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    Benefits of ribose for chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia

    in Health

    Host Dr. Kevin Passero and his special guest Dr. Kaori Shimazaki Dadgostar will be discussing the benefits of ribose for chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, heart muscle energy, and increased stamina and endurance.

    Kaori Shimazaki Dadgostar, Ph.D., is a technical specialist for Jarrow Formulas. She earned her PhD from the Molecular Biology Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles. Her multidisciplinary collaborations, as well as her work in protein/peptide/small-molecule chemistry, antibody engineering, and imaging have led to numerous published papers, grants, and patents.

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    The Sinatra Solution-Dr Stephen Sinatra on P I Radio

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    Scott Cluthe talks with Dr. Stephen Sinatra on his book The Sinatra Solution Live.
    Board-certified cardiologist Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra discusses the importance of energy metabolism on cardiovascular health and the positive impact these three energy-supplying nutrients have on the cardiovascular system.
    He guides you through the basics of energy metabolism and cardiac bioenergetics, and clearly explains the role of coenzyme Q10, L-carnitine, and D-ribose in the body and specifically how they affect your heart health. He also provides concise and informative examples of case histories and scientific studies that are testament to the important contribution the supplemental use of these energy-supplying nutrients make in the lives of people with heart disease every day.....
    Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., is a board-certified cardiologist, a certified bioenergetic psychotherapist, and a certified nutrition and antiaging specialist.
    At his practice in Manchester, Connecticut, Dr. Sinatra integrates conventional medicine with complementary nutritional and psychological therapies to help heal the heart. He is an assistant clinical professor at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, and is the author of several books, including Reverse Heart Disease Now, Optimum Health, Hearbreak and Heart Disease, Heart Sense for Women, and Eight Weeks to Lowering Blood Pressure.

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    The Metabolic Make-Over Experience!

    in Weight Loss

    Tonya and Dr Kather discuss the results they are personally noticing with The Metabolic Make Over approach and how each of the components of this program are helping people decrease their carbohydrate cravings, notice their clothes feeling looser around their bellies and their pants feeling looser around the belly, buttocks and thighs. The Metabolic Makeover consists of 4 products by Univera: Rhythmatix, Prime, Level G, and RegeniFREE and MOST RECENTLY- GoVera!
    Rhythmatix from Univera (vit B12, vit B6, folate, CoQ10, Resveratrol, fish oil EPA & DHA) 2 cap taken twice a day)
    Prime 2 capsules taken per day ( Univera LifeSciences product) each capsule containing 7mg of highly bioavailble >95% DHEA, 15mg of 7-keto DHEA, 100mg N-acetyl cysteine,1.5 mg riboflavin-5-phosphate, 1.5 mg pyridoxal-5-phosphate, 400mcg Vit B12, 100mg chrysin, 60mg acetyl-L-carnitine, 100mg wolfberry, 50mg alpha lipoic acid, 15mg diindolemethane, 25 mg proprietary blend of jujube extract, black pepper, aloe vera gel, Chinese licorice root.
    Level G ( bananba, chromium nicotinate, vanadium, Cape Aloe, Aloe Qmatrix- aloe chromones, cinnamon) one tab taken twice to 4 times a day
    RegeniFREE (Protectin proprietary blend 250mg: Scutellaria baicalensis (root), Acacia Catechu (heartwood). Turmeric extract (Curcuma longa root) 200mg, minimum 3% curcuminoids). MaxCell Proprietary blend 25mg: Jujube extract fruit, Black pepper extract fruit, Aloe vera dried gel, Chinese licorice extract root). GoVera (medium chain triglycerides 875mg, maca tuber extract 4:1 Lepidium meyeni 750mg, D-ribose 500mg, Winged Treebine Cissus quadrandrularis 300mg extract and leaves 2.5% ketosterones, Rhodiola rosea root extract 3% Rosavin, 1% Salidroside 100mg, ACTIValoe Aloe Vera extract Qmatrix 10mg 200:1 leaf: inner gel). If you want to start the Metabolic Make Over, go to www.nataliekather.myunivera.com or phone Advanced Family Wellness clinic and ask to speak with Tonya or Tina.

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    Supporting Cardiovascular Health with Key Nutrients

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    Supporting Cardiovascular Health with Key Nutrients such as Ribose, COQ10, GPLC, and Vitamin K2 with special Guest: Martie Whittekin, CCN - She has been a national leader in the nutrition industry and an activist for health freedom for decades. She is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. Her latest book is Natural Alternatives to Nexium, Maalox, Prilosec and other Acid Blockers. She hosts the Healthy by Nature radio show, which is syndicated in many cities and on XM satellite radio.

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