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    Addressing Discrimination and Retaliation Claims

    in Legal

    As your business grows and you decide to accept new employees, it becomes ever so crucial for <em>both</em> employees <em>and</em> employers to understand how to avoid, handle, and even to pursue or defend claims of discrimination and/or retaliation in the workplace. In this show, Bill and Rick explore the relationship between employer and employee and how specifically claims are to be addressed under both State and Federal law if they do arise, and what can and should be done prior to the onset of litigation.

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    Retaliation by the Courts

    in Parents

    Retaliation by Children and Youth and the courts can be done in many different ways.  Some of the obvious are losing visits with your child, losing custody of your child, creating false information about you and or your family.  There are many ways those in charge can ruin your life.  Educate yourself of your rights and fight back.  If you have experienced retaliation call in the show and share your experience with the listeners.  Every bit of information we can get is worth your time.

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    Retaliation Is Not The Answer

    in Religion

    It's not up to you to make them PAY!

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    ALI: NATION - Solutions Pt. 2 - The Law of Retaliation

    in Business

    On this edition of ALI: NATION we will pick up where we left off from last evening's broadcast. We will look at the solutions on the table - analysis the Law of Retaliation & other remedies available as we work to unite our communitites.

    We will review words from Minister Farrakhan on Sat. November 22nd at Morgan State University. We will review the interview given to ABC by Darren Wilson the patrolman who committed the attack and death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, a suburd 6 miles outside of St. Louis, MO.

    Holy Quran 2:178

    Tune in Monday thru Friday @ 3 PM PST/6 PM PST

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    Gang Retaliation Code Black (Mpls, MN)

    in Self Help

    Minister KG Wilson a former Gang Chief of The GDs in Chicago, IL brings to us valuable information about what is going on in the streets of Minnesota and throughtout the World. It's no joke about Code Black, so do not get taken off course with Ebola, because our Children and Babies are doing by the seconds, minutes and hours. Let us Tune In and Share With Others! Guest Call: 347-884-8102 

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    Call To Action...Are your kids really safe in this world today?

    in Politics

    To Action/ Speak Out Speak Up continued June 25, 2015 at the same time of 6pm est. Today we listened to our objectives, goals, and true examples of oppression. Tomorrow, we will be able to Speak Up live on the air of Blogtalkradio. Invite a friend/colleague if you want to have a say in your child's future and your own. There is a saying, "You Have Not Because You Ask Not". Is it or is it not true? We want to hear from you. See you on the online radio talkshow tomorrow same time, same station. Simply call into the line at 6pm sharp and standbye to the following conference:

    718-664-6189. Speak now or forever hold your peace. The choice is up to you.

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    President Barack Obama Retaliation Against Veterans In America

    in Politics Conservative

    The personal story of veteran Joseph Love describing in intricate detail the retaliation against him and other veterans by Presient Obama and the Department Of Veteran Affaits. Utilizing a little known program called Operation Vigilant  Eagle, ran by Home land security,FBI, implemented by the Department Of Veteran Affairs.

    Operation Vigilant Eagle main purpose was/is to target veterans rreturning to the U.S. that are believed to be "terrorist" or "extremist" in their views regarding the government.

    Operation Vigilant Eagle under President Barack Obama has been expanded to include vertually all veterans from all wars. The programs main goal is to classify all veterans that critisize the goverment as mentally unstable, to take away thier guns and or have them locked away criminally, without due process.

    The main stream news media has been focused on the NSA breaches of privacy issues of wiretapping, eavsdropping spying on Americans. This issue concerning veterans has largely gone unreported as of late, thus allowing for the Obama administration to "punish" veterans severly.




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    Tracey Miller: The threat of retaliation for speaking out

    in Family

    Join us this evening as Tracey Miller returns to the show to discuss the realities of retaliation against families and victims for speaking out and exposing the abuse and fraud in guardianship. 

    Families across the country have been targeted through the courts for exposing the rampant abuse of "wards" by those who use the system to profit.  Using character assassination, unfounded charges of neglect, abuse and exploitation, those who fight for the rights of the ward are systematically  attacked by the predators.  No evidence needed; none ever produced.  In fact, most "probate" courts never even require any evidence to be produced by those making the charges. Supposedly, the predators word is enough to enter the charges as fact in the courts.

    Tracey and I will be talking about the very real threat of physical retaliation as families fight back against a growing and highly protected system of human trafficking for profit that operates with the cooperation and facilitation of the probate and family courts. 

    Speaking out?  It could get you hurt!


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    It Is Finished! 25JUN15 Confederate Flag Removal, Russian Sanctions U.S. &More

    in Christianity

    Will taking down the Confederate Flag help the cure racism? Russia places sanctions on the U.S. in retaliation. Christian Mother in prison for 6 years and on death row in Pakistan for blaspheme. Trans Pacific...what does that mean for the U.S. News that You can Use as it relates to the Bible and End Times.

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    Sweep Your Brain Round Table "Motive and Intention"

    in Prayer

    Dr. Khannah Josué hosts an LIVE, open mic round table discussion with Talmidim (Students) of the Sweep Your Brain Mind & Lifestyle Learning Series. Join this engaging discussion and hear talmidim (students) talk on learning points, transformations and highlights from the learning series.

    The question on the Roundtable for discussion this week is: "Is it right for people to pray in the way "they think" when their prayers really have a negative intent or are for retaliation?" 

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    Navy Seal transgender for Congress - Hack Attack! 18+ million

    in Politics

    Hr1  Democrat Navy Seal running for Congress against Steny Hoyer. The catch, she used to be a guy, which in today's gender climate, you'd think would work in her favor. But she has zero support from LGBT groups.

    AND... author Michael Hausam talks about Baltimore &amp; Freddie Gray autopsy. Police didn't follow proper procedure, resulting in his death. That's WAY different than "police have it out for black kids." Now how are they going to make 2nd degree murder charges stick?

    Illegal alien waves Mexican flag crossing stage at graduation. Disrespectful or proud of heritage?

    Virginia makes it impossible for parents to opt their children out of gender fluidity indoctrination.

    Hr2  911 spoof... which would be funny, it didn't his so close to home.

    Auditors say The Clinton Foundation hasn't done the filings and reporting they need to do. Surprised? I didn't think so. Clintons should write a new book, "Money Laundering for Dummies." Clinton Foundation not even a legal charity!

    Stephen Martin Kohn talks about the importance of whistleblowers, including Edward Snowden! Do whistleblowers end up on unemployment for the rest of their lives? Some do. Retaliation is commonplace.

    Hr3  At least 18 million U.S. government personnel files HACKED!

    What kind of workforce are we producing w/ college classes like "Wasting Time On the Internet" where students watch ?

    Covering crazy stories you likely won't hear anywhere else

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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