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    Be Cautious When Told How to Cleanse and Rid Evil & FREE Psychic Readings!!

    in Spirituality

    Be cautious of what you read on the internet and from certain individuals on how to cleanse your house or yourself to rid evil.  There are people who you will meet who will pretend to be spiritual and you must ask for spiritual discernment at this time. This recently happened to me but I am able to see through it.  I know how to cleanse and how to rid evil from your house and also from you.  Some people who claim to be spiritual, however, will tell you to do someting which will actually put you in harm's way and they know it.  Some of these people who are experiencing paranormal activity will release it onto you.  I strongly feel this person I have been communicating with may be doing that to me.  As I mentioned I have a mirror which is a portal and has brought in at least one evil spirit caught on camera, I was told by someone how to release it.  No!!! This is not the way of releasing it and if I had listened I would have had a good chance of becoming oppressed or possessed.  You do not want to put your hands on a mirror which is a portal.  I would not put my hands on any mirror but especially one which is definitely a portal for evil spirits.

    I will also discuss when people create paranormal activity for themselves.  They channel their power outward creating orbs and other paranormal occurences.  This is not part of spiritual awakening.  If they tell you that it is they are lying to you.  There were other signs this person gave me that they actually go with the dark side.  Would you buy a house with an address of 666?  Knowlingly, this person has and this person knows what the number represents.

    Be Cautious!!!

    i will take your psychic questions for free!!! Contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com for a private reading by phone or email.

    Love and Light,


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    Financial Fridays: Get Rid of Debt Collectors

    in Entertainment

    On this show we are going to touch on a few ways to get rid of Debt Collectors. What to stop collection calls? We will tell you how. Debt Collectors don't want you to know the information that we will share with you tonight. This will give you more understanding of the Debt Collectors and how debt collection works.

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    Get Rid of It...Yes or No?

    in Entertainment

    Listen to Alisa Nicole as she discusses 'Get Rid of It'...Yes or No?  What are you holding on to since the 70's that you need to get rid of or is there something that you just have to keep?!  Listen to Alisa Nicole as she talks about the things of yesterday and today that we tend hold on to...that we just might need to say deuces to or hands off i'm keeping!

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    TPB – Back Issue Classics – Transformers RID Toon #1-4

    in Entertainment

    TPB’s Back Issue Classics are here again! In the 45th episode of TPB’s BIC TFG1Mike and BeatlesDiva have gotta RID of LadyWreck… Join this duo as they review issues #1-4 of IDW’s Transformers Robots in Disguise animated comic!! DINOPILES FOR EVERYONE!!! So make your Great Escape into Comics, and listen to this weeks Pull Bag! ! Bumblebee’s […]

    The post TPB – Back Issue Classics – Transformers RID Toon #1-4 appeared first on GeekCast Radio Network.

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    The Awful Pain Of Gout & How To Get Rid Of It

    in Nutrition

    Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis that develops in some people who have high levels of uric acid in the blood. The acid can form needle-like crystals in a joint and cause sudden, severe episodes of pain, tenderness, redness, warmth and swelling.

    It is a debilitating condition that afflicts about 8.3 million (4%) of Americans of which 90% of them are men in their 40s and older. Rates of gout have skyrocketed in the UK as well, rising 64% between 1997 and 2012. But gout is not an inevitable condition that comes out of nowhere, and prescribed medication isn’t always the answer. There are many things you can do naturally to prevent or even reverse the painful symptoms of gout.

    In this episode, Dr. Budweiser, founder of Weiser living will go in depth into the causes of gout and how you can avoid them. He will also talk about holistic solutions to getting your feet back.

    Some of points he will cover are:

    What Is Gout
    Signs & Symptoms Of Gout
    What Is Gouty Arthritis
    Rheumatoid Arthritis Vs Gout
    The Link Between Metabolic Syndrome And Gout
    The Dangers of Untreated Gout
    Why Drugs Are Not the Long-Term Solution for Gout
    Getting Rid Of Gout All Starts With Your Diet
    High Purine Foods Vs Low Purine Foods
    Lifestyle Habits That Help Prevent Gout
    Supplements That Support Healthy Feet

    … and much, much more!

    So be sure to stay tuned for an enlightening 30 minutes with everybody’s favorite Dr. Budweiser!

    Meanwhile, be sure to check out www.WeiserLiving.com . There you will find videos, podcasts, articles, recipes, products and more!

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    How To Break Up With Sugar -Getting Rid of Those Nagging Sugar and Carb Cravings

    in Health

    Are you sick tired of feeling fat, sick, and tired? Well, let's do something about that.

    Take a moment to think about your current weight, energy level, and health. Now imagine the weight, energy level, and health you want. This vision can become your reality, and Lorraine Matthews-Antosiewicz  can help you make it happen. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist specializing in weight management, detox and medical nutrition Lorraine will share with us why you want to get rid of those nagging sugar and carb cravings that are really dragging you down.  You don’t want to miss this broadcast.  Learn key steps that will help you to increase your energy, mood, sleep and overall health.

    Sugar DeTox Survival Guide





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    Getting rid of the unnecesary

    in Motivation

    There are so many things that you really can do without. Things that weigh you down unnecessarily and become a burden rather than a blessing. These things should leave your life as quickly as they become part of it otherwise you might be slowed down needlessly. 

    Clutter is something that can creep up on you and strangle life out of you if it is not dealt with quickly. This is the subject that is discussed in detail during this show. We need to look at what these clutters are, and come up with practical ways of getting rid of them.


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    Getting Rid of Anger&Negative Emotions&Psychic Questions answered

    in Spirituality

    Getting rid of anger and negative emotions.  When we harbor negative emotions we are sending this energy to the Universe and we are attracting negative people and situations into our life. If you are angry at an ex or who they are with you must let it go. 

    It is time to move on and when you change your emotions you will notice good situations and positive people will be attracted to you. 

    I willl explain more and take your psychic questions. 

    For a detailed and private reading contact me at mia-899cs@gmail.com.

    Love and Light,


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    sports chat, Over 15,000 Steelers fans say get rid of Michael Vick

    in Music

    talking about sports around the world and scores highlight michael vick.

    The Steelers' decision to sign Michael Vick is already receiving some serious backlash in Pittsburgh.

    Over 15,000 fans have put their name on a petition calling for the team to get rid of Vick, who signed a one-year deal with the Steelers on Tuesday.

    From the petition:

    Michael Vick is a convicted felon and no-class piece of crap. He is also a terrible QB which is why he has no team. Let's united as Steeler fans - as NFL fans - and stop him from playing on our team! Steelers fans united! Sign to keep Vick from ever wearing the coveted Steelers uniform!!

    As of 4 p.m. ET on Wednesday, 15,463 people had signed the petition.

    The fans are upset because of Vick's past: In 2007, the former No. 1 overall pick wassentenced to 23 months in a federal prison for running a dogfighting ring in Virginia. Vick served 21 months of the sentence in a Kansas prison before spending the final two months under home confinement.

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    in Politics Conservative

    We have 21 months to get rid of the communist party. We will fail if we don't get ris of their apprentices first. The rinos must be vaporized politically. They must be identified to their constituents. All Americans must realize OBAMA IS A COMMUNIST and all his goals are communist goals. There are 45 goals of the communist party read into the congressional record in 1962-63. You can google them. Goal number 15: Capture one or both of the political parties of the USA. They run run the party of death formerly known as democrats. They have control over 15% of the RINO party.  American policy is no longer made in the USA. It is made in Havanna, Teheran and Moscow. Obama as a boy was trained as a communist. His Political daddy was Frank Marshall Davis. A payroll communist who converted Obama to communism.

    We are in the first stage of Viet Nam part two. Russian anti air craft missiles are being put in place to bring down Israeli and American war planes. Obama knows that. This is the equal of the Sam Sites built in NAM while the democrats said we could not bomb them because we would kill Russians who were killing Americans. We know Obama is betraying the USA as his his communist party. All, yoy have to do is see who is lined up to kill kids, burn the flag, bring in illegaL unknowns who will vote communist. The college communists, the union thug communists, the media communists led by NBC and the New York communist times. 

    The nation is in the hands of the people behind the screen. The Stalins, the Berias, the Trotskys, the Holders, Lynches, Soros's and Axlerods.   Race cards is a weapon and lies are their swords. The media is their shield. Beware of anyone who says we should be more like Europe. Europe is gone and the shining capital on the hill is now a termite mound. You want your country back? First get rid of the Rinos.


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    How to get rid of negatives

    in Spirituality

    In this session we discuss how to get rid of negative entities and energies. There is much more to it than smudging. Do not let the tv shows fool you into thinking this.

    join in if you want to know the truth. Joining me this week will be Sam Sears , a native healer who works with Paranormal Paragons and deals with getting rid of negatives in a very special way that is not ever seen or talked about until now.