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    The Nature of Our Weapons

    in Religion



    1. For our warfare is not carnal - 2Co 10:3-4; Jn 18:36

    2. Thus we do not use the sword or other such weapons to fight - cf. Mt 26:52

    3. Nor are we to use works of the flesh (e.g., anger, wrath) - 2Co 10:1-3; cf. Ga 5:19-21

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    The Nature of our Warfare...Our Objectives

    in Religion


    1. To produce the fruit of the Spirit in our own lives - Ga 5: 16-23

    2. To bring every thought into submission to Christ - cf. 2 Co 10:5

    3. To help those ensnared of the devil to escape - cf. 2Ti 2:26

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    The Nature Show

    in Spirituality

    On this show, we will go into and be part of the natural world that exists all around us and learn to be one with nature. Nature not only soothes the mind, body and soul, but it also takes us to a place of inner peace that we so need. So, join me for this important show and learn how to embrace peace, quiet and tranquility in order to ascend into the light of your divinity...namast

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    The Nature of our Warfare

    in Religion

    A. OUR ENEMIES... 1. Spiritual forces of wickedness - Ep 6:10-13 2. Physical lusts which wage war against the soul - 1Pe 2:11 3. The unrighteousness and ungodliness of men - Ro 1:18-32 a. Of those who do not recognize God b. Of those who are given over to vile passions

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    Universal law of Nature

    in Self Help

    a self-help and spirituality resource focusing on healing & health from indigenous and mystical traditions.  Diva Brenda Kelly will guide us in yearly, monthly & daily Feng Shui for yourself & home--including Flying Stars, 24 mountain stars & elemental luck of Earth, Heaven and the Human Being. Pathfinder (Canku Woksape) will share spiritual healing technologies of holistic, indigenous and mystical sources--including Reiki, Universal & Spiritual Laws, the Seven Arrows, ethnomedicine & shamanism, spiritual interpreting & relationship with the Mystic, Real World. Find out more about us:  http://www.pathfinder1111.moonfruit.com/# and like our Aloha Healers Network community facebook page!  Mahalo

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    Restoration Place: February 7, 2016 - Life In A Dead Situation

    in Spirituality

        John 11:1-3 starts us off for the month of February at Restoration Place, as we must be able to press through our situations and circumstances, and let God bring us to victory.

        Just when things are bleak, and everything looks to be down and out, God will give us the power and strenght to make it to the finish line. First Lady Darlene Bazemore explains furhter on this edition of Restoration Place.

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    Restoration Place: January 10, 2016 - Lifestyle of a Believer

    in Spirituality

        Pastor John Bazemore, Jr. takes us to Romans 12:1, where we must not only present ourselves through our bodies before God, but we miust also renew our minds to stay fresh for both God and ourselves.

        In order to set an example, we have to BE the example. Check out Pastor B's message on this edition of Restoration Place.

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    Restoration Place: January 31, 2016 - The Word Is Alive!

    in Spirituality

        It can be all summed up in one Bible verse - Mark 4:14. As living beings with thoughts feelings, and intelligence, we must always choose our words carefully. God's word is the final say, but that doesn't mean we have no say at all. Check it out from Pastor John Bazemore and Restoration Christian Ministries, here at Restoration Place.

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    The Restoration Hour with Dr. Cedric Richard, Sr. Ph.D

    in Religion

    The Restoration Hour with Dr. Cedric Richard, Sr. Ph.D

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    Introduction and Testimony: Healing and Restoration for a Fractured Identity

    in Spirituality

    Many who come for Restoration Prayer Ministry do not know the extent of their prayer needs.  They aren't necessarily hiding anything; they simply are not aware of their root issues.  Many do not know that their identity has been fractured by trauma and abuse until they begin sharing memories with a safe person.  Intelligent little children have an amazing ability to fracture their identity in order to store overwhelming painful memories in different parts.  It might be decades before these parts begin to surface and ask for healing. Hear a survivor share how shocked she was to learn that her identity was fractured.  

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    Candiru - Monsters of Nature

    in Environment

    Candirus will b e the topic of discussion on Natures Talk Show Monsters of Nature. These fish are perhaps feared more than piranahs by people living around or visiting in the Amazon Basin.Candirus are small fish. Adults can grow to around 40 centimetres (16 in) with a rather small head and a belly that can appear distended, especially after a large blood meal. The body is translucent, making it quite difficult to spot in the turbid waters of its home. There are short sensory barbels around the head, together with short, backward pointing spines on the gill covers.

    You are correct in believing that the candiru poses a hazard to humans (and other mammals that might urinate in the water). It seems attracted to the flow of urine (possibly as it resembles the stream of water from the gills of a large fish). The candiru may swim up the stream of urine and enter the urethra of a bather urinating into the river.

    This, of course, not part of the fish's normal feeding behaviour - the fish has made a fatal mistake. Once up the urethra the fish can not turn nor can it move backwards because of the rear-pointing spines on its gill covers. It is locked in. The fish invariably dies and the dead fish and associated swelling of the lining of the urethra cause the urethra to become blocked. Surgery is required to remove the obstruction.

    On Sunday January 31st at 8pm est,7pm cst and 5pm pst. We look forward to you joining us. If you would like to join the conversation visit our chat room on our web page or call in to our studio number 1 -949-534-0637.

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