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    13colonies 1606 Viginia first Laws

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    Behind the Headlines: Historical Revisionism in the 20th and 21st centuries

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    Everyone has heard the term "those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." If that maxim is true, and if it is to be useful to everyone, then it is essential that we have access to an accurate account of history and the reasons why historical events occurred. 

    Most people would agree that war should be avoided if possible, yet in the 239 years since the American declaration of independence, the USA has been at war for 229 of those years. Were all of those wars necessary? If that isn't a repeating historical pattern, we don't know what is.

    The First World War was called "the war to end all wars" and yet, just 20 years later, an even worse conflagration consumed the Eurasian continent, killing 65 million people.

    The phrase "never again" is most often heard in reference to the genocidal policies of the Nazis towards the Jews of Germany and Poland, yet today a record number of Jews are fleeing Europe for Israel in the face of mounting anti-semitism.

    Apart from 4 military assaults on sovereign nations, the deaths of at least 2 million people and the creation of an extremely instable security situation in many parts of the globe, the almost 15-year-long US-led war on terror has created a distinct anti-Muslim climate in many Western nations that bears many of the hallmarks of the first waves of anti-Jewish sentiment in Nazi Germany. 

    So if we have an accurate understanding of history, why does it appear to continue to repeat? Is there something wrong with our official historical narrative?

    Behind the Headlines airs live this Sunday, 08 March 2015, from 3-5pm EST / 12pm-2pm PST / 7-9pm UTC / 8-10pm CET.

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    Historical revisionism

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    revised history of USA

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    The Maya Akai Show (UNPLUGGED) Featuring Comedian Nikki Brayden (10-05-2015)

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    Some of the Talk ON TAP:   

    Drug charges filed after dozens of heroin overdose cases reported, South Carolina flood: Door-to-door searches, swamped roads, 994 mass shootings in 1,004 days: this is what America's gun crisis looks like, Dunkin Donuts Employee Writes '#Blacklivesmatter' on Police Officer's Coffee Cup, Photo of White Man, Friends Posting Racist Comments About Black Co-Worker’s Child Goes Viral, Revisionism Is Real: Texas Textbooks Lie About Slavery,  & 50 Cent Blames ‘Empire’ Ratings Drop on Too Much ‘Gay Stuff’


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  • Muddy Waters with Dakari Lenear

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    Tonight on Muddy Waters we will discuss how the right wing is pandering to the and lunatics, racists while depending on historical revisionism and propaganda to scrape the bottom of the barrel for votes!  More specifically we will discuss how the right is fueling the fires of racism and anti-immigrant sentiments. We will also talk about the Planned Parenthood PROPAGANDA video they are using as a tool to attack women's health care.  Please tune in for an exciting discussion on Muddy Waters.


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    Veronica K. Clark specializes in World War II and military history. She has two associate degrees, one of which is in Diesel Mechanics Technology and she completed one year of doctoral studies in Organizational Psychology.


    In this final World View Conversation Ms. Clark and Rodney discuss:


    Rodney’s Essay, “Why White Nationalism Fails”: https://anaannblog.wordpress.com/2015/07/08/why-white-nationalism-fails-why-i-am-not-part-of-it/


    Veronica’s Book exposing WN Cyber Bullies & Trolls

    The anti-Woman element of WN

    The heavy "anon" element in White Nationalism

    The low life element of White Nationalism

    White Nationalist’s selective and misuse and making up of information

    White Nationalist hypocrisy is OK

    White Nationalist damage of Revisionism and Nationalism


    This Program is copyrighted, no portion of it may be reproduced or rebroadcast without the expressed written consent of the owner(s).   The  owner does allow Rebroadcast in certain circumstances contact director@wvfoundations.org for permission.


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    Spingola and Friends

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    Dr. Warren B. Routledge, author of Holocaust High Priest—Elie Wiesel, "Night," the Memory Cult, and the Rise of Revisionism joins Deanna to talk about his book.

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    My People Are Destroyed For Lack of Knowledge

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    Hosea 4:6 kind of seemed appropriate as I looked at some of the stories I'm going to talk about today.  As we look at what is going on in the country and the world for that matter, to a lot of us there's a number of things people stand for, defend, advocate, etc. that just don't make sense.  Today I'll be looking at 3 examples of that on our supposed epicenters of knowledge, colleges and universities. I'll take a look at why students and faculty at St. Louis University flipped out over a statue.  Also, what kind of door are we opening when we start allowing "transgender students" admission into all girls colleges?  That's starting to happen.  Who are colleges and universities favoring in California?  Here's a hint- it's not legal citizens.  And finally, more fun from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to share as well.  That's the show today at 4:30 Eastern time and archived after that.

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    The Free American

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    Monday June 15 Mark Elsis Holocaust Revisionism 
    American Exceptionalism
    Fifty Ways The American Dream Has Become A Nightmare
    An overwhelming amount of the citizens in the United States still think they live in the greatest country on Earth. A Republic based on democratic principles with a Bill of Rights that protects their civil liberties. The true hard cold facts are, that despite some stirring phrases without much binding force, the ultimate concern of the United States Constitution is the protection of private property and wealth at the very top against the masses, therefore making any chance of a legitimate democratic reversal impossible. Why do you think 55 of our rich founding Fathers convened in secret and wrote the United States Constitution behind locked doors that were protected by armed guards?

    To Keep this show on the air go to www.freeamerican.com and make a donation. Also see www.shop.freeamerican.com to order clay's books, magazines and films.

    CRD Publlshing PO Box 144  Big Spring Texas 79721 520-413-2397 Cell 512-767-4561

    You can read about a major part of my history and the history of the Patriot Movement in my book, “Mystery Babylon, the New World Order Unveiled”. This book was written after the attempt on my life in 2004. The same organizations that tried to demonize me for starting the Militias in New Mexico went after the Christian Identity Christians I have known for years. It covers the attempt on my life and the subsequent attacks on various patriots and groups. the Free American wants to spare Americans the horror the Russian people faced when the Bolsheviks (Communists) murdered the Czar and 60 million white Christian Russians  www.freeamerican.com is where you can make a donation. www.shop.freeamerican.com is where you can get low cost pdfs of my books and magazines.

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    White Alliance USA

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    Christian Identity broadcasting proving that the Caucasian people are the true Israelites of the Bible and that the Jews are impostors who have been impersonating Israel for the last 2,000 years.  The bible is NOTa Jewish book and jesus was NOT a Jew.  He was a Judahite, a non-mixed trive of Israel.

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    The View Up Here welcomes Stephen Lautens on the Tools of the One Party State

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    As the days count down to General Election 42, the misdirection, the obfuscation, the blurring of party and government gets ever more pronounced. The program to fundamentally change Canada into some semblance of Emperor's mindset is almost a decade old. Hundreds of millions of tax dollars wasted trying to convince Canadians how wonderful things are. Hundreds of millions of tax dollars wasted in courts fighting Canadians who seek their rights to be upheld. Hundreds of millions of tax dollars given to corporate media for compliance and propaganda.

    Emperor's Government shows no regard for legality of legislation, no regard for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, no regard for the esteem of the Supreme Court. They simply carry on criminalizing dissent, auditing opponents and creating bogeyman enemies at home and abroad. The litigation record of this administration is zero wins against double digit losses before the highest court in the land. And yet they persevere. Is this democracy? Or has the combination of government brute force and corporate power crossed that line nobody wants to see?

    Stephen Lautens is a writer, lawyer and entrepreneur with an extensive background in communications and business. He currently has a private consulting practice in investor relations, communications and governance. Stephen is also a political commentator and dedicated Twitterer. He served two terms as president of the Toronto Press Club and served for seven years as a Governor of The National Newspaper Awards. For 16 years he wrote a weekly column for The Calgary Sun. He has also been a weekly columnist for The National Post, The London Free Press and Toronto Sun. His articles have also appeared in numerous other publications.

    Stephen joins us to talk about the heavy-handed tactics to militarize the public consciousness, the political capitalization of fear, security, patriotism and historical revisionism. And the one institution fighting it.