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    Ib Sports Live Cast

    in Sports

     Is Jordan Spieth the next Tiger?

    Will the league rescind Russell Westbrook's 16th technical..

    Who is the NBA's MVP

    NFL Draft

    Troy Polamalu retires.. Where does he rank among the all time greats??

    And your phone calls..

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    Jesinoski v. Countrywide TILA casebrief

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    Federal Truth in Lending Law - United States Supreme Court Updates 2015

    The TILA case is Jesinoski v. Countrywide Home Loans.  The legal issue is what action is required by a borrower to be taken in order to rescind their mortgage loan where certain enumerated "material" loan violations exist in regard to the TILA statute.

    Attorney Steve discusses this interesting real estate law topic which held that a borrower does not need to actually file a lawsuit within three years to rescind their mortage loan, and rather, submitting a written notice to the creditor to rescind the loan is sufficient, if done within the three year period.

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    Radio Free Kansas' "Wednesday With Wit" originator, Tom Witt, executive director of Equality Kansas announced that the  largest LGBT organization with active chapters across the state was mobilizing people to peacefully assemble at the Topeka statehouse today in response to Gov. Sam Brownback's latest reactionary dog whistle.

    The results of a Google search "Brownback LGBT" reveal coast to coast news coverage of his announcement made this week to rescind job protection of public employees who are LGBT.

    We'll be live at the statehouse steps today on Radio Free Kansas, broadcasting from the rally today.

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    Evil Town’s MMJ Comeuppance & Jack Herer Museum

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    Upland is the town in California that conspired with federal authorities to have collective operator Aaron Sandusky arrested, prosecuted in a kangaroo court and incarcerated in federal prison for 10 years. Now the small Inland Empire town faces a special election to rescind their ban that has been maliciously enforced and replaced with an ordinance that allows for a licensed and regulated MMJ distribution system.


    The show’s first guest is Upland initiative Campaign coordinator Craig Beresh revealing the sordid and scandal plagued recent history of Upland, the wildly successful signature gathering campaign that collected enough signatures to require a special election and the nefarious plots being hatched by the city to prevent the election from being held.


    The icon of all marijuana icons, many consider Jack Herer to be the Marin Luther King of the marijuana movement. His books, speeches, activism and over-the-top advocacy have inspired thousands and educated millions. Jennie Herer, Jack’s second wife, possesses a large collection of his personal belongings and other memorabilia and is determined to open a hemp museum whose core exhibit would highlight Jack’s contributions to freeing the weed as well as the man behind the icon.


    This podcast is being done live from Las Vegas where the collection is stored. I will be in Las Vegas this week uncrating, sorting, labeling, photographing and cataloguing this historic treasure trove.  Jennie Herer will be on the show with me revealing the contents of this notable and extraordinary collection of a man whose name will forever be associated with ending marijuana prohibition and restoring the use of this ancient plant for the betterment of humanity.

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    Candidate debate, small town initiative, 420 Bingo

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    Brought to you live from University of Redlands and the debate between Democrat Pete Aguilar and Republican Paul Chabot for the 31st California Congressional District. Aguilar has been endorsed by the Marijuana Policy Project - Chabot earns his living as a professional drug warrior.


    This is an epic battle between a progressive Democrat and a right wing Republican in a seat that is being hotly contested by both parties. The debate starts at 7 p.m. but we will interview people coming to the debate.


    In addition to live interviews with debate attendees, guests for the show include Jason Elassner from Yucca Valley and the initiative that is now being circulated in this small desert town to rescind the current ban on medical marijuana dispensaries and put in place an ordinance that will license and regulate a limited number. With an election for city council going on right now, the initiative has become a focal point in the election. It's not exactly tearing the town apart, but there are strong opinions on both sides.


    OC NORML is sponsoring a 420 Bingo Party for the the Prisoner Project which is dedicated to helping people serving life sentences in prison for marijuana. Cheri Sicard will speak about Paul Free who is serving a LIFE SENTENCE for a nonviolent marijuana offense he did not commit. With arguably the nation's top wrongful conviction attorney interested in his case, he needs $3,000 to get started.


    That's what the 420 Bingo Party is going to do - raise that money for Paul. Learn what a 420 Bingo Party is all about and if you are in the neighborhood on Sat. Oct. 25, you can join on in.

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    in Finance



    (VIDEO: First Business News: Wrongful Foreclosures with Rebel Cole 

    "the daily complaint"

    Every weekday we will be answering client complaints on THE DEBT SHOW to provide direction and resources for both the person complaining as well as other consumers experiencing similar issues whether it be mortgage fraud, loan servicing escrow issues, loan modification runarounds or denials, short sale refusals, deed in lieu negotiations and credit card debt collector abuses and fraud violations.

    I routinely look for posts to answer in hopes that it will not only bring optimism to those homeowners and borrowers in distress but also some basic information to assist in fighting the banks that are "too big to fail" like Bank of America and Citi but yet don't appreciate the bailout that we provided in their time of need.  The debt collectors like Ocwen and Nationstar are simply just scumbags but they can be beat at their own game too just like the big banks can be defeated.  

    We are committed to answering consumer complaints and addressing everyday credit and debt issues on THE DEBT SHOW!

    We hope you enjoy THE DEBT SHOW...


    Dana Shafman

    Managing Member

    END Consulting

    Phone (888) 234-7006 Ext 101

    Fax (888) 234-7096



    Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's END!

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    The Montana Republic

    in Politics

    Join me and my guest, Mathew Monforton, www.monfortonforhd69.com as we talk about his run for office. Matthew G. Monforton, a local attorney and former prosecutor, is a candidate  for House District 69, the northern portion of Gallatin County which includes Three Forks, Manhattan, Churchill, Amsterdam and some suburban and rural areas north of Belgrade and Bozeman.

    Mr. Monforton decided to enter the race because of his concerns over the deterioration of freedom occurring not only at the national level but at the state level as well

    If elected, some of  Mr. Monfoton goals are:

    • Enact a $500 state child tax credit for working families similar to the $1000 federal child tax credit;

    • Forbid the use of State funds to enforce Obamacare;

    • Rescind the authority of private utilities to seize Montana farm and ranch land for corporate use;

    • Enact a Religious Freedom Restoration Act preventing people from having to violate their faith traditions in order to comply with laws concerning abortion and same-sex relationships.

    Get ready with your questions, comments and suggestions. Be part of the solution, not the problem.
    Contact Wolf  libertywolf76@gmail.com 
    1 406-570-5202

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    Doug Lanphere & Santa Initiative and Live from Sacramento

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    Putting an initiative on the ballot can be dangerous to your freedom as a number of collective operators have found out in Santa Ana. In a series of raids, 42 people were arrested over a 2-day period for operating store-front collectives that violate the city’s ban.


    Patients collected enough signature for an initiative that would rescind the ban and allow for a limited number of licensed collectives. The city responded with its own initiative that is much more restrictive allowing operation in only two industrial zones. The city then allocated an additional $500,000 for police operations to close dispensaries.


    Hearings have been contentious with a group called Latino Health Access strenuously opposing the collectives at city council meetings. Kandice Hawes, one of the petition organizers and a member of OCNORML, will review what has happened, take a jaundice view of the city’s actions and explain their plan to overcome local opposition to get the patient’s initiative passed.


    The second part of the show will feature a live session from Sacramento with patients who participated in ASAs Citizen Lobby Day. Hear about the “touchy” morning session on SB 1262 with bill author Sen. Lou Correa as well as first-hand accounts of their visits to the offices of their state assembly member and state senator.

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    Alysha Live! Radio Guest Rev. Robert Moore of the Coalition For Peace Action

    in Entertainment

    Join me for this very important broadcast, as I continue the discussion on The Many Faces of Violence Our Children Face.  My guest tonight will be the Rev. Robert Moore of the Coalition For Peace Action of New Jersey.  Rev. Moore and CFPA played a major role in defeating the NRA’s attempt to rescind New Jersey’s Assault Weapons Ban; and in 2002 played a similar leadership role in NJ passing the first in the nation Childproof Handgun Bill. Listen in as we have this all too important conversation on reducing gun violence and what we can do to help.  Rev. Moore serves on the Board of the National Religious Campaign against Torture Action Fund and as Treasurer of the Princeton Clergy Association. He serves on the Advisory Boards of Justice and Witness Ministries, United Church of Christ (national); The Gandhian Forum for Peace and Justice at William Paterson University; the Network of Spiritual Progressives; the N.J. Office of Church World Service (CROP); and of the League of Women Voters (Princeton Area Chapter).

    Keep it Locked to the Alysha Live! Radio Show for the Best In Talk Radio.


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    Congressional Action – The 1964 Civil Rights Act / Judicial Action - Hobby Lobby

    in Current Events

    Well, “The Court has Spoke”!

    Just in time for Ramadan - hoping for a blessed and prosperous one to all.

    The Court ruled on some highly anticipated cases, the Hobby Lobby getting the most “hits”.

    Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores Inc., for many, was a case to greatly test the extent of religious freedom, and the extent Obamacare could intrude into a firm’s religious beliefs, here the right to refuse to cover for its employees,abortion-causing drugs and devices. Through all of this, the War on Women narrative has resurfaced.

    The Court also ruled that the police cannot search a cellphone without a warrant. .

    Both, arguably, are about rights.

    Speaking of rights, July 2nd marked the 50th anniversary of the signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which may not have happened if JFK had lbeen alive.

    What did it mean? What did it do? Should we be worried about nefarious attempts to rescind it, at least in principle?

    The illegal immigration issue continues to intensify, in light of the mass infusion of children (human conduits – I’ll explain what I mean) through the borders.

    Through this, Barack Obama, not being able to enact “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”, has promised to use an Executive Order, which is sure to exacerbate the tensions between he and John Boehner.

    Also a group of Texans took matters into their own hands, blocking a bus which was transferring illegals. The confrontation caused a rerouting to California.

    Will there be another War in Iraq? Barack Obama says “no”; I say, “Regretfully, yes”.

    So, we can see that there’s much to discuss this Saturday, all the while, I’m reminded that I must be at my best behavior, since we are in Ramadan, so be prepared for an unusually reserved host.

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    Jason Thompson Riverside Initiative - Letitia Pepper Clap lawsuit

    in News

    Attorney Jason Thompson talks about the lawsuit filed by the city of Riverside to prevent the initiative that would rescind their ban on medical marijuana collective and allow the licensing and regulation of a limited number of collectives. He refers to the lawsuit filed by the city as "the nuclear option."

    Letitia Pepper was arrested at a Riverside City Council for clapping for people making presentations during the public comment section. She has filed a "clap" lawsuit against the city in federal court alleging false arrest and a host of other malfesances.