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    Dr. Camille Preston: ReWired: Smarter, Happier, Purposeful

    in Self Help

    Rewire yourself for success! Work Smarter - Live Better - Discover Purposeful Productivity w/ CEO of AimLeadership.com  Dr. Camille Preston - as featured in Psychology Today.
    Her new book:  Rewired explains how an overuse of technology and its lingering effects–being overwired–is damaging our brains, our bodies, our personal and professional relationships, and our productivity. Learn how to unwire and step back from technology to regain clarity and focus, set boundaries, and establish effective systems to be more productive personally and professionally. 
    Balance your personal life with professional goals. Manage commitments to deliver results. Improve critical cognitive skills. Leverage technology to solve problems. Be more present in your work and life. Dr. Preston has an undergraduate degree from Williams College, master’s & doctorate in psychology from the University of Virginia, & executive coaching certificate from Georgetown University,& NLP certifcation from Stanford Research Institute.

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    Authors Camille Preston of Rewired and Saniel Bonder

    in Books

    Rewired author Camille Preston talks about  the national movement from her book.
    Saniel Bonder, author of Ultimaya 1.0, talks about the timely fable of his protagonist main character, a banker named Leo in search of authenticity. 

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    ReWired with Camille Preston

    in Women

    “Shhhh!!!! I’m answering EMAIL!”  ”But, Sweetie!  We’re in the MIDDLE of the store. Can’t you do that at HOME?”
    How many times have we been at the MALL, in CHURCH, at a PARTY, or dinner with FRIENDS, and feel we MUST check our phone and web-surf? Or, we’re at home and find we just HAVE to work at the desktop.  It’s dinner time, but THREE members of the FOUR in the family are PLAYING games on their tablets. Sometimes, we have the BlueTooth STUCK in our ear, WORKING on the laptap, TEXTING , and more, all at the SAME TIME! Plus, life feels CRAZY and we are just so TIRED!
    Camille Preston, PhD, PCC, author of Rewired: How to Work Smarter, Live Better, and Be Purposefully Productive in an Overwired World, explains how we are wired, or rather, overwired,  to technology and why that isn’t always a good thing. On Camille’s website she notes:
    Living overwired also has a detrimental impact on our cognitive, physical, and emotional health. Being overwhelmed and overwired negatively impacts our ability to think clearly, to focus, and to process information properly. And the attendant stress does very real physical damage to our bodies.
    Furthermore, when we are overwired, we don’t form relationships and make deep connections the way we should. We aren’t working smart, we aren’t living well, and we aren’t fulfilled.
    Camille will give you the encouragement to unwire and take a step back from the overload of technology.

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    The Exit Coach Radio Show with host Bill Black

    in Management

    Join Bill Black as he interviews a variety of Advisors, Authors, Owners and Community Leaders. Topics range from "Advisor & Author Profiles" to "Unplugged & Rewired" to "Business Owner Success Stories". New interviews and 1 minute highlights are uploaded daily at wwwExitCoachRadio.com

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    (#15) When The Human Self Trembles

    in Spirituality

    Comprehending what it means to say that my Light Quotient counterbalances (seventy million people living in lower frequencies), I present this segment because for the first time my own situation caused me to experience "the mechanics of the Human aspect of my Being", when it comes to circumstances that do not afford us the luxury of having zero doubt certainty regarding desired outcomes and/or results.

    As I've been saying for a few years now Humanity has been rewired for heart intelligence which is designed to hold dominion over and guide mental intelligence. And after (2500) years some of the world’s acclaimed neurologist's and neuro-psychologist’s research has proven that Human Beings are not thinking machines; we are feeling Beings that think and that the brain does not operate like a computer or any other machines. They also indicate that this is why we must cease forcing the brain to act in ways that are unnatural and unproductive, because the brain is not a logic machine!! One of the books on the brain also indicates that emotions and feeling about something or someone occur before, before, before you’ve made any attempt at conscious evaluation.

    Wrapping your mind around mind/brain/body/soul connection mechanics is a master key to sovereign living and most people never realize that the high side of the Spiritual Life is about effectively dealing with the invisible, the imagination and/or "the substance of things" from which all visible things are made of.

    So tune in and allow your Human (mortal) aspect to hear and feel truth that resonates with your Spiritual (immortal) aspect.



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    The Exit Coach Radio Show LIVE with Bill Black

    in Management

    Join Bill Black as he interviews a variety of Advisors, Authors, Owners and Community Leaders. Topics range from "Advisor & Author Profiles" to "Unplugged & Rewired" to "Business Owner Success Stories". New interviews and 1 minute highlights are uploaded daily at wwwExitCoachRadio.com

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    The Exit Coach Radio Show LIVE with Bill Black

    in Management

    Join Bill Black as he interviews a variety of Advisors, Authors, Owners and Community Leaders. Topics range from "Advisor & Author Profiles" to "Unplugged & Rewired" to "Business Owner Success Stories"

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    The 100th Monkey~Heal Your Soul~ with E Ra~SUNchild

    in Spirituality

    E Ra~SUNchild is back to discuss the Helio Soul Way of Spiritual Healing and will bring tools forth to help individuals connect and align to their Own Soul and the SOUL of the Creator.

    We will discuss how one can create miracles in their own lives and the lives of others, after one receives the activations, frequency downloads, and upgrades to the energetic body system as it is being rewired to coincide with the consciousness transformation.

    All this information is sequenced in the I~Eye of the Beholder. We will transform what we look upon for healing, including ourselves which is part of the fundemental laws of creation. We will discuss the importance of numbers in clearing the patterns and karmic issues. And how the 100th monkey which is us, will change the collective morphogenetic field.

    E RA will be presenting in Black Mountain at the Light Center Lodge June 27~30, 2014.




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    Rewire Your Brain with NEW Interactive Tapping Formula

    in Self Help

    Do you have positive experiences but fail to sustain them?

    Do you find yourself forever caught in the recycling of insults and rejections?

    Do you long for love but repel finding it?

    Do you spiral into shame and guilt then get frozen there?

    According to the new brain science our brain over learns negative responses to life to ensure survival.   

    HOWEVER, it is now understood that this self-preserving mechanism can be interrupted, rewired, and redirected!

    As a continuation of my monthly, FREE On-line Class, in this first of three broadcasts, I provide you with the basic principles for this process and offer my new step-by-step Interactive Tapping Formula for Rewiring Your Brain.

    Follow up broadcasts applying formula will air Monday, March 17th on Edge Talk Radio – Click here to access – Edge EFT Happy Half Hour on Rewiring the Brain and Wednesday, March 19th, Live Demonstration on Rewiring Your Brain with Interactive Tapping! Click here to access.

    For more information about Cathryn’s FREE On Line series please visit her website which is www.EFTForYourInnerChild.com

    To schedule FREE 15-minute assessment call Cathryn directly at 612.710.7720!

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    Bouncing Back: Linda Graham MFT

    in Self Help

    My guest today is marriage and family therapist, and mindfulnes teacher.  Linda Graham MFT
    Resilience is the ability to face and handle life's challenges, whether everyday disappointments or extraordnary disasters. While resilence is innate in the brain, over time we learn unhelpful patterns, which then become fixed in our neural circuity.
    But Science is now revealing that what previously seemed hardwired can be rewired, and Linda's new book Bouncing Back shows us.
    With powerful, time-tested exercises, Linda Graham guides us in rebuilding our core well-being and disaster-proofing our brains. www.lindgraham-mft.net

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    The Brain That Changes Itself

    in Science

    In his New York Times Bestseller, THE BRAIN THAT CHANGES ITSELF, Dr. Norman Doidge profiles the story of Cheryl Schiltz. In her late thirties Cheryl entered the hospital for a routine surgery. When she came out, her vestibular system had been destroyed. Without her brain’s capacity for balance Cheryl’s life became unlivable. She could not sit, stand or walk without falling over. Enter Dr. Paul Bach-y-Rita whose groundbreaking work with neuroscience gave Cheryl her balance back -- and her life.   On this episode Michele Rosenthal interviews Cheryl Schiltz about how her life changed direction after the initial surgery, plus how it changed again during her work with Dr. Bach-y-Rita and his theory about the plasticity of our senses. Most importantly, Cheryl will explain how her brain was rewired through simple science, the results she’s experienced, plus the benefits of neuroplasticity, your brain’s willingness to change all the time.   Michele’s shows combine scientific research, cutting-edge guests and personal stories that highlight the challenges and successes of deliberately deciding to change the direction of your life. For more ideas about how to create change you choose, visit www.ChangeYouChoose.com.    

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