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  • 01:59

    The National Populist Episode Three : "Coulter" of Critique

    in Elections

    The CNN Debate finally ended and now its time to discuss it. 'Stone Cold' Carly whats-her-face debuted her warm and genuine essence for the American people. Ann Coulter hated the debate and nearly broke the internet. Plus, Donald Trump clips of him being Donald Trump, Trumping. As always, we promise to be completely biased and unfair to all viewpoints contrary to our own.

  • 01:50

    The National Populist Episode Two: Magic Show

    in Entertainment

    Tune in as we explore the good doctor's prescription for America. It isn't just good. It's magic! Freshstart and Notsure see this fraud coming from a mile away. Ben Carson is the 80% black (really brown) jesus that has come back to save us all from the tyranny of the previous half black (basically tan) guy. Great news for the christians who thought that Obama was the AntiChrist, Ben Carson is jesus! Join us to see if we say anything like this or if this is just a silly joke to peak interest. Also, Carly Fiorina's face will be discussed. Specifically her talking about her own face. Lastly the CNN debate and how you will be treated to a lecture on why Carly and Ben are the best! Ever! Calls are welcome in the second hour.

  • 01:31

    The National Populist Episode One: Space Trumping

    in Politics

    On our first broadcast Mike Freshstart and Dave Notsure will expose and destroy all artificial right wing agents by Space Trumping them into oblivion. On tonight's broadcast we will explore Ben Carson's recent labotomy and favorite Bible verses, Jeb Bush and low energy, Lindsay Graham showing his Anti-Trump PRIDE!!! Plus Bobby Jindal gets deported!! Join us tonight!!!

  • 00:26

    The Republican Party is a lying sack of S#!t

    in Current Events

    The Republican Party is a lying sack of S#!t

    The republicans can make up their minds on them either being Christians or not.

    I will give examples of the many lies and how they dissed the Pope during his visit of the U.S.

  • The National Populist Episode Five: Still Trumping

    in Politics

    Trump still sending Fux News to the insane asylum. The pope and his Liberation Theology Theocracy sideshow. The mainstream media's last gasp. The End Of Days for Fux News. The populist uprising 2016. Top 40 Carly and her horrible voice. The good doctor and his Tranquilizer gun. China invades silicon valley. Plus the best synopsis of politics in the country. Be there! The Audacity Of Pope! Trump still Trumping. ThePapacy Hammer And Sickle Cell Disease.

  • 02:01

    The National Brotherhood Conference of The Nation of Islam

    in Social Networking

    Messenger Elijah Muhammad was raised up by Allah to teach the Black man and woman in America. This Teaching is the best and only solution to the problem between the Blacks and the whites.

  • 02:01

    Late Nights debate the Republican Debate!

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight we discuss the Republican Debate!

    3 others will be on the program: Caller of the program Herold, who worked under the George H.W. Bush Administration and the Clinton Administration, Steven Whiteman, a facebook friend of mine and political commentator, and James Clary, friend of the program and political Libertarian Commentator.

  • 01:00

    Redondo Chamber Health & Wellness Committee

    in Current Events

    Our guests this morning are Chanel Garcia, Lisa Bricker, Laurie Glover and Nancy Burke Barr from the Redondo Beach Chamber Health & Wellness Committee.

    Chanel Garcia is currently the business development manager of FirstLight HomeCare of SouthBay. With her 10 years of experience in health care and a comprehensive background in non-medical in home care, she is committed to helping adults of all ages stay safe and comfortable in and out of the home.

    As an Eldercare Consultant and Placement Specialist at Heart Light, Lisa Bricker brings tremendous knowledge of the eldercare industry. Heart Light provides a concierge service that is no cost to families and provides senior living options, which includes Independent Living, In Home Care, Assisted Living and Memory Care.  Prior to joining Heart Light, Lisa provided hundreds of family with advice, support, and resources.  

    A California native, Nancy Burke Barr was born into a family of Napa County vintners and raised in the lush Petaluma Valley.  Having grown up in a farming community, she learned early on the support of family and friends is critical to a successful life.

    “Laurie Glover joined the Silverado-Beach Cities team with years of experience working with older adults and their families who are dealing with the life changing diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias. She began her career in the aging field by providing care to both of her grandparents as they faced terminal illnesses.

    This morning, we’ll be discussing the burgeoning senior care industry and what the Redondo Beach Chamber Health & Wellness Committee actually does.


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  • National & International Roundtable Welcome Doc Illah & Darryl Cooke

    in Current Events

    Kendale Britton, also known as Doc Illah, is a veteran of the U.S. Army. Having served for 25 years, he was deployed twice to the Middle East. He is now a leader in his community, working with his music to send a message to everyone about the responsibility we have to our future - our children. Since his album, Lessons in Life, was released, he has had 400,000 plus views on his two recent videos.

    Darryl Cooke is a veteran Marine of four years. Growing up with a mom in federal prison, he too found himself in the same place, arrested for attempted murder. While there, he was rehabilitated. realizing where his anger came from, he became a student studying counseling. Rehabilitating young men and women at risk is now his life's work. Cooke has a weekly radio show on Chicago's 106.3, where he encourages others to find the good in their souls. Both from Chicago, both from the streets, both military veterans, Brinson and Cooke are dedicated to a better future for the next generation.

  • 01:03

    National & International Roundtable

    in Current Events

    Dr. Ingrid Waldron, PhD. was born in Montreal to dentist Dr. George Waldron and Myrna Waldron of the island of Trinidad. Dr. Waldron is a sociologist who is an Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is a scholar with an active research agenda driven by a long-standing interest in looking at the many manifestations of how spaces and communities are organized by structures of colonialism and gendered racial capitalism. She has a particular interest in looking at how women are differently situated across multiple axes of difference and identity, and on how the social, economic, political, and health experiences of Black, Indigenous, migrant, poor, LGBTQ, disabled, and older women are both gendered and racialized.




  • 03:01

    National Parks, Biodiversity, Food & Art

    in Lifestyle

    Join Nancy J. Reid & Lisa D. Smith – publishers of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine, for Big Blend Radio airing live from the historic Coronado Motor Hotel in Yuma, Arizona, the headquarters for the Big Blend Spirit of America Tour of all 408 National Park units.
    On This Episode:
    - Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks with Colleen Bathe - Chief of Interpretation, Education and Partnerships; and Sandy Blankenship – Exeter Chamber of Commerce & Sequoia Tourism Council.
    - Biodiversity – Ecologist Brian Machovina discusses his upcoming new study in Science of the Total Environment, about why adopting a plant-based diet can contribute to the preservation of natural resources and have a substantial impact on biodiversity.
    - Food as Imagery - New Mexico based artist Victoria Chick discusses the history of food as an art subject.
    - Peanuts – Donna George, owner of The Peanut Patch in Yuma, Arizona.
    Science Fiction – Writer / Film Director Olatunde Osunsanmi discusses his work on 'The Fourth Kind,' 'Evidence' and 'Falling Skies'

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