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    Shaping Special Hearts: Respite Ministry

    in Religion

    Join host Vangie Rodenbeck and guest Lori Millwood as they discuss respite ministry. Learn about this special ministry event and the beautiful ways it connects special needs families to the church and the church to people with special needs. Listen to hear tips on how to start a ministry, staffing, registration and scheduling. Be ready to be impacted by stories of kingdom victory through respite ministry! 

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    Parents as Experts

    in Parents

    Join Sara Bingham, WeeHands Founder and author of The Baby Signing Book, each week as she shares parenting tips, language development strategies, and the joys of connecting with your baby, toddler and/or preschool child.

    Since 2001, WeeHands has been an industry-leading children's sign language and language development program delivered through interactive, fun classes, as well as a line of tailored products. In 2014, WeeHands became part of Morneau Shepell’s Children's Support Solutions, an organization that provides health-centered and educational services to children with differences to help them reach their potential.

    This week, Sara will chat with Dr Sheila Mansell, the founder of CareVine. CareVine is a cloud-based mobile app that helps parents of children with complex needs manage the communications between their child's many caregivers. On this show we'll chat about parents as experts. 

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    Conversations with Counselor Mandy: Inspired Stories of HOPE

    in Psychology

    In this episode Mandy Eppley interviews Tammy Starling. Tammy is an amazing woman who was widowed in 1989 with a 3-year-old and another baby on the way. She is seasoned therapist and all around magnificent human being. She shares her inspiring story openly and compassionately for all who are grieving.


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    Dec 8 ~ Charlotte View: Autism, Blue Angels on Earth by Mariame Boujlil ~ WAFAC

    in Education

    It is estimated that 1 in 68 births is diagnosed with autism. (CDC, 2014). Autism is a life long developmental disorder, and as yet there is no cure. Raise awareness with Charlotte View, listen and share. In 2006, Mariame Boujlil, a mother of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, founded the 501(c)(3), non profit organization, "World Alliance for Families & Children" WAFAC, Inc. With over 100 members it holds the mission to support individuals with Autism and their families, by expanding and enhancing opportunities to improve quality of life. On October 25 of 2014, WAFAC obtained from the Mayor of Charlotte, Daniel G. Clodfelter, a Proclamation of "Blue Angels Day".
    Autism is used to describe someone who lives in a world of his/her own. In medical terms, autism is a brain-based developmental disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate, be with other people, and engage in developmentally appropriate behaviours. Children do not “outgrow” autism but symptoms may lessen or change as the child develops and receives educational interventions.

    WAFAC has developed several programs that will be explained during our interview, including: Social Skill Education; Life Skill Education; 
    Recreational Programs; Connections Parent Support Groups; Special Interest Program expansions Family Gatherings; Autism Awareness presentations in the community. Mariame will talk about their After_School/Respite program as well the construction of the "Multi-sensory Room"

    Join us to break the myths and learn the truth about autism! 

    For more information contact Mariame Boujlil: 704-618-1489     /   Email: mariame2001us@yahoo.com


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    in Christianity

    Dr. Alfie brings music to ease the mind, soothe the soul, and energize the spirit. This blend of gospel jazz and inspiring conversation is sure to speak to your heart like nothing else can. Here is a musical respite to quench your thirst for a peaceful venue in the midst of your non-stop life. Leave refreshed and invigorated, ready for what lies ahead. 

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    Lucy Taylor - Horror and Dark Fantasy Author

    in Books

    Lucy Taylor joins us to chat about her latest book "Fatal Journeys" and "A Respite for the Dead". She was born in Rich­mond, VA, and never really got the South out of her sys­tem, as evi­denced by the fla­vor of South­ern Gothic in many of her works. She’s pub­lished seven nov­els, includ­ing NAILED, SAV­ING SOULS, and LEFT TO DIE (under the pseu­do­nym Tay­lor Kin­caid), and over 100 short stories.

    FATAL JOUR­NEYS is a col­lec­tion of sto­ries about trav­el­ers who ven­ture into regions both macabre and seduc­tive, on the planet and within the psy­che. Fea­tur­ing eleven sto­ries, includ­ing the pre­vi­ously unpub­lished “Sum­mer­land”, “The High and Mighty and Me”, “Soul Eaters”, the novella “How Real Men Die” and an intro­duc­tion by acclaimed hor­ror author Jack Ketchum, who writes: “…there are places you really shouldn’t go. Places that are dan­ger­ous to the heart, mind, and body. And these are the jour­neys she’s tak­ing you on here. Some very far away geo­graph­i­cally. Some much closer to home.… To Ice­land where a wan­der­ing spirit exacts sor­row­ful, end­less vengeance. To the back roads of Mis­sis­sippi on the Fourth of July in search of a child-killer…To Thai­land to kill your best friend.… So many dan­ger­ous places to go.” Visit her website at: www.lucytaylor.us

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    BAMS talks Bayou Bengals with Murf Baldwin

    in Sports

    Everyone enjoy the off week? After a brief respite from football, the Tide Nation is gearing up for a grueling test down in Death Valley against the LSU Tigers. BAMS has got everything covered to prep all of our loyal listeners for the showdown. We'll be joined by Murf Baldwin to discuss the game, as well as some of his thoughts on the season at 8:30. Given the circumstances surrounding Alabama, BAMS will give the entire second hour over to our callers so that they can get their prognostications in about the upcoming game. The action starts off at 8:00 with Cary Clark, Drew DeArmond and Thomas Watts. Be there, or be Auburn.

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    No Way Out - hosted by Craig Sicilia

    in Pop Culture

    Living with a brain injury has been interesting, harsh and unforgiving.  I have learned more about humanity in the last 7 years than I have all the rest of the years combined.  I had a hope that one day it would be behind me.  All the overwhelmed brain days, all of the headaches, all of the thoughts of self-worthlessness and doubt.  As we approach these days that get shorter each day, the weather getting wet and cooler.  Shorter days and longer nights add to our feeling down.  Holidays are reminders of days past, and people past.  I know for me it takes all my energy to get through them. 

    I try to paint the pretty face for my daughters and people who look to me for support.  It is so hard at times.  I just like everyone else want to crawl under a rock and isolate from the world.  Disappear into the darkness that my mind creates.  And create it does, a never ending race of thoughts that I cannot process because my brain is going faster than I can understand. And sometimes these thoughts get me in trouble, on the wrong path.

    The blessing side of this I have developed a life that accommodates my life, and these over stimulating conditions that can pound me into the group.  And I have had those moments where I thought I could leave it all behind and just blend into society.  Refuse for a short time to time respite from all that has crumbled in my life.  As I rebuild this new me, on I don’t even fully recognize.  I am learning I am trapped inside myself and for the seven years of my fight there has been NO WAY OUT.

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    Vaccine Truth News: Tanner's Dad

    in News

    Today we have the honor of interviewing Tim Welsh. He is a contributing Editor of Age of Autism and is working for a  Cruise for a Cause respite cruise for families next August via American Autism Association , Tim comes with practical hands on experience in social media to effect change.  Most noticable he is a force to be reckoned with on Twitter.  Tim has been heavily involved with the #CDCwhistleblower and #hearthiswell project on Twitter.  Let us find out about the journey that Tim and his family most notably his son Tanner have been traveling. Tanner's last words were on July 4, 2002: "My name is Tanner My name is Tanner. " .  Vaccine Injury happens . Vaccine Injury can cause Autism.  Let us hear what Tim Welsh has to say on the topic and how we can help.


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    WWIAAL with DJ Gatsby & Author A.D. Burks

    in Entertainment

    About the Author:

    A.D. Burks is a native Texan and true Renaissance man. After earning a degree in Chemistry from Grinnell College, he pursued a music career while teaching in the Atlanta, Nashville and Houston public school systems. A.D. has a Master’s in Business Administration from Rice University, and works for Chevron oil as a corporate real estate developer. With Sex & Surrender, A.D. returns to his first love, and what he considers his calling— creativity and spiritual growth.  In this book, he shares life lessons and experiences he has learned through his journey. A.D. has spoken locally and regionally on the connection between HIV and sex addiction.


    Book Description

    Publication Date: April 3, 2013

    SEX & SURRENDER follows the journey of A.D. Burks, a recovering sex addict. Raised predominantly in a single-parent religious-based home, A.D. was given every opportunity to succeed in life, and he did. He flourished in the education, entertainment and corporate arenas, and his life looked picture perfect from the outside. Yet deep down his personal life was tormenting him due to the conflict between his spiritual and sexual beliefs. Longing for the perfect/traditional family he never had with his female best-friend, he redirected his pain through countless forms of risky sexual behavior. 

    Sex & Surrender graphically recounts the addictive cycle which lasted nearly 12 years and almost ended his life—until he had a dream that helped him realize he had to find a way out. Therapy and spiritual counseling provided a temporary respite and helped him devise a four-step process to manage his addiction. Yet his true breakthrough didn't come until the root of his pain was uncovered.


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    Success is an Inside Job/ Zach's Place

    in Business

    Job hunting can be a little too automated these days. We often relegate our job search to browsing, posting, whisking out e-mails into the cyber ether, and praying for a response.. Does that sound like you? Passion makes the difference, do you have passion?  Tune in this week to hear information that can show you how your success in job searching to improving your current business is a inside job!!

    As we conclude our Non-Profit series, we will hace Renee Isakson, Zach’s Place Program Director as our last half hour co-host to bring incite and great information about their expansion and how this non-profit can change your life if you have special needs children or teens.

    Zach’s Place program was the catalyst for starting Special Kids Special Families. It is a respite center, found near the downtown area of Colorado Springs. It was founded by two mothers who wanted to help other families who are raising children with disabilities. As with many non-profits, there is a story behind its beginnings.

    Check it out

     @ http://www.sksfcolorado.org/SKSF%20Zach's%20Place



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