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    TKRS RAW Pre-Game #23

    in Entertainment

    RantSports Blogger Mike Riker joins the show in studio once again!!! Ken Dave and Mike recap the crazy events of SummerSlam and discuss what this means for Raw tonight and the months going forward. The Dave 5 News Report, opiniions and speculation and of course YOU!! Call us 347-838-9815

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    TKRS SummerSlam Pre-Game Show

    in Entertainment

    Michael Riker from RantSports is in-studio to give his thoughts on SummerSlam and the world of pro-wrestling. Anthony from The Cool Down with A.C. joins the show to give his thoughts on Field of Honor. IWF Wrestler All-Star Michele Dee will be calling in on location at the official TKRS SummerSlam Bash for some poolside thoughts on the biggest party of the summer. 1640's Power Rankings for August have been released the guys discuss. Ken and Dave give their thoughts and predictions. The Dave PPV Throwback for SummerSlam and of course we want to hear from YOU!! 347 838 9815!! JAM PACKED SHOW!!!

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    TKRS Presents The Night of Champions Pre-Game Show

    in Entertainment

    Rantsports.com Blogger Mike Riker joins the fellas to talk Night of Champions. Opinion predictions and specualtion on tonights event. Big Night for Seth Rollins too titles on the line, double duty and a looming MITB winner! Multiple title changes? Does Rollins show up on Raw empty handed? Does Sting add to his HOF resume?? We'll discuss Dave gives us the Night of Champions PPV throw back. A match by match breakdown, the most complete wrestling pre-game around!! And we want to hear from you!! 347-838-9815

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    Carolyn Riker - A Cup of Tea, Chocolate and the Wonders of Change

    in Motivation

    Writer Carolyn Riker has written about the changes in herself through the changes in her life, the world and inspiring generations into the power of self.
    Join us for a cup of tea, some dark rich chocolate and a chat about change..


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    Transgender Issues for School Districts

    in Education

    Transgender issues have been grabbing the headlines lately, and this subject is one that school districts must deal with in a very practical way.  Districts must follow legal guidelines and policy when dealing with this topic to preserve student and staff rights and safety within an inclusive learning environment.  Join host Ray Pinney as he discusses transgender issues in public schools with three attorneys who have dealt with these questions from different angles:   Robyn Gigl from Stein, McGuire, Pantages & Gigl; Luanne Peterpaul, who is with Gluck Walrath; and Teresa Moore, with Riker Danzig Scherer Hyland & Perretti, LLP.

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    SiGnOtHeTiMeS w Queen Tahiyrah Tuesdays w Dr. James Jones TONIGHT Brother Kalief

    in Motivation

    Please join us for tonight's broadcast. We will be discussing the trauma, hurt & damage inflicted on our innocent brother Kalief Browder who was wrongfully imprisoned and kept in solitary confinement at the delicate age of 16 years old. Olnly to be released from prison, with teh deamons this system created still locked inside of him. He attemted suicide several times during his captivity and as soon as he was released, and as things seemed to be looking up, he suceeded at ending his life, afetr telling his mother, "I just can't take it anymore." How many more Kaliefs are there? Suffering in forced silence? Please join the conversation.

    6pm Eastern Time June 9, 2015 917-889-8059

  • 01:37

    Little Boy Blue: the curious case of Kalief Browder

    in Current Events

    The revolution of the mind continues.  

    We only have one question: 

    Who is responsible for the death of Kalief Browder?

    Kalief came back n to the public consciousness this week when the troubled youth committed suicide after battling demons created when he was unlawfully held on Riker's Island for over THREE years - WITHOUT A TRIAL for a crime he did not commit.

    Thrown in prison in the prime of his teenage years, Kalief suffered horrifying abuse from the inmates and guards alike and spent the majority of his time in the infamous prison in solitary confinement.  He was eventually released after his case came into the national spotlight, causing government officials to call for widespread changes to how prisoners are treated.

    With donors paying his tuition, Kalief seemed to be on the right track when he was released, but continued to have psychotic episodes. 

    He succumbed to them and ended his short life.. unable to live with the damage done to him another day.

    Who should go down for this?

    Won't be home? No problem. Text "WYMS" to 67000 and get the listen in number sent to your mobile phone five minutes to showtime




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    Ralph Poynter What's Happening 04/14/2015

    in Politics Progressive

    Human Rights Demand channel is proud to present Ralph Poynter What's Happening every Tuesday night at 9pmEST.

    Subjects tonight include:

    A Latino teacher, Marilyn Zuniga, in Orange, NJ. The Board of Edu. excommunicated her after she had her class sign a get well card for Mumia.

    A Latino man filmed the police officer murder a black man who was shot multiple times in his back as he ran.

    Today is the 150th anniversary of the Appamatox Battle, where Lee was defeated. Slaves finally believed slavery had ended after that Union Army victory.

    Persecution against Ramsey Orta continues. He was released from Riker's Island after posting bond. Orta has endured persecution and prosecution since filming Eric Garner's death in NY.

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    Black Abolitionists, Book by Benjamin Quarles Chapter 9 Vigilance Committe

    in Education

    Black Abolitionists, Book by Benjamin Quarles Chapter 9 Vigilance Committe

    Noted historian, scholar, and educator Benjamin Author Quarles was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 23, 1904. 

    A prolific writer, Quarles published ten books, twenty-three major articles, and hundreds of shorter pieces of various sorts.  At least four of his books attained national significance:  Frederick Douglass (1948), which grew out of his doctoral research and remains the authoritative source for most of what is known about Douglass; The Negro in the American Revolution (1961), one of the first books to demonstrate the importance of including African Americans in the mainstream narratives of U.S. history; The Negro in the Making of America (1964), a text used in courses throughout the country; and Black Abolitionists (1969), a book that helped propel a major reassessment of the anti-slavery movement. 

    David Ruggles advocated for self-defense and the need for African Americans to organize and establish their own "remedy" for justice. In 1835, Ruggles and other black abolitionists formed the Committee of Vigilance (A hybrid of The Black Panthers and The NAACP) to protect free blacks and recently escaped slaves and to fight slave catchers and kidnappers.

    As David Ruggles, a leading black abolitionist, made clear in this 1836 account of a kidnapping, African Americans could not count on the police, the courts, or anti-slavery organizations.

    Richard Riker (Rikers Island named after him) [1773-1842]
    A lawyer and eventual judge who saw us on the lowest social level possible. Adipta writes, "When seven-year-old schoolboy Henry Scott was seized as a fugitive slave from his classroom, the kidnappers forcibly brought the terrified child before Richard Riker, the magistrate of New York City. They claimed that the boy was property belonging to white slaver.

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    Hard Starboard Radio: A Week Of JASmius On KCAA

    in Politics Conservative

    November 23rd, 2013 began a streak of three guest-hosting gigs in four weeks.  I never did receive an adequate explanation for Mr. Gibbs' month-long attack of sloth (which is to say, I don't remember what it was).  But you know me, I'm always willing to help, especially if it means getting the hallowed gold-pressed latinum KCAA microphone all to myself until I start growing as accustomed to the center seat of the starship Pistachio as the host.  Kind of like "Captain" Riker in Best of Both Worlds.

    Yes, that's foreshadowing.

    Live podcasts resume Tuesday, March 10th.

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    S05:E23 Another Delightful Conversation with Aprill Brandon

    in Lifestyle

    Aprill Brandon is an award-winning humor columnist and freelance writer.  She writes for newspapers, magazines and media websites across the country.  

    Aprill currently lives in Boston with her amazingly talented (graphic artist) husband, Ryan.

    Oh, and one more thing...  There's been an addition to the family:  Their son, Riker.

    See the world according to Aprill here:  http://aprillbrandon.com

    Download Aprill's first book, the hilarious and insightful, "Why Does the Cheese Always Fall?  (A Guide to Faking Adulthood)"  here:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/320683

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