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    High School Reunions...The Good, The Bad, and Everything in Between

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    Come to the Table Talk! will be on location at the St. Anne High School Classic Reunion in Kankakee, Il!

    This will be an exciting show because some of the reunion attendees have known one another for 50 years and we will hear from many of the reunion attendees about the key to maintaining a friendship over 3 decades.  You dont want to miss this show.  We will hear a multitude of perspectives about High School Reunions...The Good, The Bad, and Everything in Between.

    Join Come to the Table...Talk! on location at the St. Anne High School Classic Reunion! 

    Be Well!

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    Black Family Reunions: Beyond the Barbeue

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    Black family reunions: they’re not just a picnic, says Culture Freedom Radio host Mind Magick. “This past weekend I went to my first family renunion, on my father’s side. I got to see a lot of aunts and uncles I hadn’t seen in many years, and a lot of cousins I didn’t even know I had. And it’s a touching experience because, like, my aunt told me what my dad was like when he was young and how he used to get in trouble.  And as soon as my aunt saw my, she started crying. She was so happy because it was like seeing her late brother again. You get to hear a lot of good things about your family that you never heard of.”

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    African American Family Reunions

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    Throughout the south, African Americans celebrate their family heritage though family reunions.  After the Emancipation Proclamation was signed to free the slaves in 1863, many former slaves set out to find their kin. Noted author Alex Haley's television series "Roots" prompted many African Americans to become interested in African American genealogy.

    "What are the functions of African American Reunions?"  Are we linking the past, presence and future? Are we putting enough emphasis on family history, educational discussions, family investments, family charitable causes, family business affairs, successsions, family estate planning and other important family matters that are vital to the family existence?

    Please join host Antoinette Harrell for this upcoming discussion.

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    Divine Reunions & Twin Flames

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    Join me your host Sonia Pasqual of Enlighten with Truth Radio Online, as I welcome Polona Somrak and Jani Koren of Ascension Pioneers from Ljubljana, Slovenia.  We are in intense times of the transition into a new density called Ascension. For that reason, there are many here on this planet who’ve volunteered to assist with this planetary shift. There are also many Twin Flame couples (Divine counterparts), who are a part of this Divine decree. They have agreed to come to this plane of existence and show the way of the New with their own embodiment of Divine Love, to represent and model a new template of Being, a new relationship paradigm for the New Earth. In Truth, every relationship is Divine in its nature, and Twin Flames are only showing this highest potential of a Divine Reunion through their own example … to every Being that is currently embodied on this planet. There is so much material out there on Twin Flames and what they are supposed to represent, but many are missing the most important component of a true Divine Reunion, which is merging with our sacred Self and selfless service to others through the magic of our individual experience of Oneness and many initiations of Spirit that this initiation requires. These two are one of those couples who have agreed to come here to share their own Divine remembrance with others and show the way through their own Divine Reunion which includes all the challenges that are being experienced as a consequence of the intensity of spiritual growth, that a Twin Flame relationship requires for the embodiment of Divine Love our Source Essence. Through their own experiences, they wish to spread the highest Truth about Divine Reunions and show that it is possible to embody our highest aspect in this physical form and embodiment. 

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    112014 Holiday Reunions Niagara Falls Lounges, Bars and Restaurants

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    The last 40 years in the Bar and Restaurant scene in Niagara Falls. What happened to Main Street. A discussion with Rick Crogan of Cousins and Kevin Young of the Bakery Lounge

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    Family Reunions

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    Creating a theme for a family reunion is a great way to interest people and make them more likely to attend. It also makes things more fun when it comes to being imaginative with food, games, activities, invitations and just about every other aspect of the reunion.

    Join Zaiyah and Uptown and the Zaiyah's House Family as they discuss this and other interesting topics

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    Last Refuge Radio: Debt Ceiling Vote; Korea Family Reunions; & Marriage Equality

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    Last Refuge Radio Host Adam F. Hutton, H4TV Political Analyst Darren C. Lee, and Gerry Martini discuss the biggest stories in news and politics every week. On February 14, 2014 we'll talk about the debt ceiling votes in the House and Senate; a promising development in inter-Korean relations as the North agreed to allow families separated by the 1950-53 war to reunite on its side of the border; and increasing marriage equality in America as Attorney General Eric Holder announced this week that the Department of Justice would start extending the same rights to homosexual couples that it has long afforded heterosexuals.

  • Holiday stress

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    We will be talking about holiday stress and how it hurts. The struggle of this holiday season

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    Suspense Radio Inside Edition November 22nd, 2014

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    Suspense Radio ends the 2014 campaign with two hours and four outstanding authors. 

    Sheila Lowe, Robert Blake Whitehill, Susan Santangelo and Joe Lane.

    Sheila's latest book Inkslingers Ball: A firebombing, a young girl found dead in a dumpster, and the disappearance of an investigative journalist. In Inkslingers Ball, Claudia Rose is back and her troubled young friend, Annabelle Giordano has a secret tattoo that could get her killed. Claudia joins forces with her LAPD detective lover Joel Jovanic, who uncovers a tantalizing handwritten document that has the potential to break several cases wide open. 

    Robert Blake Whitehill's latest book Tap Rack Bang: Former Navy SEAL Ben Blackshaw lurks in solitude aboard the shoaled wreck of the American Mariner in the Chesapeake Bay. He is awakened one stormy spring night when a drifting dinghy slams into the old ship’s hull. Blackshaw investigates, and discovers there is only one occupant in the sinking boat, a naked young woman lying unconscious in the bilge. 

    Susan Santangelo latest book Funerals Can Be Murder:  Welcome to the world of Baby Boomer Mysteries.This is a series of cozies that takes a light-hearted look at issues facing the 76 million members of the fastest growing market segment in the country, the Baby Boomers:  Retirement Can Be Murder,   Moving Can Be Murder, Marriage Can Be Murder, Class Reunions Can Be Murder. 

    Joe Lane latest book Aftershock: The best of Baldacci's the Camel Club meets Charlie's Angels. It follows a fistful of pissed-off but highly proficient women, who, abused by America's sacred relationship between money and power.

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    Valuable {Value's}Man Up Tues.!!

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    {Live from the Cyberhood},What happend to famliy respect.Famliy reunions,respect for elders}Let's bring back the love.Let's talk!!.

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