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    The Val Emmons Show

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    On my show we talk Politics, Article V, Convention of the States, Liberty, Gun rights, Health Care, Terrorism, Taxes, 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, The United States Constitution, World News, religion, abortion and more.  I welcome Libertarian, Repulican & Democrats to listen and call in with their own views. This does not mean I will agree with them but then again that is what makes for great radio!  On my show there is No Spin, there is no fluff and defiantly no poitical correctness will be had,  I will not sugar coat anything and I will give you facts.  If you disagree with those facts please feel free to present your own otherwise I will disregard your opinion based on your assumption only.  

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    PV Radio 4-22-14 Noon EST Rick Santorum and Cleta Mitchell - IRS

    in Politics Conservative

    Patriot Voices Radio is your voice multiplied. Today we'll get an live update from Senator Rick Santorum and also hear from these guests:  

    Cleta Mitchell - attorney representing conservative groups that have been targeted by the IRS

    David Taylor - Executive Director of the PA Manufacturers Assn. 

    Marji Ross – President and Publishers of Regnery – with a 'behind scenes' look at getting a book published.

    Duggars – to talk about new book “Growing up Duggar."

    Laura Goliat – OH State Chair – on the ground report the event at OCU.

    Call in to listen live on your phone or you can be a call-in guest at (347) 857-3462.  Checkout our archives at http://PatriotVoices.com/radio.

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    Special interview with Prophetess LeTisha Underwood

    in Christianity

    What posture should the church have as it relates to the health care law? Is the Repulican party God's party? This will be a very powerful interview.

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    The Balanced Approach with The Modern Whig Party

    in Politics

    Join me and Leaders and Representatives of the Modern Whig Party as we discuss the History, mission and approach to their Methodology, Patriotism, and Centered Approach.


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    The Balanced Approach - Breaking News!

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    Breaking News out of PHILADELPHIA! A 3rd Party win! Is that a sign of things to come? I will be discussing this and who the Modern Whigs really are!

    Robert Bucholz is the 1st Whig to win in the city of brotherly love on nearly 160 years!

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    The Balanced Approach

    in Politics

    We are returning Stronger than before. Our weekly wrap up of important issues and failures within the Political House Of Cards. New and events updated as they happen and become available!

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    A Civil Assessment with T. J. O'Hara

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    As we traverse back into the swing of things here on "The Balanced Approach", there is a new and important discussion going on regarding "A Civil Assessment" on the Washington Times Communities with T. J. O'Hara. A quote from his Washington Times Community Page (http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/civil-assessment/",
    "Our Nation is facing many challenges. Traditional media rewards extreme views because they, in turn, generate ratings. Traditional politicians reward extreme views because they, in turn, attract hard-core donors and voters. Conversely, the greatest threat to this traditional media and political paradigm is an informed electorate; an electorate that can discuss our issues civilly, examine the alternatives, and reach rational rather than emotional conclusions. You are invited to become a part of that movement. You are invited to become part of A Civil Assessment."
    Join this Thursday at 4pm pdt and be part of A Civil Discussion on "A Civil Assessment".

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    Obama to be IMPEACHED!

    in Politics Conservative

    Bill Waggoner Live Gun Control! Obama to be IMPEACHED!

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    Fairness Radio with Chuck and Patrick

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    Is there a Repulican War on Women?  Christina Hoff-Somers says NO.  Listen in at 1:15 pm ET to find out why and call her with your view. Dave Johnson finally gets back from Netroots Nation, after two cancelled flights, a long drive and an airplane door closed in his face.  He'll tell us about today at 2:15 pm ET. A new concept in the opinion-driven world of talk radio,Fairness Radio is a daily two-hour on-line and on-air radio show that  brings together two dynamic hosts from different sides of the country and different ends of the political spectrum with a shared dedication to entertaining radio.  Conservative Chuck Morse and liberal Patrick O'Heffernan interview national guests and experts ranging from Senator Jim DeMint to Howard Dean to explore news, politics and culture from all sides.  With an international team experts from all sides of the political spectrum Fairness Radio covers the events of the world like no one else. 

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    Grand Ole' Party Part 2

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    Tonight we discuss another Republican front-runner, Mitt Romney.  There are many in his own party that allege Mr. Romney's political  policies as the Governor of Massachusetts show that he is not the man for the job.  We will give you the facts, so you can form your own educated opinion.  Call and Join in!