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    Return of the Light with DJamil Graham

    in Motivation

    The Light Show

    celebrates The Return of the Light

    healing Fukushima, turning the page, rising to the challenges of this auspicious time


    21st Day of the 12th Lunation in the 2nd Year of Light

    Sunday, December 22,2013


    3 pm  PST ~ 6 PM EST ~ 11 pm GMT - close


    Since my last broadcast, HUGE amounts of information have been coming in a steady multi-dimensional stream. This information has been from the expanded macrocosm of the Universe, into our greatest challenge, Fukushima, straight through to my most personal life where the microcosmic expression weaves and dances with the Universal Love Intelligence...

    In this broadcast I will continue the exploration of Being the Change, focusing on the tools of meditation and my microcosmic experience.

    In my microcosmic experience, I have constantly been humbled and reminded of the precious gift of life by facing the transition of the ones I love the most from their current human forms. At this time, we call this 'death.'

    For more information, please visit http://www.alchemyoflight.org/2013/12/the-light-show-celebrates-the-return-of-the-light-with-djamil-graham-sunday/


    in Education

    iShining light on the confusion, the basic facts and the ultimate goal of the Moorish Movement in Love and Understanding

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    Step Into The Light with Patti Shene

    in Christianity

    Aleta You, PhD, has enjoyed a successful career in teaching and higher education administration. However, throughout her years of professional pursuits and rewarding personal accomplishments as a wife and mother, Dr. You sought a deeper knowledge of God. Her quest for answers led to the publication of her book, Biblical Solutions for Daily Living: Developing a Vital and Personal Relationship with God  

    Join us Tuesday, October 6th at 8:00 AM MDT on Step Into the Light with host Patti Shene. Dr You will share her journey from the darkness of ignorance about the God she serves to the light of knowledge and understanding of her Lord and Savior. 

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    in Christianity

    Author, speaker, and blogger Kelly Hall has been teaching God’s word for close to three decades. Her passion lies with encouraging women to embrace a courageous and intimate walk of faith. She loves speaking of God’s faithfulness and power in personal ways,

    Kelly is the author of Courageous Faith: Discover the Seven Keys to Living Courageously in Life’s Adventures. This wonderfully crafted Bible study challenges us to enrich our daily walk of faith with Jesus Christ and to tap into the power in God’s promises.

    Be sure to listen Tuesday, September 29th, at 8:00 AM MDT as Kelly joins host Patti Shene on Step Into the Light right here on Blog Talk Radio. Kelly will share the walk of courage she has taken with the Lord down a sometimes dark and difficult path of family circumstances


    in Education

    Shining light on the confusion, the basic facts, and the ultimate goal of the moorish movement in love and understanding


    in Christianity

    Bob Ossler has acquired a wide range of skills over the years. EMT, firefighter, psychology tech, and chaplain are only a few of the positions he has held. Whether meeting the physical or emotional and spiritual needs of hurting people, Bob strives to share God’s love and comfort with hurting people.

    Bob has combined his expertise in mortuary science and pathology with his faith and trust in God to provide compassionate comfort in many tragic situations. He served as a chaplain in the aftermath of 9/11, in the midst of the devastating destruction left by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and during the gut wrenching loss of nineteen firefighters in Yarnell, Arizona in 2013.

    Join host Patti Shene for this second episode of Step Into the Light on Tuesday, September 22nd at 8:00 AM MDT, where Bob will share how he has seen God’s light shine in the midst of the darkness of intense human tragedy and despair. Bob will share how he reaches out through his writing and speaking engagements.

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    Turn on the Love light

    in Podcasting

    Please join us as we discuss how to keep the light on for God

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    The Light of Portland Broadcast

    in Christianity

    Tune into the Turn of the Light Broadcast where our Guest Speaker will be Pastor Kimberly Black from Greater Saint Stephens Portland, OR

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    Moorish Light Radio

    in Education

    Shining Light on the confusion, basic facts and ultimate goal of the Moorish Movement in Love and Understanding.

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    Author Carolyn Sherrow worked in the medical profession as a Physicians Assistant for 23 years while suffering with a severe mental health disorder.  It wasn’t until she discovered that God loves her that Carolyn was able to begin to untangle the confusing impressions from her past that had left her broken and hurting.

    Carolyn has written skits, newsletter articles and short stories for children and adults; including one story that appears in the Chicken Soup for the Soul anthology Thanks to my Mom, and another in the Bethany House Anthology entitled Encountering Jesus.  Her supernatural suspense is awaiting contract, while two other books are in the editing and crafting process to eventually complete a trilogy.

    Join host Patti Shene for this first episode of Step Into the Light on Tuesday, Setpember 15th at 8 AM MDT, when Carolyn will share her journey from the darkness of fear and despair to the light of God’s saving grace. Learn how Carolyn reaches out to others in need of hope and healing.

  • The Light of Portland Broadcast

    in Christianity

    Tune into the Light of Portland Broadcast as Pastor Pamela Laws of Total Truth Restoration in Atlanta, GA  brings forth the Word of God.