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    ReturnViewersGuide #2

    in History

    In ReturnViewersGuide #2 I expand on the details I provide in ReturnViewersGuide #1

    All Five ReturnViewerGuides are located on this page;


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    ReturnViewersGuide Book

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    My Book's Content Is All Free Online
    So ... why would you want to buy The ReturnGuideBook?
    I did see what happens and I do know what happens. I can't answer the big how and why questions but I can say that I saw and I can write about what I saw and that's what I have done originally on my returnviewersguide.ca website and then again now in our new ReturnGuideBook. In this book without the need or requirement to prove anything to anyone I provide readers and future viewers with my five separate original Return Viewer Guides. Viewer Guides that they can truly rely and depend upon.
    Without any sort of reservation or hesitation, I can say and guarantee that the descriptions I offer of this supremely ancient event and the five Viewer Guides that I have written will easily stand the test of time and will prove to be definitive, completely and totally unique, and without any equal. In a sense this Return Guide Book
    will serve as the Official Program Guide for the Ancient Object's next return orbit to and through it's crossing point down between the Earth and the Moon.
    An historic event and what will become an historic Return Guide Book that can be yours to have as a souvenir into the future.

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    When Will The Ancient Object Return?

    in Science

    Even if my best guess regarding this forward rolling celestial object's return orbit date down across between the Moon and the Earth is not correct that would have no effect on the accuracy of the details I provide concerning what future viewers can expect to see during the first part of a Return Event.

    The fully eclipsed Moon's light is suddenly seen to the right and above the crossing object's upper right horizon. The Moon's light and light from the background of space becomes changed, and it lasts. Incredibly the fantastic ancient thing that happens, still happens and you can see it if you look up at the right time. The Changed and Lasting Light sights that a viewer sees happen repeat in exact detail.

    The object's speed is tremendous. In two minutes or less the object travels the distance down across between the Moon and the Earth on it's orbital path down towards the area of space beside and below the sun. Knowing the night of the object's imminent return is all important for many reasons. My first and second book have two separate return dates that that were my best guesses at that time. Both guesses were incorrect.

    This is a very different situation we are all in. Again I am trying to guess what night the ancient celestial object I saw when I was a boy is going to roll down across between the Moon and the Earth again.

    May 24, 1926, then May 7, 1971 and now forty six years later again it will be May 18, 2016, three nights before the full Moon. We'll see what happens. I know the object will cross down again sooner or later because the object orbits.

    There is a long path that has led me to the May 18, 2016 date. It could turn out that the forward rolling ancient celestial object I saw crossing in front of the Moon actually arrives down from the depths of space again on the evening of the eighteenth of May 2016.

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    ReturnViewersGuide #1

    in History

    Christmas Eve, I am going to read some return descriptions from my Return Guide Book, http://www.returnguidebook.ca and my original website http://www.returnviewersguide.

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    ReturnViewersGuide #2 Part 5

    in History

    The light from the raised area that eventually formed the overhang seems to somehow remain in the upper area of the scene and it's as if the raised area has stopped rolling towards you while at the same time the scene in the bottom of the viewfinder expands downward continuing towards you. The effect is like the light from the top of the scene is suddenly remaining in place while at the same time the light from the bottom of the scene continues forward and down. This effect seems to cause the object to suddenly remain in place and at the same time open wide open.
    A very noticeable valley effect is also now seen to the left in the viewer. The object's surface that precedes the raised area somehow now looks like it is a natural part of the valley as well.
    The way that the object looks is as if it is some sort of giant snail is extremely pronounced and somehow greatly exaggerated at this point before the "black spot of the shadow," has made it's sudden appearance. Even though the object's surface with it's fantastic craters on the left looks strikingly different than the sight of the immense valley to the right, they seem to flow and blend together naturally and together the left and right become all the same place. At least that's how the effect appeared to me. 16. Suddenly, and it startled me to see something happening, a large black spot appears, clinging to the "ceiling," up under the newly formed overhang. At first I did not realize that the black spot was a shadow. I had never seen a shadow behaving this way before. Because of it's strange unfamiliar action, the way it spread outwards and thickened as it gathered in more ceiling area under the still growing overhang I just watched not knowing what it was. 17. As it turns out the Sun is basically directly behind and I think, slightly above the viewer at this point. The shadow is behaving normally and naturally but I simply had never seen a shadow cast in such an unusual way before. returnviewersguide.ca

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    ReturnViewersGuide #2 Part 4

    in History

    Look right and instantly notice that it is as if someone has magically clicked and dragged the edge of everything that you can see an incredible distance to the right, way way to the right. Phase one of the illusion has begun. It's the Moon but at this point the way the Moon looks has completely changed. Instead of the sight of the Moon, a fantastic incredible valley is seem! It is enclosed by mountains on all sides. The mountains that go across the back of the valley are clearly visible in the extreme distance. Everything is oriented exactly the way you would expect to see some sort of very large valley to look, just the same way you would expect if you were looking at a real valley down here on Earth.
    13. As the object continues to roll forward the smooth rounded top of the raised area develops into a curving type of a vertical cliff. Gradually as the top of the raised area continues forward as the object continues to slowly sink, the vertical area right before the top of the raised area, the curving cliff, develops into an overhang. The area under the overhang is were the black spot of the shadow later suddenly develops This takes place in the far left of the overall scene. 14. Down between the mountains of the valley and down over the object's sloping upper right horizon area were you would expect to see some sort of valley floor, you don't see anything at all that looks like a valley floor or ground at this early point. Instead an even level layer of an effect that looks like the top of a misty white cloud is seen. Everywhere in the valley is like the top of a flat white cloud. The surface or the flat area of what you would expect to see as the valley floor is indiscernible down over the object's far upper right slope or horizon and instead you see down into the area in between the mountains and the smooth level top of a misty white pure clean cloud layer is seen. 15. The light from the surface of the object seems as if it is spread wide open.

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    ReturnViewersGuide #2 Part 3

    in Science

    9. Based on my guess that the full eclipse had probably started only a few seconds before my view started, and based on my guess that only a few seconds passed from the time I first saw the object until the Moon emerges as the valley, I am going to guess that the valley starts approximately eight or ten seconds after the object fully eclipses the Moon. It could very well be a few seconds more. 10. The object continues to basically roll at you. Eventually I did realize that the object was going to miss me once it had moved further to the right in the viewer, eventually passing through the middle of the viewer and after it had dropped down lower. Looking through the telescope, I had no sense of respective, concerning many things including size speed and distance. This is a very difficult thing for me to understand and explain. I do know that looking through a telescope does effect how one perceives such things as speed and the size or scale of such things as fast moving large object's that are traveling by at a great distance. 11. Before I bent over for my turn, I suddenly noticed that it was as if a bright light had been switched on inside the telescope's view finder. The object's surface itself is so bright that as I was bending over for my next turn, before I actually looked through the telescope, I could clearly see the inside of the eyepiece and how it was constructed and how it looked all screwed together. The inside of the telescope's eyepiece was totally, completely illuminated. After standing, waiting in the dark for my turn the sudden brightness when my view started was a shock for my eye. At the first few seconds at this early point I remembered thinking that my eye was not uncomfortable and I noticed that I could continue to look at the extreme brightness of the object's surface. 12.As the object's raised area comes over the top of the object towards the viewer, the surface suddenly starts to seem as if it is tipping towards you instead of rolling at you.

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    Is Tonight The Night The Object Returns?

    in History

    It is now 44 years since I saw the object in May 1970. 44 years before that May 1926 the object "obscured the moon's disc." Now today May11, 2014 it is once again three nights before the month of May's full moon.Sounds simple enough however I am unable to say if this attempt, this guess will be right and we really will see the ancient object return home. Early not late evening, just a little while after dark.

    Follow the timing and the order of events as I describe here: The Return Viewer's Guide
    Stay looking, don't look away. If you can do this you will see. Don't look away and you will have a chance to go face to face with an all important ultimate ancient human sight that is light. Now stay looking and you will realize that you are really seeing in the ancient way as you experience more as the intensity escalates. To the right over and past the ancient object's upper right horizon you are looking at the moon's changed light after it was sculpted and shaped by the point of a shadow that was cast by a massive vertically standing crater rim piece.

    This is a fantastic thing that happens and you can see this as well. That's a huge part of the point and I hope helps to explain and helps people to understand the answer to the question, what's the Return Viewer's Guide about?