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    Fish Keeper's United: Special Surprise Reunion

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    On our 5th episode of Fish Keeper's United, Aqua Alex or as he is now known as Oscar Alex will be reuniting with a special fish keeper who he has a long history with and is good friends with. But who is Alex and the Aquatic Wetline Reuniting with? What does this special surprise guest have in store for the Aquatic Wetline? Who is this guest? What does he want with the Aquatic Wetline?

    Whoever this guest is, he will have some questions for Aqua Alex and Aqua Alex has questions for him. Plus they will have a discussion on tropical fish!

    Call in at 1 347-989-8142 to join the chat!

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    Profile:Arriane Phillps/Costume Designer/Oscar Nom/Kingsman:The Secret Service

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    Arianne Phillips is one of the most unique Costume Designers working today, a gifted visual artist who brings her exemplary eye to film, fashion and music of which for the past 20 years she has worked seamlessly . Best highlighted and often blurring the lines between film and fashion in her 17 years of collaborating with Madonna as well as the Award winning costumes for the singer's past 5 world tours. As a Costume Designer for film she has been recognized twice with Oscar nominations 2006 for  Jim Mangold’s WALK THE LINE , her second Oscar nomination in 2012 for Madonna’s directorial debut of  W.E  of which she was acknowledged by her colleagues with The Costume Designer Guild award.  Additionally she was nominated for a BAFTA for  her work in Tom Ford’s directorial debut of  A SINGLE MAN . In 2014 she was nominated for a Tony award for her designs for the Broadway production of Hedwig And The Angry Inch.Arianne recently completed production  in London on the 2015 forthcoming release of  Matthew Vaughn’s SECRET SERVICE reuniting Phillips with Mr.Colin Firth ,as well as Sir Michael Caine and Samuel L. Jackson. In between film and music projects, Phillips also works as a freelance fashion editor/stylist, collaborating with photographers for such publications as V magazine, Italian Vogue, Japanese Vogue, W Magazine, and Numero, to name a few.  You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    Paula Madison

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    Chinese New Year 2015 will be the year of the goat. The documentary Finding Samuel Lowe: From Harlem to China is about Madison’s Jamaican Chinese heritage. Her emotional journey spans from the U.S. to Toronto to Jamaica to China, finally reuniting them with 300 of their grandfather's Chinese relatives they never imagined existed.



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    THE HONEY SUITE "Deconstruction Of The Black Family"

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    When we are young, we were taught that Mom and Dad live together with their children live happily ever after, Right? Well if this is the case, why are so many of our Black families separated? What is keeping them from reuniting as one? The answer might actually surprise you.

    Join Phone Fantasy Radio on January 27th @ 9:00pm EST in "The Locker Room" for a roundtable discussion of the "Deconstruction of the Black Family". We will feature a panel of intelligent individuals who will share their opinion on why the Black Family remains divided. Call in to offer your opinion to 805-830-8320 or log into our virtual live chatroom atwww.phonefantasyradio.com. Click on the LIVE tab and submit your comments via internet. We hope to see you there!

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    WE ARE;




    This is a special edition due to the technical difficulties experinced on, Saturday January 17th LIVE show.


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    Guest: Mike Bushman, author

    in Current Events

    Original airdate:7/2014

    Armed with a BS in journalism from the University of Illinois and an MBA, with honors, from the University of Chicago, Mike Bushman spent twenty-five years working in the interwoven worlds of national and global government, business and the media. He retired in 2012 as the top policy and communications executive for a global sustainability services company to pursue a new career as an author. Mike has been married for more than twenty-five years to his wife Cathy. They are the proud parents of Matt and Shannon.

    Mike’s first two novels, Melting Point 2040 and Secession 2041, tell action-suspense stories of a future America segregating toward division. He is currently writing a third novel in that series describing a pathway toward reuniting America around a common but politically neglected moral principle.

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    Conservative Patriot Revival

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    What “Revival” means

    We have to stop thinking that revival only means church activity. Revival is the rebooting of the soul. To me it’s the reuniting with values and principles given to us by the Creator and a time of self-examination. Revival is not an event. It’s part of our daily life. Webster says it’s a “bringing again into activity and prominence and denotes an act or actions.
    What we, as conservatives, need, is a revival of the spirit and a renewal of the soul. We need a reawakening of why we are conservatives and what it means. We need a revival, a conservative revival. The message of conservatism is getting lost in the rhetoric and diversionary tactics of the left. Only we the people can bring it back.
    When things go wrong, it’s easy to blame others. Blaming others for difficulties is the easy way out. That’s why it’s so popular. Turn on any daytime talk show and you’ll find endless examples of people blaming everybody and everything for the way things have turned out. Conservative takes responsibility and act to change those things rather than blaming others. Hence the slogan, “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me”. Truly this is the conservative mantra.
    As a medic when I revived someone I brought them back to consciousness . This site, hopefully, will revive or wake up the spirit of the Founders in all of us and start looking at our government as being a part of us. We The People!
    Welcome to Conservative Patriots Revival.

    Join us as leaders of the group discuss the purpose of the group.

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    Positively Autistic: Sarah's Autism Chat

    in Lifestyle

    Hello and welcome to this week's episode of Positively Autistic: Sarah's Autism Chat. Live at 6:30pm BST, 1:30pm EST,11:30am MST and 10:30am PST. Presented to you by Sarah Scrimshaw.

    On the show this week, Sarah will be talking with Jez Levinson, organiser of Friends Reuniting Radio, a disability radio station.

    We will also be talking again with our good friend, Autism Consultant and Speech Pathologist Heather MacKenzie from Canada.

    Join us in the chat room, call in on 1-619-393-2848, or you can call in via the Skype link to join in or ask questions.

    Find out more about Positively Autistic via our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/PositivelyAutistic

  • Dee has Solutions for your Love Troubles!

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    Love woes? Here are two simple first steps to improve your relationship.

    In every relationship, good or bad, couples run into problems that feel like impasses. Learning to push through those stuck points is key for any successful relationship.

    Learning to navigate the trouble times is where I can help.

    Problems sometimes feel unsolvable, but there is a solution, even if one can't see it.

    Tune in for the answers to finding your relationship bliss!

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    A woman has the power to make a man fall in love and stay in love with her, so many women have given the power way. She has the power to bring him to his knees and make him desire her and no one else. You have the power as a woman to have the perfect healthy, loving relationship. The beauty of it is so easy, an I will teach you The SECRETS!
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