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    Off the Cuff Radio-(40 Million Dollar Slaves)

    in Music

    This is gonna be a very informative episode of Off the Cuff Radio. Joined by BX artist Hot Lava, The Guilloteam tackles the topics of unfair treatment of Black Athletes in the Sports World. We also gonna talk about Super Bowl predictions, Drake's Ghostwriting Accustations becoming more prevalant, The up and coming movies about Nat Turner and Jesse Owens and starting off black history month in a positive way. The call in number is 1-619-924-0703, Going down Friday Night at 9 PM 6 Pacific!



  • 01:37

    Off Da Wall Radio With Jahni Denver, and Joey Dixon

    in Entertainment

    Off Da Wall Radio kicks off with your host Meidai with special guest hip hop emcee Jahni Denver from Woke Crew and hip hop artist Joey Dixon from Beatshop. Uncut, Uncesnored, Raw... Anything goes 

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    Off the Cuff Radio- The Coon Picnic Part II

    in Music

    This is gonna be a special TUESDAY episode of Off the Cuff Radio. This is gonna be where we gonna be delievering Back to back shows this week.  This episode is our Infamous Coon Picnic part 2. There has been alot of buffonary going on within the community so we gonna shine up our swords and give em that work.  

    This is gonna be a fun one and also peep our Boycott the Oscars show featuring B-Dub on Friday night! Its going down in a major way!


    Call in number is 1-619-924-0703

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    Off the Cuff Radio- Grammys/Oscars Boycott(featuring B-Dub)

    in Music

    This is part two of our Back to Back shows going down this week. We're gonna be discussing the Oscars/Grammys and if there should be a boycott on the awards. We're also gonna be featuring RDU Rapper/Producer Beebeous dubbious as a special guest on the show as well.  

    We're also gonna be talking about the possible self destruction of 50 Cent, Why Instagaram is destroying hip hop, The Flint Water crisis and other topics. The call in number is 1-619-924-0703!



  • 00:35

    Off to the Races

    in Sports

    On this week's Off to the Races podcast, we:

    check out the week's top three mid-Atlantic horse racing stories in our Win-Place-Show segment;  This week: the 30th running of the Maryland Million; Maryland Racing Commission chair Bruce Quade steps down; and Delaware Park concludes its 2015 race meeting;
    award our Big Mover of the Week to the horse whose big performance this week caught our eye -- and suggests that s/he may be movin' on up;
    visit with Nick Hahn for our Virginia Report, horse racing news and views from the Old Dominion.

    Check out this week's Off the the Races podcast!

    Music used in this podcast:

    First Call, Guts and Bourbon, Hustle, Upbeat Forever, all by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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    Off The Grid Sisters

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall have with us again the "Off The Grid Sisters" who will give us information on how to "ferment foods" and the value of eating fermented foods. Call in with any and all of your questions, comments, concerns, answers, and advice.

    Eating the rights foods are the key to good health and good living.

    Ask about how U can reach the Off The Grid Sisters.

    Call into our LIVE STREAM telephone # which is: 619-768-2945.

    Visit our website @ itsmyhouseradio.wordpress.com

    Call to listen to "It's My House Radio" by dialing on your phone or computer 712-432-8863.

    Thankyou for listening to "It's My House Radio"

    We are your Generational Wealth Station.

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    Off the Cuff Radio featuring Venomiss!

    in Music

    If you're looking forward to dry humor, weak music, and a bunch of diplomatic talk, You're looking at the WRONG damn show! Off the Cuff radio is the hip hop show for the people and made by the people. On this show We're featuring fierce New Jersey spitter Venomiss as a guest on our show.


    We're also gonna discuss the importancy of group economics, the importancy behind boycotting to make a statement and whatever YOU feel like bringing into the table. This is gonna be a fun show!

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    Off the Cuff Radio featuring Sofree Wisdom

    in Music

    We're gonna start Decemeber with a bang! Join us again Friday Night at 9 Pm 6 Pacific at Off the Cuff radio. The lovely Sofree Wisdom will be joining us as a special guest! We're also gonna be talking about the thirst epidimic and how to kill it, Kobe Bryant's retirement and the future of the NBA, the Soul Train awards, Who deserves the coon biscuits of the week and touching on other interesting topics. Call in number is 1-619-924-0703

  • 02:03

    Off the Cuff Radio featuring Kareem Cash and Ann Marie Fox

    in Music

    On this episode of Off the Cuff Radio, We're also gonna be featured by artists Kareem Cash and AnnMarie Fox. This is gonna be a great show! This is gonna be a free for all topic which we address everything from Stiches getting beat down, Why its time to get rid of Def Jam, Coon Biscuits giveaway, Spike Lee getting his pass revoked in Chiraq and other issues. This is gonna be a live show so its going down in a big way!

    Call in number is 1619-924-0703.

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    Off the Cuff Radio(Christmas Special)

    in Music

    This is gonna be a SPECIAL show. The FINAL show of 2015 and we're going out with a bang on this Christmas special. We're gonna talk about the highs and lows of 2015 amongst with playing some banging hip hop tunes, have good laughs, deep discussions, and offering the opition for ANYBODY to call in. Whenever it be shoutouts, promotion, wanting to spit a freestyle, sing accapella, ask questions. This is a free for all show where everyone is free to partake in so definitely tune in Friday Night at 9 PM 6 Pacific! 

    Call in number is 1-619-924-0703!

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    Off the Cuff Radio featuring(Chilly Chill of Da Lench Mob)

    in Music

    Just when you think it can't get any bigger. Its a honor to have the legendary producer Chilly Chill of Da Lench Mob on the up and coming episode of Off the Cuff Radio! We're gonna talk to Chill about his come up, How he got into producing, meeting Ice Cube, Producing Amerikkkas Most and Death Certificate, Da Lench Mob formation and maybe be joined by the other members. This is gonna be a MAJOR show so definitely tune in on Friday night at 9 PM 6 PM Pacific