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    Anti-Aging Ingredients Not Worth the Hype

    in Women

    Are apple stem cells the new fountain of youth? Which antioxidant is best? Is retinol a must-have ingredient? What about peptides or hyaluronic acid?

    Paula’s Choice Research Team members Nathan Rivas and Bryan Barron share which anti-aging ingredients really work and are worth looking for and which ones you can ignore. This show is filled with tips everyone shopping for anti-aging skin care needs to ensure they’re making the best decision for their skin!

    For more information, check out the Expert Advice: Anti-Aging section on PaulasChoice.com!

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    5 Must-Have Products to Treat Aging Skin

    in Women

    Skin-care products really can do a lot to minimize signs of aging, but you can’t believe everything that cosmetics companies tell you. Tune in as Paula and her team explain what’sreally possible from anti-aging products, what’s unrealistic, and which products get you the best results.

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    isomers: skin care secrets revealed

    in Health

    want to learn about new technology in skin care? Join us as we discuss our newest formulations to reveal and preserve a more radiant and beautiful complextion.

  • Anti-aging Serums, Can They Really Rewind recent years?

    in Blogs

    Anti ageing serums were produced to increase absorbency into your skin. One of several ingredients found in the anti-aging serums serum is retinol. Retinol is simply a kind of vitamin "A". We can find retinol in whole foods and fortified foods. A unique kind of clinical retinol can be used by dermatologists aids you to cure those that have acne problems.

  • Beauty Pop Now! Episode 2

    in Entertainment

    Oprah, recently released her Spring Fashion Handbook. Your Skin’s New Best Friend.  Oprah and her team  doctors and skincare pros shared how retinol creams changed their life and outlook on skincare. Remember, if Oprah says retinol creams are her new best friend, then retinol creams should be your best friends too!  Retinol creams are made up of retinoids, a retinoids a tropical form of Vitamin A. It's the number one anti-wrinkle ingredient recommended by dermatologists. Its sole purpose is to promote cell turnover. It eliminates old,bad cells, produces new, plump healthy cells. Nothing works more effectively at eliminating the appearance of wrinkles,fine lines than retinol. It’s the best anti-aging ingredient. Research proves vitamin A can undo wrinkles, even discoloration caused by sun damage. The manufacturers are running a free 30 day trial promotion, new customers only! http://www.lifecellskin.com/SpecialOffer/?  Most People Dont Consider, Wrinkles are shadows and Life Cell Illuminates and makes them vertually disappear.  This is not a paid or compensated endorsement of this product, just consumer for consumer education purposes.