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    The Grind Talk Show "Revenge, is it worth the Karma?"

    in Entertainment

    The Grind Talk Radio 

    "Revenge, is it worth the Karma?"
    Monday 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm (MST) 
    Host: Dr. Kim & Duane Bluestein
    Show Link:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/riseuptalkradio/2015/11/23/the-grind-talk-show-revenge-is-it-worth-the-karma
    Call in Guest (347) 934-0628 press 1 to speak

    The Grind "Revenge, is it worth the Karma?" The Grind almost always involves unequal relationships, where one partner does more than others.  What about those instances where unfairness ends in conflict and legal issues?  How do we on the grind handle unfairness in our team and in our business dealings? Join Dr. Kim and Duane Bluestein as we discuss the challenges in business where unfairness or accountability becomes an issue.

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    Digby: Clown Car Chronicles Episode 8

    in Politics Progressive

    Digby describes this week's Clown Car Developments

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    Clown Car Chronicles: Episode 10

    in Politics Progressive

    Digby and Jay Ackroyd try to make sense out of the reaction to the Paris attacks. How does the media deal with a lying nativist when "lying nativist" is not on their style sheets.

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    AHS Hotel: Horse Sense (Why Revenge is Necessary )

    in Energy

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    Digby: Clown Car Chronicles Episode 7

    in Politics Progressive

    Jay Ackroyd and Digby discuss developments of the political weekwith an especial focus on the Republican Clown Car of candidates.  This week, who makes the rules of engagement?  The reporters? Or their subjects?

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    Arizona Cardinals Week 10 review: A signature win over the Seattle Seahawks

    in Football

    The Arizona Cardinals got what they needed on Sunday Night Football. They got a signature win against the two-time defending NFC champs in Seattle, defeating them 39-32 on Sunday Night Football. The win gives the Cardinals a three-game lead in the division with seven games to go and drops the Seahawks to 4-5, which puts them along with five other teams with the same record, two games back of the final wold card spot. 

    In the newest All-Cardinals show, hosts Jess Root and Seth Cox talk about the significance of the win and what it means to the team. Jess speaks of how this win was the result of other games and what they learned, and they both talk about minimum expectations for the rest of the season and what their ceiling could be. 

    They go over the good and the not so good in the win as well, talking about the play of Carson Palmer, Michael Floyd and others. 

    GIve the show a listen and head over to Revenge of the Birds for more great Cardinals content. 

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    DASH -3.0 Radio & The Connected Car

    in Technology

    If you are in Michigan, the big story is about the "connected car" and its convergence with mobile/wireless technologies. The DASH Conference is a mash-up of the automotive, technology, and media/entertainment industry; sectors that have had a great deal on common since America started producing cars wth radios built in the dashboard. It is a tremendous showcase for Michigan professionals, as well as the City of Detroit. The two-day conference on Nov 4-5 at the Westin Hotel in the McNamara Terminal in the Detroit Metropolitan Airport features presentations from the auto companies, local car dealer groups, Pandora, advertising agencies, broadcasters, and other industry leaders. The DASH agenda is rich with content - featuring some of the top names in media, tech and automotive. Join host Melissa Birnie and Paul Jacobs, President of jacAPPS on October 23rd at 1:30 p.m. as they discuss what you can expect to see happening at this year's event - one we're sure you won't want to miss!

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    Digby: Clown Car Chronicles Ep 6

    in Politics Progressive

    Jay Ackroyd and Digby discuss developments of the political weekwith an especial focus on the Republican Clown Car of candidates.

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    in Women

    Award-winning playwright, actress, author, social commentator, educator, dark skinned activist and humanitarian Rashida Strober tackles this important issue fearlessly!
    RAW, HONEST!! THE REAL DEAL!! Get ready! You'll laugh, You'll cry, You'll be shocked! Dont miss this compelling, entertaining, groundbreaking performance of what its really like to be DARK SKIN and female living in the world. Your chance to catch the awardwinning performance of A Dark Skin Woman's Revenge!

    A dark skinned woman's revenge hits "ATLANTA" 

    2 shows only

    GET TICKETS EARLY http://www.eventbrite.com/e/a-dark-skin-womans-revenge-hits-atlanta-tickets-17556974383

    LOCATION: COCONUT KITCHEN & LOUNGE 6045 Norcross Tucker Road Norcross, GA 30093

    TIME: 2 Shows Only SATURDAY DEC 12, 2015 1:00 PM & 7:00 PM 

    LIMITED SEATING BUY TICKETS NOW --http://www.eventbrite.com/e/a-dark-skin-womans-revenge-hits-atlanta-tickets-17556974383

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    NFL Week 7 review: Looking back at the close Arizona Cardinals win over Ravens

    in Football

    The Arizona Cardinals were on the big stage in Week 7, playing host to the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football. They defeated the now 1-6 Ravens 26-18 in a game that should have been that close. A blocked punt and a couple of bad decisions while trying to run the clock out led to the Ravens coming within a pay of perhaps tying the score late in the game. 

    But the Cardinals got the win, finally pulling out a close game and "finishing one," which was the theme of the win. Hosts Jess Root and Seth Cox discuss the win and whether or not the Cardinals really finished the game or not. They discuss the players who stood out and the plays that stood out and looked ahead on the schedule to the team's next opponent -- the Cleveland Brown. 

    Arizona has the Browns game and then will get their bye week at the mid point of the season. 

    Make sure you listen to the show and then head on over to Revenge of the Birds for more great Cardinals talk. 

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