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    Is the Universe a Simulation?

    in Science

    In this episode, blogger Sacerdotus will speak on the topic "The Universe as a Simulation." Some philosophers and even some physicists believe this may in fact be true.  Even Hollywood has touched on the hypothesis via blockbuster movies such as "The Matrix" where humanity is cognitively enslaved in a simulation of the universe.

    Are we a "brain in a vat?"

    Are we really here or projections on a machine?

    Is what we call reality in fact a "Sims game" of sort?

    Who made this simulation? 

    What powers this simulation?

    Is this even possible?

    Does this prove God exists?

    Sacerdotus will touch on these questions and more in this program using philosophy of science paradigms and physics.  

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    Michael A.V. Mitchell/Vocalist/Inspirational Artist

    in Radio

    Every once in a while a formidable and extraordinary talent impacts the gospel music industry who leaves an indelible impression.  A. V. Mitchell, a compelling national recording artist, is one of those rapidly expanding artist who has done just that!  What a supersized talent the Lord has given to the industry!  His gifts and talents continue to revolutionize the gospel music.  Moreover, he has provided inevitable proof of his great talents and an even greater future especially on his current project “Dream Chasers”which features the incredible single “Breaking The Limits.” Mitchell is a native of St. Francisville, Louisiana (a town situated near Baton Rouge, Louisiana).  He was born with a keen melodic intrinsic distinctive steeped in the fertile roots of the church.  During the course ofhis developmental years he wrote poetry, yet, he did not seriouslycontemplate converting his poetry to music.  Alternatively, during hisearly twenties he decidedly converted his poetry to music.  God’s favor rested upon him in phenomenal measure during this season of his life. That was then! One will readily note, Mitchell’s vast reservoir of musical uniquenesscreates a compelling personalized harmonic blend. This influentialnational gospel artist and sensational musical virtuoso demonstrates these incredible qualities on his current authentic masterpiece “Dream Chasers.” He encountered the eerie and real world experiences in the tough terrain of the urban jungle in the state of Louisiana. 

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    Show 172 - NFL Draft Scenarios

    in Sports

    Justin returns to the Studio to continue the topic from the end of Show 171, where Joe and guest Kyle Crabbs from NDT Scouting utilized the FanSpeak.com "On the Clock" draft simulator. The hosts will run through scenarios for the Eagles, Cowboys, Steelers, Ravens, Patriots, and Dolphins.

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    Kelli Interviews JW "Wild Bill" Stealey

    in Entertainment

    Kelli Richards is the CEO of The All Access Group and the host of All Access Radio. As a highly sought-after consultant, super-connector, trusted advisor, celebrity wrangler and thought leader, she connects innovators and influencers from Silicon Valley to Hollywood to Madison Avenue. As a trusted advisor, she transforms the quality of people’s lives.  She's also the author of the bestselling e-book, “The Magic & Moxie of Apple – An Insider’s View.”

    JW “Wild Bill” Stealey is the founder and Chairman of iEntertainment, Inc, a public company that develops and operates retail and online military simulation games. Wild Bill is also an Air Force Academy Graduate, Command Pilot, and retired Lt. Colonel of the United States Air Force. He founded MicroProse Software in 1982 with famous game designer Sid Meier, author of Civilization, one of the longest running game series of god Games. Wild Bill has published over 250 successful games, including the major hits F-15 Strike Eagle, Red Storm Rising, and Silent Service, as well as the brand new BowHunter2015, the first in a series of outdoor mobile action simulation games for all outdoor sports, including hunting, fishing, boating, and more. Mr. Stealey has taken two game companies public, sold them, and is now back to build his third successful game company.

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    EFG 299 - The Return of Pete Russo & Battlemania

    in Wrestling

    Efed Guerillas returns to our usual Friday timeslot, this time with hosts Ford & Lindz -- joining us this week is a LEGACY Co-Host and Battlemania judge Pete Russo! We'll talk a bit of the hooplah that surrounded and permiated the Efed community in regard to Battlemania, before diverging into our usual FWC topics such as Legacy of Champions, Jolt Wrestling, Defiance Wrestling, and other frequent feds of discussion like Wrestle UTA. Join us at a slightly later start time, and get the word out!

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    Sim Standard Radio - Episode 49

    in Video Games

    Welcome back Sim Gamers! We have a great show lined up for you tonight with some solid topics. Listed below is a brief description of tonight's topics. In the second hour we will open up the lines for callers. We look forward to your calls, thoughts, and participation. 


    Micro Transactions in gaming - Do they help, hurt, or ruin gaming and your gaming experience? How does Ultimate Team allow micro transactions and normal gaming to co-exist? We will provide our thoughts on the subject. 


    Physics being harder to produce in a football game - We will discuss the challenges of having true physics in a football game. Is it easier to produce physics in Hockey, Soccer, Boxing, etc? 


    HipHopGamer's public perception - Why does he get such a bad rep from some people? Is he not look any other journalist? Do some people miss out on information because of their dislike towards HHG? We will also breakdown some of the key points that were mentioned in HHG's gamers latest Joe Montana Football video. 



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    Sim Standard Radio - Episode 48

    in Video Games

    Welcome back Sim Gamers. We are happy to be back live on the air tonight. Hope everyone had a Happy Easter! We have a great show lined up for you tonight with a good amount of topics. A brief the description of tonight's topics are listed below. On tonight's show we are looking for community feedback, in the second hour we will open up the lines to our callers. Community feedback will be very important tonight. We look forward to all of your calls, thoughts, and comments. See you at 8pm est. Sim is the Movement!


    In 2015, what can be done about the 2005 debacle? - We touched on this briefly on a prior show but we want to go a step further. We will discuss the community's frustration with Madden since Madden 06.


    What do you hate about Madden? -  This topic is really for the callers and the community in general. We would like to hear from the community on this one. We will also discuss the things that frustrate us about Madden. 


    Top 10 list of things left to fix in Madden, gameplay only - This is another subject that is directed to the callers. We will also give our list of things that still need to be address in Madden. This will be a gameplay only list. 


    Older Football games that still have plenty of life - This is a topic that was brought up by MrKingJavo. What are you doing to enjoy older football games? What prevents you from playing them? Why isn't older football games supported more? Does older football games satisfy your football itch?

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    GRACEbreak Radio | 15 Laws of Personal Growth #15 Contribution

    in Women

    GRACEbreak Radio | 15 Laws of Personal Growth #15 Contribution

    REGISTRATION: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=w5tb6qjab&oeidk=a07eassgr55e1999c1c

    THE LAW OF CONTRIBUTION Growing Yourself Enables You To Grow Others

    I.      Adding Value To Others

    II.     Be A River, Not A Reservoir

       III.    Making The Right Contribution Choices

    Be Grateful | Put People First | Don't Let Stuff or People Own You | Define Succes as SOWING, Not Reaping | Focus on Self-Development vs Self-Fulfillment | Keep Growing to Keep Giving


    Look UP and OUT!

    Tracy Worley

    For Further Study Click Here: 15 Invaluable Laws

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    ANGELA DIXON Psychic Dream Medium Dream Interpreter

    in Spirituality


    We will discuss dreams with Angie tonight & take calls. 

    Angela Dixon is a Psychic medium & Dreamedium. She discovered her gifts in February of 2014, when after a hard breakup, Angela's uncle started communicating with her through her dreams, which in turn led Angela on the path to discovering her talents and abilities.Angela has studied with renowned psychic mediums which has led her to fully understand and begin using her abilities. 

    Angela's  website is : www.Angiemarie.org

    Why we dream is still one of the behavioral sciences' greatest unanswered questions. Researchers have offered many theories—memory consolidation, emotional regulation, threat simulation—but a unified one remains, well, a pipe dream. Nevertheless, people continue mining their nighttime reveries for clues to their inner lives, for creative insight, and even for premonitions.

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    Gateway To Baseball Heaven

    in Sports

    Every week, two of the Best Fans In Baseball (TM) bring you everything you need to know (and maybe some things you don't) about the current state of the St. Louis Cardinals.  This week, Daniel Shoptaw (C70 At The Bat) and Tara Wellman (Bird Tales) will talk with Brad Cook of Out of the Park Baseball about the newest offering in that storied baseball simulation line.  Then they'll get into Marco Gonzales's spring, Adam Wainwright's first start, and the fact that baseball is just two weeks away.

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