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    Richard Bergquist - Search and Restore Vets Ministry

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    Richard Bergquist - Search and Restore Vets Ministry 

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    CDL Radio interviews Mike Holt from Restore Australia

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    Jan Rennie and Matt Pope interviews Mike Holt from Restore Australia 


    Restore Austraila on Facebook 



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    Special Veterans Day Broadcast on the Restore The Republic Show 11/11/14

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    This will be our first veterans day program. We will Brodcast Live from the Valdosta American Legion Post #13.  Today we will honor the men and women of the armed forces who have served and will hear stories from those who were in the military.

    We have a great show planned and we will have Bryce Lockwood, former US Marine aboard the USS Liberty when it was attacked. He will share his story of the events that transpired that day. We will also have Rod Utech with POW/MIA Radio to discuss the issue of POW's, MIA's and live men who we have yet to bring home. We will also talk with local veterans and others about their stories while serving and we will Honor all those who served plus we will also honor all those activists out there who may have not served in the armed forces but have dedicated they're lives to supporting and defending the constitution here on the home-front.  

    We will also discuss some of the government corruption that was witnessed by our veterans and get their first hand accounts of other things that were witnessed. We will also discuss the current war on veterans by the government.

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    Restore Talk

    in Christianity

    Seer Prophetess Kimberly and special call in co-host discuss restoration. God is a God who restores. Get back everything the enemy has stolen from you. Tune in for this prophetic conversation, message, and prayer.To give to this ministry go to paypal acct:millagekay@yahoo.com. To purchase oils go to www.rejoiceessentialoils.com. For more inspiration go to www.kimberlyhargravesministries.com. Join me for prayer on Saturday @ 6 am MST/8 am EST 712-775-7031 Access Code:163-234-356. For additional encouragement go to my youtube channel. To help fund book publishing: gofundme.com/pfo6q0

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    Making A Difference - Restore One

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    Restore One was founded June 2012, by a husband and wife team, Chris and Anna Smith. Chris and Anna have a passion to see human trafficking survivors experience the healing freedom found in Jesus Christ and for community members to mobilize against the problem of human trafficking.? Restore One is a ministry that seeks to open shelters that offer faith-based residential recovery programs, free of cost to American boys who are survivors of domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST). Restore One will treat every survivor as a unique individual by using holistic approaches and proven clinical methods that nurture healing and restoration. Restore One also counteracts human trafficking and human exploitation by community awareness, education, outreach and partnerships. Restore One’s goal is to see DMST survivors live in complete freedom, and to generate communities that are intolerable to the problem of human trafficking and human exploitation.

    Anna is a strong advocate for sex trafficked and sexual exploited males. Anna has a resilient passion to see child sex trafficking victims experience true healing and restoration. While Chris is not focused on the ground breaking efforts of Restore One, he enjoys creating and working on his first book entitled 10 Things A Youth Pastor Wants to Tell A Parent. Chris also enjoys spending time with his wife Anna and their 2 dogs, Titus and Barnabas, and taking part in a number of outside activities.  

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    Restore The Foundation

    in Politics

    Host Michael J. Maxim returns to blogtalkradio in the first broadcast of his new show Restore The Foundation. In this introduction show host and founder of Restore The Foundation will talk about what the organization really is about and how important it is for Americans to put aside their differences unite as Americans against an out of control government. This is a non-partisan organization dedicated to the idea of putting our political differences aside at a time where Americans need to be united. Both sides of the aisle are damaged...the entire political system is broken. However we feel that by uniting together to stand up to the politicians and the news media that is dong nothing but trying to divide America with their rhetoric and hate speech we can make a difference. We can begin to actually head down that road to recovery.
    In our first episode of Restore The Foundation we will go more indepth on the organizations mission statement and how we plan on bringing America back together.

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    Repurpose, Restore and Renew

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    Have you decided this is the year you will get rid of your stuff?  Join me and my guest Drew Meyer, Sr. Director of ReStore Operations Group at Habitiat for Humanity International and learn how your donated home goods can benefit others.

    Habitat for Humanity ReStores are nonprofit home improvement stores and donation centers that sell building materials, appliances, new and gently used furniture and home accessories at a fraction of the retail price. Habitat ReStores are owned and operated by local Habitat for Humanity affiliates and have raised more than $110 million for homebuilding while diverting more than 235,000 tons of reusable material from landfills. With more than 920 stores in five countries, proceeds generated by Habitat ReStores are used to help build homes, communities and hope locally and around the world. To shop, donate or volunteer, visit www.habitat.org/restores. 

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    IAW Welcomes Mike Holt of Restore Australia

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    Mike Holt is the CEO of Restore Australia, Author of the Beware Halal Sticker Campaign, a Dedicated Global Partner in the fight against the Islamic ambitions in the West, and an Expert Global Educator. Listen closely ~ and be apprised in that Mike is conveying your heritage and ensuring your future.

    Mike Holt’s links:



    Watch the 25 minute Documentary, “ Halal Certification & Australian Beef: 


    Welcome to Infidels Are Watching, with your Hosts, Tim Burton of Liberty GB and Kel Fritzi, where we strive to educate about a threat…called Political Islam.

    We don't offer honourifics to the mohammedans here. They are simply known as The Scourge.

    We give you the tools to do the homework, and further educate others in the hope that there will be a united Global Understanding in that Islam continues to be the greatest threat facing Western Democracies today.


    "Mass islamity ~ Stop the Insanity”






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    CHAMBER OF PRAYER - Restore the Light in All Dark Places

    in Spirituality

    Join Dr. Maisha in the Chamber of Prayer and hold space in Heart and Mind for the full restoration of Divine Light in every dark place on Earth where humanity experiences anything that is not born of Love, Peace, Abundance, Joy, Wisdom, Creativity, and Health.

    (yehiy 'or) “Let there be Light” in every dimension of MY LIFE. Let there be Light as Perfect Intelligence in full radiance in every aspect of my Mind. Oh, Let Light from the Divine Presence in my soul ignite Divine Qualities in me today.  Today, I let Wisdom, Love, Joy, Prosperity, Faith, Understanding, and Peace be set ablaze in me as my Inner Light. I let this Inner Light shine for all to see.  ~ Dr. Maisha

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    This will be the last show on blog talk radio. Restore the republic show is moving to Media Broadcasting Center. I will discuss multiple topics including the need of forming local communities and local organization. We will also discuss the reason I am leaving blog talk radio and where you can find me on Thursdays.

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    Paul Martin Joins Us on the Restore The Republic Show 10/29/14

    in Politics

    Paul Martin with Revolution Radio Joins us on the Restore The Republic Show to discuss the most recent news that the mainstream is not telling you. Paul, is an ex-Marine who is concerned about his country and the direction it is headed. Paul founded Revolution Radio to bring the most important stories that the mainstream media refuses to put out. Please head over to revolution radio and make them a part of your daily news intake! Revolution Radio is your Weapon of Mass Distruction!