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    The Broken Family - Saving Our Sons

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    You are cordially invited to join me on Monday, Dec. 15th @ 9pm ET. 

    Visit: www.realtalkwithchrisrichardson.com 

    The topic: The Broken Family - Saving Our Sons

    We will hear from Dr. Bobby Manning regarding his new book titled: Saving Our Sons.

    Dr. Bobby Manning is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of District Heights. Widely considered a “pastor of the community,” he leads FBCDH to continued service to the physical and spiritual needs of the residents of the Metropolitan DC area.

    Under Dr. Manning’s leadership in empowering the community, FBCDH has been recognized in local and national publications such as The Washington Post and Outreach Magazine.

    Dr. Manning holds a Master of Theology degree (Th.M.) from Dallas Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry degree (D.Min) from Regent University. He is a native of the Washington, D.C. area where he and his wife LaVera currently reside with their three sons Levi, Reuben and Joseph.

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    Chewing The Fat w/ Big & Beefy | Reuben Ruiz | Chef Tom Hunold | Vince Leone

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    On this episode of Chewing The Fat with Big & Beefy Chefs Rob Burmeister and Clemenza Caserta Jr. will be chatting it up with 3 great guests

    First they welcome Next Food Network Star Season 10 Finalist , Reuben Ruiz.

    Reuben Ruiz, 27 (Miami), grew up in a traditional Cuban family that owns restaurants and started working in kitchens when he was just 10 years old. He struggled with his weight for many years, but he lost 100 pounds and kept it off — which is especially difficult when your family is in the restaurant industry. He specializes in healthy dishes with a Latin influence and lots of flavor. Honest, outspoken and high energy with a strong work ethic, Reuben is ready to inspire others with his journey.

    Secondly the boys welcome Chef Thomas Hunold. Chef Tom was recently named Executive Chef of The Billy Taylor House. The Billy Taylor House is a grassroots non-profit organization founded by residents of Providence RI's East Side, who desire to promote youth engagement for the well-being of the community as a whole. The organization has its origins in the mentorship of the late William “Billy” Taylor, after whom the park on Camp Street is named for his exemplary work in the 1980s with youth from the Mt. Hope Neighborhood. Noticing the need for youth engagement in the neighborhood, ages 14-21, this group has come together in order to acquire the abandoned property that Billy used to live in, 185 Camp Street, and turn it into programming that supports youth in the pursuit of their dreams.

    And Last But Not least is Family Chef Vince Leone. Chef Vince will be gracing us with his presence right in the studio. Fresh out of the Bronx, Vince won Chefs Choice Award for best chili at The Kickin It Chili Cook -Off. Cant wait to see Chef Leone again. Great Guy.

    Also on the bill is as always the Top 5, Food News & Food Fight. Also The Curvacios Cook will be sharing another homemade recipe

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    Host GARY HOLT welcomes multi-award winning singer/songwriter and horsewoman JUNI FISHER to the Campfire Cafe' for great conversation and to share her music.

    Special guest from HTCAA, REUBEN MILLER, CHRIS BACIN AND MELINDA GARVIN,  join us to share Tales from the Trails.  An amazing journey of two fearless women.

    Please support our great sponsors...you'll find them on our Website at www.equestrianlegacy.net 

    EQUESTRIAN LEGACY RADIO is Heard WorldWide Online Live and On Demand...visit our Website and Download our New FREE Mobile App!

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    Mwamba World Outreach School Of ministry Presents Jacob Marries Rachel works 7yr

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    vs.  25.  And it came to pass, that in the morning, behold, it was Leah: and he said to Laban, What is this thou hast done unto me ? did not I serve with thee for Rachel ?  wherefore then have thou beguiled me ?

    vs.  26.  And Laban said, it must not be so done in our country, to give the younger before the first born.

    vs.  27.  Fulfill her week and we will give thee this also for the service which thou shalt serve with me yet seven years.

    vs.  28.  And Jacob did so, and fulfilled her week: and he gave him Rachel his daughter to wife also.

    vs.  29.  And Laban gave Rachel Bilhah his handmaid to be her maid.

    vs.  30.  And he went in also unto Rachel, and he loved also  Rachel more than Leah, and served with him yet seven other years.

     [First Maternity Race (Cp. I Sam. I) - JACOB's FAMILY IN HARAN ( 39:31-30:24) Reuben.

    vs.  31.  And when the Lord saw that Leah was hated, he opened her womb: but Rachel was barren.

    vs.  32.  And Leah conceived and bare a son, and she called his name Reuben:  for she said,  Surely the Lord has looked upon my affliction; now therefore my husband will love me.


    vs.  33.  And she conceived again, and bare a son; and said, because the LORD hath heard that I was hated, he hath therefore given me this son also: and she called his name Simeon.


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    Mwamba World Outreach School Of ministry Presents Jacob's Children & Prosperity

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    GENESIS 29: 31-35  And Genesis 30: 1-24  [Jacob's family At Haran]

    vs.  31.  And when the LORD saw that Leah was hated he opened her womb:  but Rachel was barren.

    vs.  32.  [REUBEN ] And Leah conceived and bare a son, and she called his name Reuben.:  For she said surely the LORD has looked upon my affliction, now therefore my husband will love me.

    vs.  33.  [ SIMEON ]  And she conceived again and bare a son;  and said because the LORD has heard that I was hated, hath therefore given me this son also; and she called his name Simeon.

    vs.  34.  [ LEVI ]  And she conceived again and bare a son;  and she said,  Now this time will my husband be joined unto me, because I have born him three sons:  therefore was his name called LEVI.

    vs.  35.  [ JUDAH ]  And she conceived again and bare a son: and she said,  Now will I praise the LORD:  therefore she called his name JUDAH, and left bearing.


    vs.  1.  And when rachel saw that she bear Jacob no children, Rachel envied her sister; and said unto Jacob,  Give me children or else I die.  Vs.  2.  And Jacob's anger was kindled against Rachel: And he said,  Am I in God's stead, who hath witheld from thee the fruit of the womb ?

    vs.  3.  And she said behold my maid  Bilhah,  go in unto her;  and she shall bear upon my knees, that I may also have children by her.  Vs.  4.  And she gave him Bilhah her handmaid to wife:  And Jacob went in unto her.

    vs.  5. [ BIRTH OF DAN ]  And Bilhah conceived.....  

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    Hey Sis, I Need a Word! Your Spiritual Tonic on the run.

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    Episode 5 of this series will focus on the 'coat of many colors' in the book of Genesis, given to Joseph, the son of Jacob. What it signifies, why it was given to him, and how your coat today is awaiting you as you live a Christian life.

    Join in on this episode and unlock your understanding.

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    Gen 29:35 And Leah, Yacob's wife conceived again, and bare a son: and she said, NOW will I PRAISE YAH: so she called his name JUDAH ...

    Hos 11:10 They shall walk after the LORD: He shall ROAR like a LION: when He shall ROAR, then HIS CHILDREN shall come trembling from the WEST.  11:11 They shall tremble as a bird out of Egypt.  As a dove out of the land of Assyria.  And I will place them in their HOUSES, says YAH.  11:12 EPHRAIM surrounds about Me about with LIES, and the house of ISRAEL with DECEITS. But JUDAH shall yet RULE with YAH, and be FAITHFUL for all the SAINTS.

    Rev 7:4 And I heard the number of them who were SEALED.  There were sealed 144,000 of ALL the TRIBES OF ISRAEL!  5 Of the tribe of JUDAH FIRST were sealed 12,000. Of the tribe of REUBEN were sealed 12,000. Of the tribe of GAD were sealed 12,000. ...

    Gen 49:8  JUDAH, you are he whom thy brethren shall PRAISE. Thy hand shall be in the neck of your ENEMIES. Even THY FATHER'S CHILDREN SHALL BOW DOWN BEFORE THEE. 9  JUDAH is a LION'S whelp: fresh from the prey, my SON, you shall go up and stoop down, couched as a LION, as an old LIONI; who shall rouse him up? 10 The SCEPTER shall not depart from JUDAH, nor a LAWGIVER from between his feet, until SHILOH come.  Unto Him shall the GATHERING of the PEOPLE be. 11 Binding His foal unto the vine, and His ass's colt unto the choice vine; He washed His garments in wine, and His clothes in the blood of grapes: 12  His eyes shall be red with wine, and His teeth white with milk.

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    After this I saw [4] angels standing upon the [4] corners of the earth,

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    holding tight the [4] winds of the earth, that no wind might blow upon the earth or upon the sea or upon any tree.  And I saw another angel ascending from the sunrising, having a seal of [the] living god; and he cried with a loud voice to the [4] angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the sea, saying: " Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees, until after we have sealed the slaves of our God in their foreheads.  And I heard the number of those sealed, a hundred and forty-four thousand, sealed out of every tribe of the sons of Israel: Out of the tribe of Judah [12] thousand sealed; out of the tribe of Reuben [12] thousand... 

    If when traversing this left hand path, you find yourself completely lost, it will be because you have not the foundational knowledge of scripture, to hold aloft as a torch that effectively illuminates your way into the deeper things of God.  Without the spiritual dynamic, you are worthless- to yourself and others.  You cannot lead, and you will not follow.  You are declared: lost.  

    This broadcast is dedicated to the [devoted] and the prospect of the resurrection.  It is the voice of the christ- to the lost, and a death sentence to the Homosexual, Rapper, elitist, and law enforcement.  Last week, you were uneasy and queasy.  Tonight you will vomit forth evil

    2nd Hour: THE EPISTLES of LORD SATAN® and its relevance to mankind and his many struggles in the Devil's dimension.  


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    It's that time again! Welcome to WRITERS ROUND TABLE. I am your host Karen Vaughan and this month I welcome a talented group of writers THE FANTASTIC BLOGHOPPERS which includes, Dellani Oakes, Rachel Reuben, Joan Hazel and Stephanie Hussey.  I also welcome my assistant Jon Magee to man the helm.

    So buckle up folks it's going to be quite the ride

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    So concerning them Moses commanded Eleazar the priest, and JOSHUA the son of NUN, and the chief fathers of the TRIBES OF THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL: 

    And Moses said unto them, If the children of GAD and the children of REUBEN will pass with you over JORDAN, every man armed to battle, before the LORD, THE LAND SHALL BE SUBDUED BEFORE YOU.

    Moses said unto them, If the children of Gad and the children of Reuben will pass with you over Jordan, every man armed to battle, before the LORD, AND THE LAND SHALL BE SUBDUED BEFORE YOU. THEN YE SHALL GIVE THEM THE  LAND OF GILEAD FOR A POSSESSION. 

    But if they will not pass over with you armed, they shall have possessions among you in the land of CANAAN. (Israel) And the children of GAD and the children of REUBEN answered, saying, As the LORD hath said unto thy servants, so will we do. We will pass over armed before the LORD into the land of CANAAN, THAT THE POSSESSION OF OUR INHERITANCE ON THIS SIDE JORDAN MAY BE OURS. 

    And the children of Machir the son of MANESSAH went to GILEAD, and took it, and DISPOSSESSED THE AMORITE WHICH WAS IN IT. Moses gave GILEAD unto MACHIR the SON OF MANASSAH. He dwelt therein. JAIR the SON OF MANASSAH WENT AND TOOK THE SMALL TOWNS THEREOF. He called them HAVOTHJAIR. NOBAH went and took KENATH AND THE VILLAGES THEREOF.

    Numbers 32:1-5, 39-42









    Ezekiel 36:27-29

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    "Check, I'm Here"..Engaging students everywhere on campus

    with company president Reuben Pressman


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