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    Greeting 2016! Hot New Year's BBQ RESCUES! with Chef Mick Brown

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    Fire Up the New Year and for an even Happier 2016! Introducing a New and Improved format for BBQ RESCUES! with Chef Mick Brown from Los Angeles. Get ready for Game Day with new Recipes. Feel feel to call in and share your favorite go-to BBQ Dishes for game days. Phone lines will open up at 12:00 Noon (PST)/ 3:00 pm (EST).  Also on tap, How to Reach Your Goals for 2016- on and off the Grill. Special Guest is Grill Master Extraordinaire, Chef Randy Hill, from Southern Krunk BBQ in Hot Springs, Arkansas. More Guests TBA.  Tell us what you think about New School BBQ and/or any other New Trends for 2016.

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    BBQ RESCUES! with Chef Mick Brown: Smokin' Halloween Special Saturday Oct. 31st

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    3:00pm EST/ 12:00pm PST- Tune in for Special BBQ Tricks and Treats for the Holiday, or Any Day. Scare up the most from your Grilling by listening or calling in with your Questions. We will catch up with Chef Mick's recent Cutthroat Kitchen competitor, and fellow Grill Master, Chef Randy Hill from Southern Krunk BBQ Team in Little Rock, Ak. He just returned from a trip to Spain and will fill us in on The Food Scene. Also, Grill Master David Derrick will catch us up with the latest from hosting Facebook pages Weber Grill Chefs, Ugly Drum Chefs and International Barbecue Society. Special Topic- Starting Your Own BBQ Boot Camp or Grilling Class. Feel free to call in with your Questions, Comments or Suggestions.

    All Callers Please Note- All or Part of this Episode may be used for future Podcasts to be made available on iTunes.

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    BBQ RESCUES! with Chef Mick Brown: Podcast 2- National Night Out at the Greek

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    Enjoy the smooth sounds of acapella group JONDO as Chef Mick Brown interviews participants at National Night Out at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. Los Angeles Police Protective League and the Eagle & Badge Foundation sponsored the 2015 National Night Out community event at the Greek Theatre Plaza. The End of Watch Memorial Wall was on display from 6pm-9pm. In Part 1 of 2 Podcasts, Guests include representatives from the LAPD Communications Division 911 Call Center, and emergency awareness organizations Safe Place to Work and the Los Angeles Emergency Communications Team. While learning valuable new Safety Tips, Chef Mick also talks BBQ and hands out Smoked Cheech's Pizza.


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    BBQ RESCUES! with Chef Mick Brown- Podcast #1: Blue Southern Comfort Foods

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    Our very first BBQ RESCUES! mission is tough, yet very Fun. Help us help Chef Carolyn Manning of Blue Southern Comfort Foods in Shreveport, Louisiana get her Mushroom Burger to the Better Burger Project Cook-Offs in New York City. The Contest is hosted by the James Beard Foundation.In the Podcast, Chef Mick Brown interviews Chef Carolyn Manning and a few Customers at the restaurant. [Note- Contest Voting ended on Friday 7/31/15. We will update once Results are released.]

    Also on Youtube BBQ RESCUES! Video Channel- https://youtu.be/RAgIMjUbGiE 

    Chef Mick Brown is the first (and current) Champion Grill Master Winner on Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen (Season 8, Episode 3- "Grill or Be Grilled"). With catering company Tastee BQ Grilling Co. he also does Private BBQ Lessons and BBQ Tours in Los Angeles. He recently catered a 4th of July party at the former Beatles Mansion in the Hollywood Hills above the Sunset Strip. As a Blogger, he is author of "BBQ Catering Confidential" and "The Adventures of TasteeBQ". Chef Mick also has a No Salt/Sugar HEROIC! superfood blend by California Gold BBQ Rubs available on Amazon.com.

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    Rescues Helping Rescues

    in Pets

    Join us as we talk about the Challenges of Saving the Lives of Rescues
    Todays Featured Rescue:
    Unconditional Love Pet Rescue out of Eureka Springs, AR.
    To Learn More Visit Them at:
    Website: http://ulpr.rescuegroups.org/
    YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/homesforfurbabies?feature=watch

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    I. H. Elders Speak: Yah Rescues Those Who Fear Him

    in Culture

    I. H. Elders speak about how Yah protects those who fear him.  Psalms/Tehillim 34:7 "The messenger of Yah encamps all around those who fear Him, And rescues them."

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    ruby rescues with Guests andy peacher @ ClaireCappetta

    in News

    Born and raised in England, now living in NY. Authored, A Broken Ring ~ A Journey from Abuse and Stalking Liberty ~ Are you safe?... They are the first parts in the Ride to Liberty Trilogy. They are all based on a true story.
    I believe in finding empowerment, inspiration... and good coffee.



    Rescued child survivors RADIO  with your host ruby.

    Breaking the silence of child trafficking

    Voice for the Voiceless

    A platform where victims and survivors of child sex slavery and rapes, are encouraged to break their silence, to put an end to the satanic rituals in public service

    Victims do not have any voice, fair justice system, remedy, rehabilitation or compensation system.

    This platform gives all victims a voice, empowerment and practical referrals to improve public services.

    Ruby Akhtar has helped rescue thousands of child brides all over the world, trafficked through embassies and airports with fake age on passports and used in child prostitution in the UK and globally.  

    Now she is doing a Criminal Law degree to catch up with her education lost through the child marriage at age 12 to an English paedophile living in Ireland, Bangor, age 34, so she can change the laws to stop the trafficking of humans.

    Ruby and her siblings were abused in St Mary's Catholic convent school in Pakistan, from where she was trafficked.

    Dr Ramona is a victim of Sharia Law bigamy in the UK.  She was married to a man in the UK

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    BBQ RESCUES! with Chef Mick Brown Podcast 3- National Night Out at Greek Pt. 2

    in Food

    Part 2 of 2. Enjoy the smooth sounds of acapella group JONDO as Chef Mick Brown interviews participants at National Night Out at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. Los Angeles Police Protective League and the Eagle & Badge Foundation sponsored the 2015 National Night Out community event at the Greek Theatre Plaza. The End of Watch Memorial Wall was on display from 6pm-9pm. In Part 2 of 2 Podcasts, Guests include representatives from the LAPD Share (Anti-Bullying) Project, East Hollywood Neighborhood Council  and members of the acapella music group (and former America's Got Talent Contestants) JONDO. Chef Mick also talks BBQ and hands out Smoked Cheech's Pizza.

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    Have You Met An Angel? & PSYCHIC READINGS!!!

    in Spirituality

    This episode is about people who really do encounter angels that are not human beings. They are not from this dimension and yes there are numerous accounts of people meeting angels.  Sometimes during an accident someone appears out of nowhere and rescues someone and then they literally disappear.  However, as you spiritually awaken you do have angels surrounding you and you may have met an angel and you didn't even know it.  I know of one occassion when I definitely did and it took me many years later to figure it out.  I thought it was a doctor of my mother's who was in the hospital dying.  I was in the lobby getting ready to walk out the hospital and this doctor came out of nowhere and said, "Your mom made some bad choices in life" and kept on walking.  I never saw him again.  Now, I know he was an angel and wanted me to know this.  I will explain in detail how you may meet an angel when you are spiritually awakening.  FREE PSYCHIC READINGS ON 2 HOUR SHOW!!! If you want to know the truth then contact me for a psychic reading.  These are private readings and confidential. Contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com so we can set up a time for 1 hour telephone reading for only $25.00.  Testimonies on www.Kasamba.com/psychic/mia-expert-psychic


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    Advocating for Animal Reformation with Pet Nutritionist Kelly Bates

    in Pets

    Kelly Bates owns two pet food and supply retail locations in the North San Diego area, where she is able to share her passion for pet nutrition with the surrounding communities.  She has been in the pet industry since 1999 and previously owned a pet sitting business.  She graduated from California State University San Marcos in 2004 with a BS in Biology.  Her degree has served her well in the pet industry, helping to determine the quality of products she wants to carry.  This has enabled her to educate her staff and customers about the quality of products she stands behind in her retail locations.
    Ms. Bates currently serves on the Board of Directors of two Non-profit organizations and had served in one business organization. She has served as Secretary for Canine Angels Service Teams since 2013.  CAST raises and trains service dogs for children with special needs.  She also serves as Treasurer for the Fallbrook Chorale, as she has loved singing since the age of 5.  She also served as Secretary and Treasurer for BNI, Business Networking and Referrals International, from 2005-2010.  
    Ms. Bates is currently focusing on raising awareness for local rescues in the immediate area.  Each month, Pet Nutrition Center hosts a pet party, which raises funds to be donated to the rescue or organization for that month.  Twice a year Ms. Bates collaborates with her vendors to collect over 50 raffle baskets to support CAST at their annual graduation and during PNC's anniversary event.  Kelly currently resides in Fallbrook, CA.

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    Special Tuesday Edition of Across the Universe - Alien Hybrids

    in Paranormal

    Jujuolui is the creator/manager of the Star Being & Spiritual Center, LLC.  She has been in the field of Ufology and Metaphysics since a very young age.  Having ET contact since the age of 5, Juju became awakened to her ET identity.  Later in life, she became a Section Director and a UFO Field Investigator for Mufon.


    In 2010, Juju self-published a book titled, ‘We Are Among You Already’ about ETs incarnating on Earth as Starseeds and is currently writing book 2!  Also in 2010, she created the East Bay ET/UFO Contact Group.  Juju has been in various media including; written articles, radio shows, filmed for documentaries/movies, and aired on Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory Show in Nov. 2012.


    Jujuolui is a certified Reiki Master practitioner offering her services to animals and people.  She uses this gift every day to help the animals she rescues in her career job.  Juju is testing her more scientific side during the process of obtaining a diploma in Canine Behavior.


    ***Jujuolui can be reached by email at: faquian@hotmail.com

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