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    The Shoot Down of the Russian SU-24, Meier on Putin, NATO, Potential Wars

    in Spirituality

    When one thinks that, since as long as anyone can remember, never has collectively so much harm, death, murder, torture, destruction and disaster happened on the Earth as it has come about through the fault of the USA and will further come about, as it has resulted and results since the USA interferes in the interests of other countries and started and starts wars, as well as revolts and revolutions, as well as murder and other crimes through the US secret services and US military, then, regarding USAmerica, the devil incarnate can be spoken of.  Billy Meier

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    Work & Shoot The Wrestling and MMA Podcast

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    Join MMA Star Mike "Downtown" Bruno and the controversial Jay Pagliaro for discussions on TUF 21, and WWE Extreme Rules! We will deliver talk that is worth listening to, while cutting no corners, pulling no punches and delivering discussion in a no holds barred manner. Feel free to give us a call to make your predictions for Extreme Rules, to shoot the shit or to give your insight on anything in the world of pro wrestling/sports entertainment or Mixed Martial Arts. Come on.. You know you want to! Follow the buzzards, pick up your phone and call now!

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    Stew and The Nunn, Episode 14 with guest LTC (ret) Jason Amerine

    in Military

    LTC (ret) Jason Amerine was the Commander of Special Forces A-team 574 which was the team that brough Hamid Karzai into southern Afghanistan and then help cuase the collapse and surrender of the Taliban in 2001. For bravery in the invasion, he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal and the Purple Heart. He was also a "Real Hero" in the America's Army video game. 

    After Amerine provided information to Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA) to assist the Congressman in preparing legislation to improve U.S. hostage freeing efforts in 2014, the Army received complaints from the FBI. In early 2015, the U.S. Army initiated what has been deemed by those close to Amerine as a retaliatory criminal investigation for his work aimed at improving hostage rescue procedures. In May 2015, Amerine's West Point Classmates initiated a Whitehouse.gov petition to “provide LTC Jason Amerine, SF, US Army, Whistleblower Protection and end all investigations and unfavorable actions.” On June 11, 2015 Amerine was one of five whistleblowers who testified before the U.S. Senate Committee when it convened a hearing on Federal whistleblowers. 

    A couple of weeks ago, Jason was allowed to retire, had his secrity clearance restored recognized for his service to this country by being awarded a Legion of Merit. 

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    Work & Shoot

    in Sports

    Episode 4 we discuss the passing of Corey Hill . The Ultimate Fighter season 21 episode 3&4. Mark Hunt receiving the most strikes, a new record. Frankie Edgar v. Urijah Faber. Plus Daniel Bryan dropping the I.C. Title due to injury , Raw , Riegns, Rollins & Ambrose, The Wyatts & more

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    Shoot Interview With Nick

    in Sports

    Also known as GoreOffense. Superstar 49ers/football message board heel joins us to discuss his internet posting career. He gives his thoughts on 49ersnews, 49erswebzone, NinerCapHell, Draftcountdown, and what it was like posting with numerous posters and admins.

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    The Shoot Down of the Russian SU-24, Meier on Putin, NATO, Potential Wars Part 2

    in Spirituality

    That also applies to my side.Das gilt auch meinerseits.But tell me what you have to say about this: today I heard in the news that the Russian President, Putin, at the Munich Security Conference, has energetically spoken his mind regarding the politics of the USA. Putin said that the USA is striving for world rule, respectively, world power, and thereby also promotes the resuming of the arms race, interferes in the trade of foreign countries and practices warlike actions.

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    Listen: Paul E. Mock MG (RET) -National Chair Employer Support of Guard&Reserve

    in Military

    Listen 24/7 to Paul E. Mock, Major General (RET). He also retired from the Los Angels Police Department after 25 years of Service. He is now Senior Consultant, Military Relations for the Military Child Education Coalition and National Chair of Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR). He talks about the Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award Nominations Now Being Accepted and more. Please SHARE

    More Info: http://thankyouforyourservice.us/issue/october-2015/article/listen-to-paul-e-mock-major-general-ret-national-chair-employer-support-of-the-guard-and-reserve

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    Work & Shoot

    in Sports

    Join Mike Bruno and JP Delfino as they discuss Mayweather - Pacquiao, UFC and WWE news, the NFL Draft and more!

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    Work and Shoot

    in Sports

    Discuss all things MMA and Pro Wrestling here

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    Work & Shoot - The MMA & Pro Wrestling Podcast

    in Sports

    Mike Bruno hosts solo on episode 5 of Work & Shoot - The MMA & Pro Wrestlng Podcast. He discusses UFC 187 Cormier vs. Johnson. The Ultimate Fighter season 21, episode 5. Also the induction of Bas Rutten into the UFC Hall of Fame. On the pro wrestling side of the things, NXT Unstoppable, the debut of Samoa Joe, Raw from 5/18, the upcoming Elimination Chamber & more !




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    In Delaware, they shoot Negros

    in Politics

    In late August of 2015 in Dover Delaware a 21 year old man, Terrence Fletcher wanted for failure to appear on drug charges ran from police and was shot, reportedly without challenge or warning. The shooting may have been justified. Dover Police handling of the aftermath raises serious issues.
       Then another Dover man, Mr. Kemp reportedly shot an AK type semi-auto rifle into the air running from the road to his house, allegedly threatened police and his family creating a standoff. Police also told the press that Mr. Kemp was seen outside his home with the weapon and initially refused to drop it, after further discussion put his rifle down but would not comply and had to be taken into custody by using a taser.
      Following the Kemp incident, a horrific video recorded the fatal shooting of a wheelchair bound man Wilmington Delaware. Blog page can be seen at http://troubleindover.blogspot.com/2015/09/in-delaware-they-shoot-negroes.html .  These events amount to throwing gasoline on what some would call Delaware burning.

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