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    Aunt Jewel Bedtime Stories :Winter's Fading & Spring Sprouting

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    Spring is Coming and the Sun is staying Longer.... How do we Unwind the energy in bringing the kids inside?  I know with Singing and Dancing!! You can still have Fun Retiring the Sun!!  Join us with our Bedtime Routine and our Favorite PJ's in putting Parents or Grandparents to Sleep!  Are you Sleepy Yet?

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    Premiere Show - The show celebrates life and well-being!!!

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    Guest: Garnet Schulhauser, author.

    After retiring from his law firm in 2008, he began his new career as an author and his first book, Dancing on a Stamp, was published in 2012. Since the release of his first book, Garnet has been active with book signing tours and speaking engagements and has been a frequent guest on radio talk shows.

    In Dancing on a Stamp, Garnet recounts how his life changed dramatically one day in 2007 (while still practicing law) when he was confronted on the street by a homeless man named Albert (who was actually a wise spirit in disguise) who revealed startling new revelations about our soul journey on Earth and the afterlife that awaits us. His second book, Dancing Forever with Spirit, (to be released March 15, 2015) describes his most recent adventures with Albert who appeared in his bedroom room one night to guide him on a series of out-of-body adventures around our world and other parts of the Universe to demonstrate the urgent need for us to discard the dark side of humanity in favour of love and compassion.

    WEB URL:   http://www.garnetschulhauser.com     

    2nd Guest: Cherie Doyen, Guide/Author.

    Cherie Doyen is a Life Coach and the author of “Junebug”. She works with women who are healing from trauma. Her purpose is to move them into a position of making healthy choices for themselves and their family. Cherie shares her story with the world in the form of her book “Junebug” with the intent of bringing awareness. Abuse for many is a life style verses an event. She got out of the entangled maze of abuse and has gone back in to help others, to bring the flash light.


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    Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio Presents: Florida Bigfoot Researcher Robert Robinson

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    In continuing the series on the North American Sasquatch Researcher, Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio presents Robert Robinson from Florida. Robert Robinson was born at Hamilton AFB, CA. He grew up an Army brat and had the privilege of visiting Europe numerous times. After graduating high school at Lansing Kansas, Robert enlisted in the United States Army in June 1982. He received his Basic and Advanced Individual Training as a Military Policeman at Ft McClellan, Alabama.
    Rob, when he was young, became interested in Cryptozoology after watching the TV cartoon series “Jonny Quest” and the movies” The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas” and “The Legend of Boggy Creek”. His mother, who is from Scotland, related stories of the Loch Ness Monster, to him. Also, his uncle would relate scary stories of the Fouke Monster and Bigfoot. Because the whole subject of real monsters scared him, Rob started researching monster legends by reading every book he could. Rob also became interested in UFO and extratertriels after watching the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. His fear turned into intrigue and then became a hobby and passion. After retiring from the Army, Rob started going on Swamp Ape expedition with the Bigfoot Field Research Organization. Tracy (Rob’s wife) also had an interest in the unexplained and accompanied him on his monster hunts. Tracy also conducted paranormal research investigations such as haunting and ghosts. Rob has stated that “When you are out at night, monster or ghost hunting, there is nothing better than being scared and excited at the same time. I would monster/ghost hunt 24/7 if I had the opportunity”.


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    Celina Lane of Simply Collectible Crochet

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    After retiring from a career in theatre and film, Celina found herself in the studio writing music. Fast forward two years, Celina picked up a crochet hook, some yarn and turned that extra energy to relearning to crochet. After following the second pattern, she turned her love for math and construction into a small business. You can see her designs at Simply Collectible where fiber meets practicality with a sprinkle of edginess.

    Listen Live for chance to win great prizes!

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    RLwRT Presents: The Monday Music Movement ft. QEZZZ

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    Real Life w/Real Talk Presents: The Monday Music Movement!-Hosted by Real Talk Tiff! Send your mp3 music submissions to realtalktiff@gmail.com for entry into the weekly rotation. Include your bio and contact information and you might be the featured artist of the week!

    SirQuan Allen BKA Qezzz...born in Columbus Ohio at The Ohio State University Hospital...he lives in the studio...he has been creating music since the age of 8 and producing music since the age of 14...Infamous...The Invaders...Blood Related Productions...Rek Shop Entertainment...MRG Productions...Savage Lyfe Entertainment are all groups and labels he has came up in the industry under...BEST KEPT SECRET IN COLUMBUS OHIO...


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    Peter Mingils Interviews Ken Black on Building Fortunes Radio

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    Peter Miingils intorduces The Ken Black Radio Show on Building Fortunes Radio.
    Ken Black has been a PM Marketing NetworkLeads customer for many years. He recently sold his traditional home inspection business and upon retiring wants to continue working in his home-based business.

    Successful entrepreneurs like Ken Black enjoy working and helping others.
    Perhaps he can help you?

    Join us on Building Fortunes Radio and find The Ken Black radio show for archived radio shows




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    Tri-State Sports Guys

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    Debating the recent announcement that the Yankees will be retiring the numbers of Andy Pettitte, Bernie Williams and Jorge Posada...Do any of them belong in the same conversation and Ruth, Mantle, Berra, and the rest of the legends that came before them???

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    Shelly NunChucks w Grandmaster Eric Lee

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    Once again I am blessed to have Grandmaster Eric Lee on my show. There will be much to catch up with.

    Born in Canton, China, Grand Master Lee was inspired at the early age of three by watching his father. He later began his formal martial arts training under Chung Ball and ultimately with Grandmaster Al Dacascos. Included among his teachers are:

    Grandmaster Al Dacascos – Founder/Grandmaster of Wun Hop Kuen Do
    Grandmaster Share K. Lew – Chi Gung
    Master Wen Mei Yu – Tai Chi & Chi Gung
    Successor of Dr. Hua Huang – Medical Chi Gung
    James Lee – Oakland, California

    Master Lee also trained in Northern and Southern Shaolin Kungfu. He went on to excel in the field of martial arts and is credited with winning more national and international awards than any other martial artist in the United States. He has been featured in a multitude of martial arts magazines throughout the world.

    Since retiring from competition, Grand Master Lee continues to distinguish himself in the field of martial arts instruction and the entertainment industry. In what is in the family tradition of Master Lee’s 91-year-old father, Master Lee still currently teaches Chinese Health exercises.

    Grand Master Lee continuously distinguishes himself in the world of martial arts in both his experience and accomplishments. 

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    Never Had It So Good Sports Radio!!!

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    We will take a look back at the weekend in Sports. And, we will discuss some of the social issues that surround the world of sports. Russell Wilson Contract. Marshawn retiring? Will Greg Hardy be accepted in other NFL cities and by their fans?


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    Sports Tuesday,BC Sports Ian Kahanowitz,Al Clark,Cindy Stover,George Williams

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    Source Nation!! Join Steve Manderson at 6pm for another night of amazing sports facts and highlights. 

    Ian Kahanowitz - Sports Blogger 6:15pm

    Ian S. Kahanowitz is an avid Baseball fan who has followed the game for over 40 years.  He grew up in Brooklyn, New York and currently resides in North Attleboro, Massachusetts since 1997. Ian is a New York Yankee fan and loves living amongst Red Sox fans in Red Sox Nation.

    Ian’s vision for both of his groups,The Dugout and The Umpires is to expand the sport and the rules to millions of fans everywhere.  They are forums that educates its members on the game, its history, and current events in baseball.

    7:15 Cindy Stover, Al Clark & Ian Kahanowitz

    Cindy Stover, Director of Business Development for Talking Sports & More. Cindy has great passion for sports and enjoys reading and writing about baseball, particularly her lifelong favorite team, the Yankees.

    Al Clark enjoyed 30 years employed by organized baseball. 26 years were in the Major Leagues, starting in 1976 as an American League Umpire & converting to a Major League Umpire before retiring in 2001.

    In our third hour, at 8pm Join Edd J. Hayes our host of Black College Sports for another amazing week in HBCU Sports. Edd's guest is George Williams, Head Track Coach at St. Augustine's College.

    George Williams- Head Track Coach for St. Augustine's College 8:15pm

    Since becoming head track and field coach at St. Augustine's College in Raleigh, N.C., in 1976, the 59-year-old Williams has built a dynasty. He has won 24 NCAA Division II titles during his tenure and he has received 90 Coach of the Year honors. His scholarship athletes at St. Augustine's have achieved a 95 percent graduation rate.

    Source Nation! You don't want to miss this night. We're your station for sports!!  

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    Steve G. Jones, Willie Crawford, and Susan Delano Swim

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    Steve G. Jones board certified  Clinical Hypnotherapist.He has been practicing hypnotherapy since the 1980s. He is the author of 22 books on Hypnotherapy. He is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, American Board of Hypnotherapy, president of the American Alliance of Hypnotists, on the board of directors of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Lung Association, and director of the California state registered Steve G. Jones School of Hypnotherapy

    Willie Crawford started his online business in 1996, six years before retiring from a 20-year US Air Force career.  After 18+ years, he is now considered one of the leading experts in building a home-based  business selling goods and services via the internet.  Willie has taught tens of thousands of people worldwide how to actually build a thriving long-term business, teaching in workshops across the U.S.  and in the United Kingdom, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Nigeria

    Susan  Delano Swim The Balanced Lifestyle Expert, speaker, best selling author, columnist and founder of Zelatious Lifestyle Strategies. Susan’s entrepreneurial spirit lead her to be the owner of  4companieswhile raising her 4 daughters which is where she learned hands on exactly what life balance and fulfillment was all about. Susan teaches the tools and techniques that she has studied, applied and taught for 15 years on how to regain your confidence, feel satisfied and have peace of mind while taking back control of your destiny no matter how much you have going on in your life.  Susan has found the secret on how to fulfill your dreams so you have a life of no regrets


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