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    Skit: "Communal Work for the Residents on Earth"

    in Education

    The Skit: "Communal Work for the Residents on Earth"depicts the urgent need to clean up our residential planet called earth.  Despite its need to clean up, many of us are indifferent to the communal clean up work because of our over-focus on cultural activities and do not care about the issues leading to life or death situations.  Even though Niger Delter is said to cause global scale green house effects and climate change, still no clean up is done.  You can read the script here.

    Sarah Whitten……Clean Up Woman, Narrator and Show Director

    Victoria Adelegan……Yoruba Woman

    Kabukabu Ikueme........British Woman

    Hideko Nagashima........Japanese Woman and Script

    Rabia Mazhar (in caricature).........Editor-In-Chief.

    Global Eco Theatre is brought by SWACIN Inc.  Radio show Flyer

    Stay tuned!

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    Flint Michigan's Poisoned Water: A Governor's Crime Against The Residents?

    in Women

    When officials in Flint Michigan decided to change the water source from the treated Detroit a River to the untreated Flint River in order to save money, the citizens of Flint began drinking led filled water. Now they must depend on their Good Samaritan neighbor's in other cities to bring drinkable water. Is this a crime? Who is responsible? And how can citizens in other cities be sure their own water is safe?



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    Laura Weathered a Pioneer in Creating Creative Residents for Artists in Chi

    in Visual Arts

    Laura Weathered, Executive Director, is a visual artist who shares the power of creativity to build community. A graduate of the University of Southern California and Bradley University, Laura went on to study Urban Development at Spertus College using the Acme Artist Community as a thesis project. She has curated numerous exhibits and engaged artists in international exchanges. She serves on boards including Special Service Area Wicker Park Bucktown, National Association of Artists' Organizations and Chicago Mutual Housing Network and contributed to peer advisory panels for the Urban Institute, the Illinois Arts Council, Wisconsin Arts Board and Illinois Arts Alliance.

    NNWAC is an artist directed non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the power of creativity building community for 26 years. NNWAC provides technical assistance and resources to achieve  affordable art space for multi-disciplinary arts activities, through collaboration, fees for services and contributed support.  We strive to build permanent, affordable, sustainable creative communities when government and development resources are available.

    Since 1986 NNWAC has organized arts festivals, outdoor film programs, public art installations, arts education workshops, and hosted exhibits that launched many careers. NNWAC managed St Paul's Cultural Center for performing, media and visual arts through April of 2012. They  joined with artists locally, nationally and globally to exchange stories, strategies and creative work.




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    What's really going on in Flint?

    in Music

    What can be done in Flint? Are we willing to offer more than “prayers and positive energy”?  It is time to demand accountability. Transparency is always helpful. Millions of gallons of water are coming in to the city.

     “We need distribution and every family needs different things.”

                                                    --Lady Khadeejah

    The city needs a fix.  A real fix, is replacing the water infrastructure. What else is in the water?  No one has addressed the real issue. Call for accountability can help with that. People following up with the agencies they donate to can help that. Your voice is worth more than any money can buy right now.  Tonight, we talk with a resident who says it’s time we started asking the right questions. Use your voice.


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    G.T.E. Professional Network Radio

    in Business

    Join us as we have Special Guest Ms. Marseille Allen from Flint, Michigan concerning the Water Crisis that is happening in her town of about 100,000 people and what she is doing to assist in the clean water effort. Support Flint Michigan and the residents who have undergone tramatic experience with contaminated water....

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    Justice Department Sues Ferguson

    in Politics

    The Department of Justice filed a 56-page lawsuit against the city of Ferguson on Wednesday afternoon, citing "a pattern or practice of conduct that deprives persons of rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States."

    “The residents of Ferguson have waited nearly a year for their city to adopt an agreement that would protect their rights and keep them safe," Lynch said in a prepared statement. "They have waited nearly a year for their police department to accept rules that would ensure their constitutional rights and that thousands of other police departments follow every day.  They have waited nearly a year for their municipal courts to commit to basic, reasonable rules and standards.  But residents of Ferguson have suffered the deprivation of their constitutional rights – the rights guaranteed to all Americans – for decades.  They have waited decades for justice.  They should not be forced to wait any longer.”Attorney General Loretta Lynch ST Louis Post Dispatch

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    New Hampshire Business as Usual or Not

    in Politics

    The Democratic Party, once buttressed by mill workers in eastern and central towns, has expanded its reach all over the state, but particularly in those same southern counties and along the western edge of the state, near Vermont.Suburbs and exurbs that had spotted the countryside now form unbroken furrows across the southern part of the state; the old mills of Manchester and other towns now house tech firms and universities.
    Pushing the change have been the tidal surges that reshape politics in many places: Older residents(Clinton'voters), mostly conservative, are dying off; younger and more liberal residents have moved in.  Only 45% of New Hampshire residents were born here, a lower percentage than in all but five states. LATimes by Cathleen Decker

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    Sqwyd University: It's Time To Move To The Next Level Of Thinking!

    in Self Help

    Sqwyd University: It's Time To Move To The Next Level Of Thinking! Tonight at 10:00 pm EST!

    Call in to speak with the host Dj Sqwyd at (347) 838-8420 or listen online by going to www.gregdoss.com and clicking on THE GREG DOSS "DJ SQWYD" SHOW! Link!

    Topics for February 11, 2016: Tonight, Greg Sets The Record Straight for the Naysayers!

    The Truth about the Oregon Standoff.
    The Justice Department Just Sued Ferguson for "Routine Violation" of Residents' Civil Rights: The Door Has Been Opened. Are You Willing To Walk Through or Are You Just Going To “Wait and See What Happens?”…. Hmmm
    The Definition of “The Man Mindset”…. It’s Always The Same, Whether It’s Women, A Fight, or Principle!

    Professor Ikemba discusses his upcoming Webinar!

    MEN ONLY MEETING: Saturday February 20, 2016 at 5pm Est.

    Location: True Life Ministries, 7402 N 56th St, Tampa, FL 33617

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    Feb. 9, 2016, 10pm (PST) - The Ghosts of Virginia City with Debbie Bender

    in Paranormal

    Virginia City was a boomtown with the 1859 discovery of the Comstock Lode, the first major silver deposit discovery in the United States, and numerous mines were opened. At the city's peak of population in the mid-1870s, it had an estimated 25,000 residents. The mines' output declined after 1878, and the city declined.


    However, many in the now historic town say, some of the residents have never left. And as this ghost town has become more of a tourist attraction, one of the attractions the town now offers is ghost tours. Paranormal investigators from all over the world come to the Nevada playground to find who's still hanging out in the saloon or sleeping in the old hotel.


    Debbie Bender is part of the team that runs the Virginia City Ghost Tours. The stories and experiences she has from this old mining community are eerie, intriguing and mystifying all at once. You can find them at www.virginiacityghosttours.com. Debi will explain the history of the town from then, until now. We'll talk about who's still wandering around. And how ghost hunting has brought new 'life' to an aged community.

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    The General Post Office was formed in 1775-1776 which formed the original Confederacy of 1781. The General Post Office has been reclaimed and reformed in 2010. It reformed the original Confederacy of 1781 into a republic form of Government for American Nationals. LINK

    The General Post Office is a Government Agency of the Government of The United States of America and is a proud member of the International Trademark Association LINK which is an Non-Government Organization of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. CERTIFICATE LINK

    The General Post Office Government Agency is bound to uphold a republic form of Government as defined: LINK

    The General Post Office will do its best to serve American Nationals and State residents while upholding its republic form of Government

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