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    GLAD talks same-sex marriage forecast

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    Huge news on marriage equality via SCOTUS. Thke Supremes will not hear five states' pleas to uphold their SSM bans rejected by federal courts. In another district, six more states' hopes for the same were likely dashed by the news.

    GLAD's legal head and interim executive director, Gary Buseck, joins us to discuss the short-, mid- and long-term meaning. He has his Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders were active in the Utah appeal. GLAD had led in the equality efforts from the beginning.

    Even if all 11 states allow SSMs, another 19 or 20 have dug in. What's next?

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    Same Sex Love and Marriage - Dr. Stephen Fitzgerald

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    Yesterday, our show had the BREAKING NEWS about legalizing same sex marriage.  Our special guest was Dr. Stephen Fitzgerald, PhD.  http://www.tobtr.com/s/6984645
    Today, we have Martin Wiech, and Mario Marchiaro, to share their take on same sex love and marriage in the gay community.  Dr. Fitzgerald will join us as well.
    Whether you believe in same sex marriage or not, this show might give you a fresh perspective, if only you listen with an open mind.

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    Quagmire America Radio: Guns, Weed and Same Sex Marriage; Really?

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    Please join host Jason Wade Taylor/Randy Hahn  LIVE @ 8:00pm EST for three hours of hard hitting, honest Political radio.

    We win Congress back and all we can do is talk about Obama, someone taking our guns, weed or same-sex marriage. How about the economy, immigration reform and lowering taxes.

    Obama this, Obama That. We Conservatives, Republicans and Moderates Control Congress now. Stop bitching and do something. 300+Bills waiting. Please, let's make sure and keep wasting our time talking about the idiots we just voted out. Instead of focusing on the issues that matter.

    Please follow me, Jason Wade Taylor on Twitter and be sure to check out my websiteQuagmireAmerica.Weebly.com. 

    Call in and speak with the host  (347)989-1665

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    Tim Bostic and Tony London speak about same-sex marriage ruling

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    Norfolk residents Tim Bostic and Tony London, whose lawsuit against Circuit Court Clerk George Schaefer was the impetus of the legalization of same-sex marriage in Virginia, was the first gay couple in the city to receive a marriage license. The lengthy and controversial court battle culminated with the Supreme Court's rejection to hear appeals on gay-marriage rulings in the Commonwealth and four other states. Bostic and London will speak with Pilot Radio live Tuesday, Oct. 7 at 3 p.m. about their journey to the historic moment.

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    NFL Draft Podcast featuring Lyle McCombs, Rhode Island, RB

    in Football

    Bringing the next generation of tomorrow's NFL stars to you today on the College2Pro.com Players Platform Show. Join host Bo Marchionte with special guest Lyle McCombs of Rhode Island. Rushed for 76 yards and two touchdowns against Albany (9/20). Also caught three passes for 15 yards and returned one kickoff for 16 yards... Rushed for 98 yards, caught one pass for 7 yards and returned three kickoffs for 64 yards at Fordham (9/13)... Rushed for 39 yards, caught three passes for 39 yards and returned three kickoffs for 57 yards in Rhode Island debut at Marshall (9/6).

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    Welcome to the Seriouside of the jril show.  This morning, we will be discussing the following topics:


    With more and more states acknowledging same sex marriages, Republicans have been unusually quiet as of late.  What does this mean?  Have they finally accepted a person’s right to love whomever they want?


    In a democracy, every citizen should have the right to vote, but if you are a felon, your right to vote is either denied completely or restricted.  Is it time for a change?


    In 2000 despite winning the popular vote, Al Gore lost to George W. Bush mainly due to the non sense that happened in Florida.  The Electoral College officially elects the POTUS & VPOTUS, but critics argue that the system gives certain states aka “swing states” an unfair advantage. Is it time to do away with this out of date system?

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    BREAKING NEWS Legalizing Same Sex Marriage - Stephen Fitzgerald

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    The Supreme Court effectively made same sex marriage legal in 11 additional states, Couples in these states should soon be able to obtain marriage licenses and be legally wed.  This decision immediately became the most talked about topic on Facebook and shot to the top of trending topics in the U.S. on Twitter.  Today, we have Dr. Stephen Fitzgerald, PhD, to discuss this landmark decision.
    Gay unions are now legal in a total of 30 states, plus the District of Columbia--that is more than 60% of the population.
    Tomorrow's show, we will go inside the gay community to get their perspective.     http://www.tobtr.com/s/6985895

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    Same-Sex Marriage Certificate Rights & Risks

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    What does a certificate of marriage offer?  Rights?  Responsibilities? Combining the wisdom of a practicing Minnesota attorney, Jonathan M. Burris, along with his personal insights on our evolution of marriage equality, this segment explores the rights and risks of a marriage certificate. 

    Your host Soul Dancer, an out, gay, licensed wedding officiant in Hawai'i is also a social worker (masters level, private practice), monk of three orders and shaman in three traditions.  Click to check out Soul's 12 month program to co-create a strong, healthy, long-term relationship with yourself and others

    To appear on this show, or to host a segment on this show, click to contact Soul, to schedule an interview.

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    Cotto & Co.: Fred Karger and Paul Gottfried debate same sex marriage

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    Fred Karger rose to prominence working with Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Bob Dole. His most famous cause, though, is not for a single politician but for marriage equality.

    Dr. Paul Gottfried a retired Horace Raffensperger Professor of Humanities at Lancaster’s Elizabethtown College is an outspoken paleoconservative, and have very different views 

    Nationally syndicated writer and host Joseph Cotto welcomes both men, and both sides of the discussion on the next episode of Cotto & Company; a new thirty-minute-or-so online radio program featuring independent voices who shape our society. 

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    Same Sex Marriage Controversy - What is God's Stand?

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    With the Federal court striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), in essense, it has made same-sex marriages legal at the Federal level.  But what about at the state level?  Many states have followed the Federal court's decision and are recognizing same-sex marriages, but some states, like Utah, are fighting that decision.

    In this episode, find out:

    Does God have a stand on same-sex marriages?
    What do you do if you live in a state that now recognizes same-sex marriages but you are against them?
    How do you be Christ-like and still love homosexuals without compromising your beliefs and values?


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    Ruling would permit Florida same-sex marriages in early January

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    Same-sex marriages may begin in Florida in early January after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit on Wednesday declined to further stay a lower court ruling that overturned the state's ban on gay weddings.

    The appellate ruling would permit same-sex couples to tie the knot after the stay expires at the end of the day on Jan. 5, 2015.

    State officials can appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Gay marriage is legal in 35 states, not counting Florida.

    While gay marriage advocates have had the upper hand in the courts in the past year, a Cincinnati-based federal appeals court on Nov. 6 became the first to uphold gay marriage bans.

    That decision, by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, created a split within the courts, increasing the chances the Supreme Court will rule on the issue.

    “I don’t see what they can do at this point to stop it," said Don Price Johnston of Miami, who was involved in one of several Florida cases in which judges have struck down the ban, approved by Florida voters in 2008.

    The appellate decision stemmed from an August ruling by U.S. District Judge Robert L. Hinkle of Florida's Northern District in Tallahassee, who was the first federal judge to rule against the state's same-sex marriage ban.

    Hinkle found the ban violated equal protection and due process protections under the U.S. Constitution.

    Florida state officials appealed his decision, as well as state court rulings similarly overturning the marriage ban.

    In a filing last month, Bondi argued that the U.S. Constitution "does not prohibit Florida or its voters" from choosing to define marriage as between a man and a woman.



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