Empowerment - Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

    in Lifestyle


    Brenda, Lydia, Mel and NIna are going to celebrate the day by sharing some drink and food reipes. Join us and help us celebrate with some of your own ideas for the celebrations.  Another reason to celebrate is always welcome and we are hoping youwill join us to celebrate everyday not just on special occasions. Let's get this party of life started.

    A brief discription of Cinco de Mayo

    It is a celebration held on May 5th. It is celebrated in the United States and in Mexico, primarily in the state of Puebla where the hokiday is calle El Dia de la Batalla dePuebla (English: The day of the battle of Puebla).. Mexican Americans also often see the day as a source of pride one way they can honor their ethnicity is to celebrate this day.

    The date is observed to commemorate the Mexican army's unlikely victory over the French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin. In the United States, Cinco de Mayo is sometimes mistaken to be Mexico's Independence Day - the most important national holiday in Mexico- which is celebrated on September 16.