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    Be a Blessing Guys! Some of Us Require More Blessings Than Others 7-30-14

    in Politics

    Politics has become a dividing force in the lives of America citizens. We have to end the division that comes from politics in our lives. Once upon a time, blacks were turned away from jobs, just because of being black. I know it still exist, but for the most part, today, citizens are not hired because employers want to have a higher profit margin level sooner rather than later. Employers today are involved politically. Once such group is ALEC. ALEC members benefits from laws that limits regulations, litigation, and taxation. Once laws made discrimination illegal, the laws were tweaked to nullify federal laws. Americans have lost many laws that once protected workers wages and consumer prices. It is up to us guys to be a blessing, remembering some require more blessings than others.

    There are people who need training but that would be like them returning to grammar school. This gorup also need to be able to find work. With the spending of testing, and evaluations, and hands on work performances, they can met the challenge if the job possibilities is available based on their success. Those who can hire, must do as was done in decades past. Employers hired, expecting to train the person to do the job. I've hired new employees, and   observed their on the job abilities and through their work efforts and ethics have increased their wages. The best workers are employer trained workers. Employer trained workers contribute quickly to productivity, moral, customer satisfaction, and profits. People regardless of their education and work experience need the opportuntiy to get to work and provide for self. Some workers require more blessings than others. Those who require more blessing must receive more blessings and the reward to the community shall be greater than if that person is left to fend for self. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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    Strategy and Timing Require Discernment

    in Spirituality

    Ecclesiastes 11:4 reads, "4 He who watches the wind will not sow, and he who observes the clouds will not reap."  Are you in the midst of a struggle and waiting for a change and nothing's happening? Are you waiting for that "perfect" time to move forward in fulfilling your purpose? These situations happen in most of our lives, waiting for insight but not seeking it from the right source. Today we will share concerning strategy and timing - and the importance of discernment. 

    Join us and be Empowered!


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    PIJN News: ISIS / Verses in Quran Require Jihad Against Christians and Jews

    in Religion

    Dr Chaps reports on these important issues:

    * A US-led coalition, including 10 Arab states, is ready to fight against ISIS, the Islamic State.
    * A Muslim cleric says to use AK-47 rifles to enforce Islamic law.
    * 10 verses in the Quran require jihad against Christians and Jews.

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    Is Giving Away Your Music Helping Or Hurting Your Career

    in Music

    Is Giving Your Music Away Helping or Hurting Your Music Career? The debate about free music has raged for years now, and there’s still no answer that satisfies all sides. Tim Kreider’s NYT op-ed piece called “Slaves of the Internet, Unite!” does a good job voicing the frustrations of artists around the world who are tired of seeing their labor go unvalued (both monetarily and otherwise). But Remember, buyers no longer have to purchase an entire album in order to enjoy an artist's music. They can purchase single tracks that they have heard on other platforms. This is a perfect way for artists to earn and create revenue in streams that were not possible before the age of the MP3. Rather than risking the loss of a sale because a potential buyer does not want to buy an entire CD, artists can also now make money because buyers can select any specific song they want. The other side of this is that, if a band releases a song for free, fans may want to buy more of their songs which require a purchase.

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    Summative Assessment Reformation: Blurring the line between learning and testing

    in Education

    Re-forming Summative Assessments: Blurring the line between learning and testing

    We will explore the following questions:

    What does a learning environment look like where learning and assessment are seamlessly integrated?
    What are the benefits and issues with this approach?
    Does this require technology or are there strategies that transcend the use of technology?
    How does this integration fit in a world of high stakes assessment?
    How can a content developer take advantage of this strategy to improve their existing and new products?

    Guests at the table:

    Elizabeth Greninger,  Managing Associate and Teacher Quality Specialist at edCount, LLC
    Stuart Kahl, Founding Principal and former CEO of Measured Progress
    Shawn Morgan, District Data Coordinator at CNY Regional Information Center

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    The Gift of Gab! Episode #69 How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed And Powerless

    in Lifestyle

    There are things that come up in life that feel too overhwelming for us to conquer. We may feel the situations and circumstances will never end. But, thankfully, there is a way for you to tackle any obstacle, no matter how large it may seem, and move toward your solutions. You DO have control even when you think you don't. Listen now to take your first steps


    The Gift of Gab is where you'll start your week off right!

    Christine Pechstein is a faith-based life coach specializing in life and stress management. She loves teaching people to persevere despite the set backs and challenges life will inevitably bring, and she isn't afraid to use an honest and transparent approach in her teaching. Be sure to listen in as she challenges you to live a life well managed, leave your stresses behind, PUSH past your obtacles, overcome your fears, live with passion as you take charge of your life, and talk about a variety of other things that require transparancy, guts, and of course, the gift of gab!

    She is the founder of Move Into Action, and is a Life and Stress Management Coach, Author, Speaker, Preacher, and body builder with a passion for building up the body of Christ.

    Got a life management question you'd like her to answer or a topic in mind? Contact her now!

    Learn about Christine's online Life Management journey now!

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    OFF THE BEATEN PATH w/ Gary Edward Johnson

    in Current Events

    Host Gary Johnson takes a down to earth approach to the serious issues of the day.  Standing up for the White Working Class and our People, Gary Johnson goes "Off the Beaten Path" on behalf of Our People and Our Children's Future. 


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  • Falling Backwards Into The Stream Of LIFE

    in Spirituality

    We often spend our energy fighting the circumstances we are in. We often exhaust ourselves and feel defeated while trying desperately to 'fix' a 'problem'. We at some point, look up to the heavens and question, "Why? Why with all my fighting you leave me stranded?" I assure you that this is never the case.For when you fight and resist and try to control your situation you close the door to the FULL help of your divine!  We are programed to control everything in our lives so this concept may take some getting use to for some.  How in the world could releasing and trusting be EXACTLY what you need to do? It seems like we need to do something MORE. MORE is what we are constantly told through the voice of our ego.  However, if I can convince you there is a better way.  A way of least resistance. A way that requires you to release and to let the divine take over. We are all born with the gift of free will.  When you decide you will worry and dissect and strategize solutions for every issue in your life, you have told your angels, guides and GOD that you would like to do this YOUR way. That is absolutely fine and your right.  I just ask you to think of another way.  We need to start seeing everything as energy because it is!  We need to step into the belief and knowing that everything happening on the outside of us is a reflection of beliefs and thought patterns within us.  The first lesson to be learned is that life doesn't have to be a struggle and to be successful in anything in life does NOT require exhaustion from fighting. If I can convince you of a better way.... If you can take the challenge to try for one week to NOT swim upstream but rather fall backwards into the stream of LIFE to your awaiting blessings while you enjoy the beauty of the NOW that surrounds you, then I have served my purpose for you.

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    in Current Events

    January 25, 2015

    A Conversation with Austin Collins


    Rodney Martin welcomes back Austin Collins (formally an Admin of American White History Month / AWHM on Facebook). We talk about the Jewish Hyenas and Useful Idiots at “American White History Month / AWHM” response to their being exposed this past Friday.  We will read their very Jewish and colorful replies.The Jewess owner ‘Roxy” has suddenly, in the last 48 hours changed from a committed Zionist Jewess to a White woman, according to one of her AWHM eunuchs. AWHM is outraged that Obama will NOT meet with Benjamin Netanyahu – Why?

    AWHM Hyenas are reacting in typical Jewish fashion by personally attacking pregnant spouses.  AWHM Hyenas have posted filthy and profane messages on ANA/ANN Social Media. AWHM Admins and Key persons have at least 25 Facebook Fake Names / Fake Accounts and Sock Puppet Accounts which have been identified and made public on ANA Social Media. AWHM’s Radio Show Host is in a relationship with a Black woman and his daughters date Black and Mestizos.

    Visit the ANA & ANN: Visit the ANA & ANN: WWW.ANA-ANN.COM



    TWITTER @annradio


    The American Nationalist Network (ANN), supports the use and availability of its programs for the general public under the “fair use” portion of Section 107 of the US Copyright Law. We require only that the content is clearly notated as being produced by and for the American Nationalist Network (ANN). Changing of its material in any fashion, whether audio or graphic, is prohibited. 

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    "Two Critical Questions That Require Answers If We Are To Really Live." (Pt.2)

    in Spirituality

    "One of the main reasons why so many believers seem to struggle with the time element in growing in their relationship with God is the refusal to receive and walk in the understanding that because we are spirit-beings and because God is Spirit, we have the capacity and, we have the ability and, we have the right, as well as the naturally-super-natural position and make-up to commune with, to communicate with, and receive general and specific direction from God...which has to be far better than any man-originated direction. 

    "One area of great difficulty is the area of 'Acceptance.'  If we can answer the following two questions, then we have the opportunity to experience a truly wonderful life.  Here they are: 

    1. 'Does God fully accept me?'  And, if so...

    2. 'Upon what basis does he do so?' 

    This show answers these two questions. 

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