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    The Griddy Boyz sit with Cherry Bomb and Black Sapphire in the Cherry Spot

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    Goals for the group; "To reach as many people God will allow for his glory through pure,positive,and powerful music.To inspire other artist to follow thier dreams. To bring our music in the spotlight not for fam or money,but to paint a picture for society to inflict that everyone whos from the hood or makes music from a hood/urban perspective isn't a killer,thief or drug dealer.Though we love to do music we belive it's an assignment for us from God to speak the truth,and come from the heart on every song.We don't consider ourselves a gospel group, but embassaders of the truth,delievering heartfelt music with a message."                                                                                                                                                                                DuNGEON lIFE: The name D.U.N.G.E.O.N is a ackranem meaning (daily,unfailing, new,guidance,evolving ,officialy,neverending) the (Life) he's living out, giving from God's son Jesus.Real name (Jerremy Laron Ogans) born September,2nd 1984 (30) born,and raised in Tulsa,Oklahoma lives in Coweta,Ok. Laid back personality likes to try different resturants has a strong passion for music likes watching documentarys and movies reads books occuasionally.                                                                                                                 mARK-13: The name is from the Bible verse Mark:13 Real name (Mark Wayne Bullard) born March,18th 1985 (30) born in Okmulgee,Oklahoma raised in Weleetka,OK.Down to earth personality likes to do outdoor activities with family, travel enjoys cookouts.                                                          D-Dogg: The name is a ackranem meaning Dre,delivering,on,God's,grace.Real name (De'Andre Dartez Ogans) Born May,22 1988 (27) a lite amped personality.Has a strong passion for music,loves soul food like movies a NBA Basketball fan favorite team OKC Thunder a family man also.

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    Chewing The Fat with Big & Beefy | Post VDAY Talk | CHOPPED and Hell's Kitchen

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    On this episode of Chewing The Fat w/ Big & Beefy........

    The boys are talking about their Valentines Day Experiences

    We have Hell's Kitchen Season 12 contestant Mike DeMarco!! Inspired by Julia Childs, this guy started out young working in a pizza restaurant at the age of 12!! We will get to see what he's been up to after all this time and see how he's putting what he learned from Gordon Ramsay to work for HIM today!!

    Also Joining us is Chef Judith Cage-McLean from Chopped. We will get the chance to talk with this Southern Belle and see how she's taken her southern charm and love for food and turned it into a hugely successful business!

    Big & Beefy's Top 5, Food Fight and usual shenanigans and tomfoolery, are of course ALWAYS on the menu!!

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    Still Making Black History: The Nuevo Harlem Renaissance

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    Grand Gesture Screening Invitation         http://t.co/PBpaWKSV7q


    When Dr. Woodson Carter designed "Negro History Week", in 1926, the Harlem Renaissance was well into its maturity.  From West Indian sociopolitical influences  such as Claude MacKay to the intellecturalism of multiple artforms, Harlem was and still is the epicenter of African diaspora life.  By the 1920's, writers and artists lived in Harlem as they brought a vibrant, creative community that found its voice into what came to be  the “Harlem Renaissance.”

     Several factors accounted for the birth of the movement and propelled it forward. By 1920 the once white ethnic neighborhood of Harlem in upper Manhattan overflowed with recent African-American migrants from the South and Caribbean immigrants. Black soldiers returning from World War I shared a new sense of pride, militancy, and entitlement.  Social movements of WEB DuBois and Marcus Garvey established levels of political and economic sustainability that can still be felt throughout Harlem.  And now The Nuevo Harlem Renaissance steps into the next 100 years of socioeconomic,and cultural growth.

    Join me, for Black History Month as we talk The Neuvo Harlem Renaissance:

    Harlem resident and Filmmaker, Dana Verde screening of "Grand Gesture" at the Astro Row Cafe', 404 Lenox Ave., February 12th at 7 pm.  

    Harlem Business Alliance

    Harlem Arts Alliance

    Harlem Fashion Row

    Local resturants and more.

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    Best Resturants in Soldotna Alaska??

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    Which Resturant Serves the Best Food??

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    ReMax Real Estate Expert, Dr. Howard Stoller, LifeStyles Magazine

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    Greetings, and welcome to Radio Time Productions, Valerie, the host of the show will discuss breaking and current news. Open an ongoing discussion on "The Dumbing Down of America" How and why is this happening? New Book Publications...you must have, Introduce the new foremat and expansion of the show. Upcoming guests, Free downloads for you, and other BlogTalkRadio shows that I recommend.

    Elizabeth with ReMax Preffered has many years experience in the buying and selling of homes in South Florida. Liz will provide you with tips regarding the R/E market. She will take calls from our listeners. 

    Victoria, Publisher of Broward LifeStyles Magazine will be talking about , Resturants, Spas and Events...The Best of Broward. 

    Dr. Howard Stoller, will discuss Alternative and Breakthrough Medicine and will be availabe for your health and wellness questions.

    And much more....




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    Along The Right Of Way on Lets Talk Trains

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    Have you ever set out to watch, photograph, video trains and just happen to stop somewhere along the right-of-way, and find a special place that someone created, for themselves or the non-railfan that has a model railroad running? During the last couple of months, we have and we will tell you about some of them on this week's American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation's Let's Talk Trains program. Let's discover some interesting places.

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    LGN radio

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    This show is going to talk about hot topics, weather were gonna ask some questions,sports,were going to talk whats the best resturants in san diego, Then were going to play some more live music to amp up the show.

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    Wanda's Picks Radio Show

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    We open with an interview with author, Doris I. Mangrum, whose A Soiled Identity: From Triumph to Tragedy and Back Again, tells the story of Darnell Cookson, former Marine and former felon as he rejoins society. However, this is not a typical rehabilitation story. Told in the protagonist's voice as if we were seated in his home one evening getting to know one another, we meet Darnell just as he arrives home from prison to new wife, new child and many relationships he has to restore, like that between he and his two older daughters by a prior marriage, and his kid brother who is making a bit too much money fast. Darnell tries to hold his head up when applications are rejected and interviews have no follow-up calls, but it is hard. Darnell's reentry is a community venture; each chapter ends with what Mangrum calls, "Choice Moments" where her audience gets to imagine a "what if?" In "Live Your Life," the reader is invited to learn from Darnell's experiences while we also gear up to participate in an "Idea Infusion," which per chapter is a way to make the returning veteran or prisoner feel welcome and supported (171). Visit https://www.facebook.com/LetsSaidiana

    Musicians Damu Sudii Alii and Paul Tillman Smith join us to talk about the music, of course, but also a wonderful music series in two Oakland resturants. The Wednesday & Sunday, Jazz Jams sessions are free and open to professional musicians to sit in on and play. www.chumpchange.com

    The Village of Peace (SFJFF 2014) tells the story of the Hebrew Israelites, African Americans who moved from America to establish a home in Israel. Directors and producers join us this morning to close the show: Ben Schuder, Director/Producer and his brother Sam Schuder, Producer. www.villageofpeacemovie.com


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    Event Talk with Nina Capone and Mr. Critic 347-215-9590

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    There's a new Duo in Radio... Nina Capone has teamed up with Mr Critic to Visit events, Resturants, Venues, watch and listen to up and coming artist music, products, fashion trends and provide their honest opinions on the who, what, when, where, why, and how. There will be positives and negatives no holds bars converstations, about all discussions. Listeners feel free to get involve agree to disagree tune in 347-215-9590 to express how you feel on the topic. 

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    SWFL Community Events - February 2014

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    What's Up SWFL loves to share what is happening in SWFL. This show is all about events that are happening in February/March that you may not have otherwise heard about. Supporting these events is important so that others may also know about them. So please feel free to share this show with those you feel might be interested. Working together we can help spread the word about these great events.

    Today's guests are (in order of appearence)

    Marcie Stewart- Life Banquet - Pregnancy Resource Center of SWFL

    Shari Armstrong - Magic Johnson Changing Lives, Transforming Communities - Quality Life Center

    Carmelo LaMotta - 35th Anniversary Celebration - LaMotta's Italian Restaurant

    Suzie Dugan - Got Talent- Talent Show - Learning For Life

    What's Up SWFL is giving these events a voice in SWFL

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    Join Cullen's Corner Radio Show TONIGHT With Special Guest Santresa Wilkins!

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    Join Cullen's Corner Hot Topics with Cullen and the Corner Crew (Yvette Berry, Winnie Phillips, Lamont Belton & Dee Page) Call (323) 679-0814 TONIGHT at 9:00cst as we discuss this week's hot topics!
    Special Guest: Author & Musician Santresa Wilkins Cullen's Corner Letter Of The Day, "Dear Corner, Is It Ok For My Friends To Stay Friends With My Ex? Am I Wrong For Not Wanting Them To Be Friends?" http://goo.gl/Uq9aec Would You Still Leave A Tip If You Received Poor Service? Should You (Do You) Tip Regardless Of Service? http://goo.gl/efOiAE            If We Have Time:
    What Would You Do If You Found Out Your Best Friend Was In Love With You? “Surprise! I Gotta Crush On You!” http://goo.gl/qPbNAe  
    Here is how you can join the LIVE conversation:
    Call into the show using this number (323) 679-0814. The operator will see you and announce your area code and number and you can comment at any time. You can go to the Cullen's Corner Radio Show Facebook page, "Like" us there and post your comments on the wall and we will read them on the air or you can also email us at CullensCornerRadioShow@gmail.com, or CullensCorner@yahoo.com and we will read your emails as well!!