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    Rev. Brian J Glenn Acm

    in Spirituality

    Longtime friend of the show, Bian will be joining us on air to talk about his work with crystal and reiki healing. If you would like more info, or to book an appointment with him, check out his page!



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    Conversations with the Diva: Mr. Jon Jorgenson

    in Culture

    Please join Sabrina and her special guest, Mr. Jon Jorgenson. He is a fanstastic man with the heart of God. He speaks life into men and women through is Anima Series.  https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAnimaSeries

    "Currently he is playing Sky in Mamma Mia! on Broadway,Co-Creator of The Anima Series (http://www.jonjorgensonblog.com/),Author of Authentic Love, Creativity Blogger and Chicago Bulls Fanatic". If you need to live a better life for Jesus Christ then this is for you. There is hope and God Loves you. Never stop believing that

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    Event Jeannie's 2015 Winter series; Restaurants, Private rooms & Catering too!

    in Lifestyle

    We are back and more excited than ever to kick off our winter 2015 show series, which will examine restaurants that have catering arms too. It’s a growing segment of the industry and one that has not been properly explored – how to create a great relationship with a restaurant (for smaller private parties) that also has a catering arm for the larger ones.

    “Restaurants, Private Rooms and Catering too!” will cover the small but burgeoning market of restauranteurs that do it all and well.  Tune in on Wednesday, January 14th at noon as BOTH the Director of Catering Sales, Sarah Weisman, and in-house Director of Private Events, Jodi Lynn, for Epicurean Events join us.  Wondering if you should host your next dinner in a private room or at home? We will answer that question, explore cost structures and private space possibilities in the Epiucrean group, which also owns four restaurants in New York: dell’anima, L’Artusi, L’Apicio and Anfora. The Italian inspired cuisine is driven by seasonal products and high caliber service that focuses on being friendly rather than formal; the Italian seeking guests are driven by the amazing tastes, homemade burrata and exceptional customer service.

    After covering everything you ever wanted to know about liquor in our last series, it is time to discover where to find the best food to pair with those cocktails you now know all about!

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    Jung In His Own Words: Anima/Animus, part 4

    in Education

    As we continue to explore Jung's expansive notion of the psyche, we take a fourth look at his understanding of Anima and Animus

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    Alma e espírito (Soul and spirit)

    in Spirituality

    As palavras “alma” e “espírito” nas Escrituras provêm de palavras hebraicas e gregas, línguas em que a Bíblia foi escrita. Alma – No Antigo Testamento, vem do hebraico (nephesh). Na Vulgata, a palavra em Latim é traduzida a partir do grego "pneuma" (πνευμα), (em Hebreu (???) ruah), e está em oposição ao termo anima, traduzido por "psykhe".
    Entenda as raízes etimológicas e os verdadeiros sentidos destas palavras tantas vezes mal entendidas.
    Domingo, 28 de Setembro, 19h em Portugal (15h  Brasília)

    The words "soul" and "spirit" in Scripture comes from Hebrew and Greek words, languages ??in which the Bible was written. Soul - In the Old Testament, comes from the Hebrew (nephesh). In the Vulgate, the Latin word is translated from the Greek "pneuma" (πνευμα), (in Hebrew (???) ruah), and is opposed to anima term translated "Psykhe". 
    Understand the etymological roots and the true meanings of these words so many times misunderstood. 
    Sunday, September 28th, 2pm EST\1pm CST\12am MST\11am PST - USA

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    Jung in His Own Words: Anima and Animus, part 2

    in Education

    As we continue to explore Jung's wide-ranging understanding of the psyche, we get a second look at his notion of the contrasexual elements of the psyche: the anima and animus.

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    Jung in His Own Words: Anima and Animus, part 3

    in Education

    As we continue to explore Jung's wide-ranging understanding of the psyche, we get a third look at his notion of the contrasexual elements of the psyche: the anima and animus.

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    Anima/Animus: Self-Love Journey for the Sacred Marriage Within

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    The anima and animus are two terms use by psychologist Carl Jung to describe the feminine and masculine halves of the personality. He believed that all people had either a feminine (anima) or masculine (animus) side. The goal of the person, in reaching individuation and having a whole personality, is to integrate the side opposite to their gender.To Jung it was rejection of anima and animus that led many people to significant psychological problems. When anima and animus were recognized, used and appreciated, the person stepped forward toward psychological wellness.In a sacred marriage of souls, the goal of serving the soul of one's partner and the goal of fulfilling one's own Divine purpose are held in the deepest place in the heart and exist in harmony.
    This involves a process of learning over time through prayer and meditation, the distinction between 'soul' and 'personality' can become clear to us, though it may be hard to conceive at first. Join Rev. Goddess for an evening of journeying through your self-love to the altar of your personal sacred marriage.The dance between the Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine is an exploration of many layers of cultural and karmic overlays. When we speak of feminine and masculine we need to prefix the word “divine” in front of these words, for energetically our world is about the dance of these two sacred energies. Our personal and cultural karma is our inaccurate perceptions and dysfunctions regarding principles of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine frequencies.Our goal in the pursuit of the sacred marriage from within is to realize that we are seeking a vibrational frequency of truth that has nothing to do with gender or culture. Rev. Goddess will use Guided Meditation to contact your Anima/Animus and then teach the Self Love Touch Ritual for the Sacred Marriage Within! 

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    Jung in His Own Words: Anima and Animus, part 1

    in Education

    As we continue to explore Jung's wide-ranging understanding of the psyche, we get a first look at his notion of the contrasexual elements of the psyche: the anima and animus.

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    Are Our Pets Our Mirrors? - Show #509

    in Pets

    Join us, Dr. Kim Bloomer and Dr. Jeannie Thomason, hosts of Animal Talk Naturally now for nearly nine years, we begin this new journey TOGETHER as we learn how our own feelings affect the health and well being of our animals.

    On the show this week we are going to share how our pets are changing in their own attitudes, actions and health as are ours. We'll also share how our own health challenges are often mirrored in our pets. Is this all coincidence or is there something more to this? We'll walk this road together because we are not scientists, behaviorists, counselors, etc. We are sharing our own journey into how our thoughts are energy and they do make a difference in our own health...but does this all make a difference in our pets' health? We'll let you be the judge of that.

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    The Age of Synthesis of Opposites - The Counter-Revolution #5

    in Spirituality

    This is the path the Shamballah Kings have prescribed for the followers of the Diamond Path. Learn it well. 

    The path of the Sun and Moon conjoined as one, the Kalachakra Tantra which contains the dharmas of both the path of the two nadis, pingala and ida, the two truths, relative and absolute, the two natures, animus and anima, and conjoins them in a unique synthesis to create what Dao calls "Taiji" or the "Great Pole", this then leads to the union of emptiness & bliss..

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