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    Vernon v. Autodesk

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    Vernon v. Autodesk

    This episode of Vondran Legal Hour features an overview of the case of Vernon v. Autodesk and asks and answers the question of "Can I buy software at a garage or office sale and sell it on an internet auction website such as eBay without risking federal copyright infringement?"

    This is a very imporant question, and often misunderstood.  Most people think when they "buy" software that they become the "owner" of the software and thus have a legal right to sell the software online.  This is not always true and it is very important to look at the terms of the Software Licensing Ageement.

    If you are acting outside the scope of the licensing agreement, you may winde up posting the software for sale on your eBay "power seller" account only to find out the software company sends out a "take down" notice that might result in getting your eBay account (or Amazon.com account) shut down.

    Federal Copyeright law protects software products and the members of the Business Software Alliance ("BSA") which is comprised of some of the largest software companies in the world - such as Adobe, Microsoft, Autodesk, Apple, Bentley, Symantec etc., take issues of alleged "software piracy" very serious.  They even have an "anti-piracy" hotline that gives rewards to ex-employees who blow the whistle on their employers use of unilcensed (meaning unpaid for) software, or the failure to purchase the software from authorized resellers.



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    The Pond Hunter - The Appreciation of Koi - Taro Kodama - Kodama Koi

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    On Wednesday August 27th at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst Join your host Mike Gannon and his guest Taro Kodama, of Kodama Koi, for an interesting discussion on how the experts look at Koi. Get some great insight and suggestions on how to select the best and most beautiful Koi. Learn how breeders and judges view koi. And find out what the Kodamas are up to! The Kodamas are importers/resellers of fine Japanese Koi with locations in Hawaii, New Jersey, and long island New York. Join this information filled discussion wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 8 PM EST.Call in during the live portion of the show at 949.534.0637, or download any time. The Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast, “In The Pursuit Of All Things Aquatic”.







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    Bert Martinez speaks with Alex Genadinik, Larry Ackerman and guests

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    Alex Genadinik software developer, marketer, and an entrepreneur. He is the creator of the Problemio.com business apps which are some of the top mobile apps for planning and starting a business, with 350,000+ downloads across iOS, Android and Kindle. Alex is also the author of two business books

    Kerry Miller  from InstantAppWizard.com. Kerry Provides Training for individual businesses  and resellers to help businesses get mobilelized and engage their customers on mobile devices

    Karen Harris consider herself to be a woman of prayer and politics.  She is a wife, mother, ordained minister, business owner, political activist and writer. Most passionate about seeing Texans vote their values. She believe in American exceptionalism. Most recently she ran in the primary for the Texas House of Representatives District 53. A 12 county rural district that cover more than 4 thousand square miles. Two appointments from Gov. Perry.  Health and Human Services Commission Council and  advisory committee to the Texas Education Association Academic Achievement Council

    Larry Ackerman leading authority on organizational and personal identity. He is the founder of The Identity Circle, a consulting firm that helps organizations and individuals improve their performance, impact and reputations. Larry is the author of two groundbreaking books on identity, Identity Is Destiny: Leadership and the Roots of Value Creation, and The Identity Code: The 8 Essential Questions for Finding Your Purpose and Place in the World

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    BSA software audits can disrupt your business and create serious legal liability

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    Software Lawyer discusses the Business Software Alliance and BSA Audits.

    Attorney Steve the business and real estate lawyer tackles this important information technology & software law issue.  These types of issues can have a very serious impact on your business.  What is a Business Software Alliance software audit?  Listen in as Attorney Steve discusses this concept on his eBusiness legal show.  If you have a business (whether a technology or other company that uses software in the running of the business - this includes a lot of real estate companies I know) you need to be very careful to make sure all the software is properly paid for, licensed, and that you have proof of purchase from authorized resellers and that the software is properly licensed to your specific business.  The liability that can result from copyright infringment or copyright piracy is huge.

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    Social Commerce Radio with Peggy Kirkendall of BLU Products

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    Tonight we have a very special guest Peggy Kirkendall West Coast Distributor for BLU phone products. Peggy is Owner and CEO of Savvy-e, Inc. located in Portland, Oregon. She is married, has two daughters and two grandchildren.
    Graduating from Kansas State University with a BS in Sociology, and University of Houston with a Masters in Social Work,Peggy had a private psychotherapy practice in Houston. She was involved in establishing several non profits serving women and children and the poor. Upon moving to Oregon in 1997, she volunteered through her church and other community groups, developed a payment card that benefited non profits, and established Savvy Business Services in 2010 while being an independent distributor with another U.S. phone manufacturer. In 2011, she took on the line of BLU phones and tablets which are manufactured by a U.S. company based in Florida.
    Peggy chose to work with BLU because of the quality of their phones, the fact that they were designed and made by a U.S. company, and they brought uniqueness to the marketplace that allowed their unlocked phones to be sold by ANY retailer. Savvy Business Services, LLC is now Savvy-e, Inc. Savvy-e is the west coast distributor for BLU and works with a variety Wholesalers and resellers.
    And as of last week partnering with our newest wholesaler Pomeroy. Jeff Pomeroy is also a member of Solavei a new kind of wireless company based out of Seattle, WA. To find out more on BLU and Solavei wireless service contact Jeff Pomeroy 971-267-0258 / jeff@teampomeroy.com Great phones and great wireless service at the price your looking for.
    ============================ To Find Out More Your Host, Joe Terry ...
    http://Tour.SmartSocialPhone.com On Facebook at ...
    http://Facebook.com/JoeDocTerry To Find Out More Your Host, Jeff Pomeroy ...

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    Cloud Services through Channel Distribution

    in Technology

    Join us March 5th, 2013 3:00pm EST as we welcome John Austin the manager of Arrow Cloud team and Kirk Bohn the Solutions Architect for the Cloud team for Arrow Cloud Services. They are joining us to speak  on the Topic: Cloud Services through Channel Distribution. They will answer and give insight into questions about where to start, what kinds of services are needed in a portfolio and how find and a cloud opportunity.
    About Arrow:
    Arrow Cloud Services is a business segment within Arrow Electronics (NYSE: ARW) based in Englewood CO.  Our focus is to help prospective resellers and our current reseller account base gain access to Cloud services, technologies and programs the support their growth.  Their goal is to build strong relationships with partners in a collaborative and consultative approach that helps identify new markets and increase sales.

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    We are the Rebels

    in Culture

    #Femalesneakerheads weekly wrapup 
    DXC Vegas  
    Rebellious Culture the brand
    finishline X resellers

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    Dina Moskowitz - CEO of SaaSMAX

    in Business

    Dina Moskowitz has been leading and/or consulting to cloud start-ups and other technology companies throughout her career. As founder and CEO of SaaSMAX, Inc., she has developed the first industry neutral Marketplace and B2B platform connecting resellers with software vendors for the purchase and resale of Cloud Apps (also known in the industry as Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS).    
    For over 15 years Dina was the founding Principal of Corporate Business Plan Associates, providing business plan and corporate finance services to dozens of companies. 
    A native New Yorker, Dina earned a bachelor's degree in economics from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania and studied Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan. 

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    KickSupremacy Episode 2

    in Internet

    Topics of the Day
    -Todays Releases

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    Buy/Sell, What Art Fair Promoters & Artists Can Do About it

    in Art

    Tired of encountering buy/sell at the art fairs? What can an art fair organizer do about it? What can an artist do about it?
    Our guests are:
    Carroll Swayze, a veteran of 40 years participating in the nation's juried art fairs has been gathering information to help keep these resellers (vendors) out of the shows.
    Carolyn Edlund, executive director of the Arts Business Institute, blogger at ArtsyShark.com, a jeweler who ran a production studio for 20 years and who has been "in the trenches" at large wholesale shows will share her experiences.
    Expect strategic information and steps you can take to keep buy/sell out of the fairs, including links to extend the information.

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    Open Up New Revenue Streams Today

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    There are many reasons to have a leasing program in the Small and Mid-Sized business market. 
    With over 80% of these businesses currently leasing something a financial offering is a must in this economy.  The main challenge in technology channels to starting a successful leasing program is that resellers tend to be more technical than sales oriented and they do not fully understand the value of leasing.  Leasing benefits the MSP more than the client.
    Based on our experience working with thousands of end users, starting and managing the Ingram Micro Preferred Leasing Program as well as working with other resellers here are the benefits of having a successful leasing program.
    The long term benefit is capturing the customer footprint similarly to what companies like Xerox, IBM, and Dell have been doing for years.  The accumulation and effective use of this data is what will increase the re-sale capture rate for the MSP 2 to 4 years down the road.  This increases the value of the MSP.
    Addition reasons for putting this offering forward:
    Maintaining Margins  Additional Revenue Streams Increase Average Transaction Size  Accelerating Sales Cycle  Increased Consumables Sales. Catalyst Finance understands the IT industry and how to implement leasing programs. By understanding the challenges noted above and by being able to ability to deliver solutions that satisfy the issues, Catalyst can implement a leasing program that delivers the desired results.
    Join MSP Coach Stuart Crawford and Chris Waite.

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