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    3 Techniques To Overcome Your Stress And Be More Productive

    in Self Help

    Are you overwhelmed with your work and responsiblities?

    Do you have difficulty sleeping at nights, sweating and feeling uncomfortable?

    Do you feel you have been pushed to a corner with your business?

    Join us on this episode of Marketing Experts Cafe where we are going to have a very special guest Dr. Kenford Nedd, a medical doctor who has spent many years on working with high performing business owners on how to take power over their stress.

    All listeners will be gifted with a free stress training to download


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    Those Who Grew Up On The Belt VS Those Who didn't...

    in Entertainment

    Let's talk about the belt...How did it effect your life? Every person who ever recieved a whipping from a belt, still remembers some type of lesson from it. So, tonight we'll choppin it up with many different facets of the belt action....tune in, is all I can tell ya!!!!

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    Eagle Quetzal Condor Confederations Unite w/ Adam Yellowbird​ and Friends

    in Religion

    One People Tribal Nation

    A nation is a culture that people create, so they can have a group to which they can belong.

    We, members of One People Tribal Nation, offer a united home for all humanity, a new tribe for all people. We pledge to honor, offer our graditute for and protect our planet. We honor the diversity of all life, all cultures and orientations, sharing teachings, ceremonies and sacred ways. A special welcome is set out for the youth, for they are our future and we are in service to them. Recognizing that rights bring responsiblities with them, we do our best to foster right relationship with our Earth Mother and all who share this planet with us.

    People have to start living in harmony with the planet they are inhabiting or pay the price for listening to their own inner dialog instead of being sensitive to Mother Earth's needs. We understand the difficulty modern people will have moving to a sustainable way of life, we will all miss many of the conveniences that we have today, but we should be more disturbed that we are robbing the future generations of a decent life. The way to a decent future for our grand children is based on growth of spirit and respect for the environment. A new way of measuring human progress, one that does not include material accumulations is what we must embrace. Let us have the courage to embrace it. 

    If you want to be a part of this, --- help us physically, spiritually monetarily or any way you can. It will require cooperation, some help, and lots of energy. 

    more at http://www.onepeopletribalnation.org/greeting.htm


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    in Business




    If you look around you today, you will see the effects of irresponsibility everywhere. Your context really doesn’t matter. Whether at home, in a business, in your community, or even in the nation, the effects of irresponsibility are evident. 

    Irresponsibility is not taking responsibility for the those things you are responsible for! That’s easy enough to understand, right?  Let's discuss it. 


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    I'm A Trophy Wife, Can You Afford To Be Married To Me?"

    in Entertainment

    No matter who your spiritual power is, the word says to us that when a man findeth a WIFE, it is good and your Lord is proud! So, when you look at the underlining circumstances that lead you into the ideas of pursuing a long term, commitment relationship are you certain that you are ready to take on the responsiblities of having a wife?

    Let's face it, today women are POWERFUL, in control and take the lead in numerous tasks that were yesterdays obligation of a man. Now, this DOES NOT award her head of the house, because that entitlement was given to the man. So as head of the house, YOUR HOUSE what stipulations are suggested by the head are ones that say you are treating your wife as the trophy? Wives are trophy monuments, co signed by the powerful word of God and therefore are you on your p's and q's to solitify this truth? Dont miss the next show!

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    Is Submission a Thing Of The Past?

    in Entertainment

    With all of the single and working moms in the work, do submission still exist? Men running from their responsiblities and too lazy to work, should women still submit? Listen in as well talk on the subject..

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    in Health

    TUNE INTO CIVIL ALERT RISING 360! Tonight as Sis. Adama comes forward to
    address Being FOREVER YOUNG, Wholistic Health, Practical Self-Healing via use of "Actual" Mineral-rich Clays of the Earth, Concept Correction in regards to the preservation of health and how health is the core pillar that all else rests upon.   

    This show is a must  for:

    Adults and Children that have been diagnosed with diabetes and cancer
    All who have found themselves to be on a paper chase — chasing cotton (United States Dollars are 75%cotton, 25%linen) —  whilst ignoring their bodily temple. 
    All who wish to retrun back to the ways of their forefathers and foremothers. 
    Upright & Sincere Brother/Sister Keeping  Humanitarians, Scholars, Philantropists, Professionals, Board Members, Presidents, VPs, CFOs, CTOs, COOs, Upright Attorney Generals, and Upstanding Public Servants  who have grand salaries, grand responsiblities and yet poor (po') health.

    Like always have your pen and paper ready and feel free to share your health concerns with Adama!  

    # Before EVERYTHING ELSE....Your Health should be #1 Upon da' Chart
    # Your Mind is the Master and Your Body is the Slave 

    Civil Alert Rising 360
    Informative, Engaging & 3rd Eye Opening
    858.357.8450 Option 1 to Ask/Speak

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    Financial Stewardship Part 2

    in Religion

    This 5 part Series by Craig DeMo will sincerely change your life forever. This series touches what the Bible says about God's money and what our responsiblities are with it. You do not want to miss any of this!!!

  • 00:31

    Seedtime and Harvest

    in Religion

    "Help for the Family - Part 2", this is Part 2 of our 6 Part Series on: "Help for Life's Journey" which deals with (1) Blended Families, (2) Intergenerational Responsiblities and (3) Grandparenting. (Proverbs 24:3)

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    Fun Friday

    in Lifestyle

    This is our first Father's Day edition of Fun Friday... Get your drinks ready and get ready to listen to music and simply enjoy our evening with us.. Tune in from 8pm to 10pm tonight central time... Plus we will be doing some Fathers Day calls to men that handle their business when it come to their responsiblities as a father...

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    in Legal

    SUBJECT MATTER:   Public Servant Obligations and Responsiblities.
    Be prepared to interact and address the following lawful questions. 
    1. Name (2) things all public servants must have? 2. What is Indemnity?  3. Name (3) obligations of all public servants?  4. What is the People’s obligation & why? .  5. What must the People do if the public servant violates   their position? Download and Print out the Syllabus to follow along. http://www.rvbeypublications.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/class2sistarsstandingonlaw.pdf
    PRESENTERS/INSTRUCTORS:   Rahsmariah Bey and Anaid El 
    MODERATOR: SentAsha KeyAma-Joy El
    Civil Alert Rising Radio Informative Engaging and 3rd Eye Opening