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    "Bloodline of the Gods" author Nick Redfern

    in Spirituality

    Nick Redfern has a vast audience of readers who have waited in anticipation for the recent August release of his latest blockbuster, Bloodline of the Gods: Unravel the Mystery of the Human Blood Type to Reveal the Aliens Among Us. The world-famous author of dozens of bestsellers, Redfern lays out scientific evidence that at least 10% of the human population is descendant from an ancient and advanced alien civilization that has manipulated their blood type.  Are some of us the products of extraterrestrial gene tinkering? An internationally known researcher and journalist on the subjects of conspiracies, UFOs and aliens, Redfern answers this and many more questions about the “adjusted” genetic makeup of our species. Bloodline of the Gods  takes us on an amazing trip into the distant past and to a time when proto-humans were genetically manipulated by ETs, perceived by ancient man as nothing less than all-powerful gods.  Encompassing accounts of the legendary Anunnaki, alien abductions, hybrid children, secret and powerful societies, and an elite bloodline that holds significant sway over the planet and its people, Bloodline of the Gods reveals the shocking truth concerning those people who are not entirely human.  Visit http://www.warwickassociates.com  and click on Bloodline of the Gods.

    At the top of the show, it's Anastasia's Starseed News, bringing topics of interest that you won't hear in the mainstream!

    Mercury goes retrograde on Sept. 17 until Oct. 9.  Read about it here: http://starseedhotline.com/events.htm#mercuryretrograde

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    The Reptilian/Draconian Connection Part 5 w/Matt Rush

    in Entertainment

    This will be Part 5 of The Reptilian/Draconian Connection,I will be joined once again by Matt Rush,And shed new light into The Reptilian Agenda and what the possible future holds for the human race as well as there own.

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    The history of time The Reptilian agenda

    in Politics Progressive

    Today on Power 144.0 Radio your Ancestors Radio Station and home of BNTF bro Dawada teaches

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    Nick Redfern: Bloodline of the Gods

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    Are significant numbers of humanity the product of an ancient and advanced alien civilization? Have we, across the millennia, been periodically modified and refined as a species? In short, has our genetic make-up been manipulated by otherworldly beings that view human civilization as one big lab experiment?

    These are controversial and thought-provoking questions. They are also questions that demand answers, answers that may very well be found by examining those people whose blood type is Rh negative. The vast majority of humankind—85 to 90 percent—is Rh positive, which means a person’s red blood cells contain an antigen directly connected to the Rhesus monkey. This antigen is known as the Rh factor.

    Each and every primate on the planet has this antigen, except for one: the remaining 10 to 15 percent of humans. If the theory of evolution is valid—that each and every one of us is descended from ancient primates—shouldn’t we all be Rh positive? Yes, we should. But we’re not. The Negatives are unlike the rest of us. They are different.

    They are the unique individuals whose bloodline may have nothing less than extraterrestrial origins.

    Nick Redfern is an author, lecturer, and journalist who writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries.His previous books include Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind; For Nobody's Eyes Only; The World's Weirdest Places; The Pyramids and the Pentagon; The Real Men in Black; The NASA Conspiracies; and Contactees. Redfern has appeared on numerous television shows and networks, including Fox News; The History Channel's Ancient Aliens, Monster Quest, and UFO Hunters; VH1's Legend Hunters; National Geographic Channel's The Truth About UFOs and Paranatural; BBC's Out of this World; MSNBC's Countdown; and SyFy Channel's Proof Positive. He can be contacted at Nickredfernfortean.blogspot.com.

  • The Bloodline Music Reflects Reality; Maria Rios set for Bellator Stage 8/27/15

    in Sports

    Heavy metal band The Bloodline will hit South Florida with rock vets Fear Factory. The band says their music refelcts what society is all about today. 

    Maria Rios debuts in Bellator. She says her back-to-back losss are in the past and she is ready to defeatd her undefeated opponent Friday. 

    In MMA Showdown, are Ronda Rousey foes prepping Holly Holm in her upcoming fight against the champ?

    Rousey's positivity could be coming to an end as a UFC fighter under hot water allegedly dated the champ, while married. 

    UFC Fight Night in Orlando's fight card is building up to be one for the books. Find out the latest update on the fight card. 

    In Reality Check, Sting vs Rollins for the title at Night of the Champions. Does it make sense? 

    Sabu was booked for a match in New Jersey, but certain obscene objects were found in his hotel. What can this mean for the wrestling extreme legend?

    Jon Stewart can add pro wreslter to his title. We talk about his experience inside the ring in Brooklyn. 

    Plus a recap at Breaking Benjamin tour visiting Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale. 

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    Much Matters Monday on State of the Black Parent #BlogTalkRadio

    in Automotive

    Much Matters Mondays at 7pm East Coast Time on State of the Black Parent #blogtalkradio.  

    This is a layman (novice) and informative podcast that address on the Education, Economics, & Enterprise of the Alkebulan bloodline.  

    #BlackParentsLive #bpnow #statebp #blkyouthradio #blacklifestories

    We will have a Special Guest, Anthony Elder, speak on car care.  We will discuss on aide to assist in transportation needs, the town hall meet in Brooklyn (BK Reader), and the Winter Black Business Directory Hangout.  #blackfriday #blackdollarsmatters #blackdollaraction



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    Are the Illuminati friends with Barack? And much more..*FullFledgedRealityShow*

    in News

    *We Are Live Now* 11:30 Est. Pm. Call In # is 347-826-9733 Again welcome to The Full Fledge Show ... As usual the call in number for topics that you want to talk about & have be discussed is 347-826-9733 You know we'd like to hear from you the listeners - ! We are having these shows to make people aware of what is going on and stuff! Obviously for real this ain't no time to be care free and everyone knows this right? Seriously it is, ultimately up to you. There are important current news events that - The Full Fledge Show team shares with you because we care about y'all and people can either learn lots of stuff or shut it out. It's up to you. But you cannot say you did not know in the end. "In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." --- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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    The Righteous Wheat And The Wicked Tares II

    in Religion

    Jonathan Kleck will be joining me again on my Wednesday evening broadcast to discuss the revelation that he has been lead to just recently which stands as a confirming witness to the publication of my fourth book Lucifer - Father Of Cain.  To prepare for the 2nd show and explain some of what we will be talking about, I will in this show share an overview of some of the premise of that work.  I will explain in more detail the war and enmity being waged between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent as bloodline and lineages which are related to the sons of Adam and the sons of Cain.

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    Much Matters Monday on State of the Black Parent #BlogTalkRadio

    in Current Events

    Much Matters Mondays at State of the Black Parent #blogtalkradio

    Dial: (914)803-4571

    Current Events and topics that relate to the Education, Economics, & Enterprise of the Alkebulan bloodline.  #BlackParentsLive #bpnow #statebp #blkyouthradio

    "Pizza Rat Blvd." sign in Brooklyn honors determined rodent (BK Reader)

     Repair Grants available to East Flatbush Homeowners ( BK Reader)

    Free Gifted & Talented Program ends November 9, 2015 on Much Matters Mondays



    In the meantime until the Live Broadcast, Review the Archives.

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    The Righteous Wheat And The Wicked Tares

    in Religion

    Jonathan Kleck will be joining me on my Wednesday evening broadcast to discuss the revelation that he has been lead to just recently which stands as a confirming witness to the publication of my fourth book Lucifer - Father Of Cain.  And so in order to prepare for that particular show and lay the foundation for what we will be talking about, I will in this show share an overview of the premise of that work.  And taking questions will explain the war and enmity which has been waged between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent as bloodline and lineages which are related to the sons of Adam and the sons of Cain.

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    Think About It Thursday! Melinated ET Contactees Fluerbrun and Barry Littleton

    in Spirituality

    Tune in 9pm for Thoroughbody Thursday show, sip a cup of Goddess Blend Tea and get ready for the HOTTEST 2 HOURS of your life!  Call in 516-453-9075.

    We Welcome back our guest,  Contactee FleurBrun and Barry Littleton will be discussing Alien technology, Melinated ET's and Walk In's!!!!! This is a show you do not want to miss this show!!!   

    Have you wondered if People of Color make Alien Contact? Are you having ET contact YOURSELF? What is going on with the Mass Deaths on the Planet? What is Reptilian Demonization ? Are Portals being Opened? Alien Implantation and what does it mean?

    Family you are in for a real treat tonight!!! We have a double dose of MELINATED CONSCIOUNESS joining THE GODDESS SUITE TONIGHT!!!! Back by popular demand we have the GODDESS FLUERBRUN she is a Melinated Contactee with a wealth of knowledge about the Galactic Star Family. Tonight she will be discussing the Mass Deaths occuring around the globe, Reptilian Demonization, Walk-Ins as well as seeing into other dimensions. Joining Fluerbrun and The Goddess Suite for the first time will be Barry Littleton an "Aware Experiencer." Barry was born awake, which included rather vivid past life memories. Extraterrestrial contact begin in childhood that were mostly physical & persisted into adult years. Barry encountered many different beings & has had a variety of paranormal/metaphysical experiences, some that led him to find literature to support it. A few years ago Barry also endured a horrible accident in which he had a Near Death Experience. Barry also has knowledge on vast subjects concerning ET's and holds degrees in psychology, sociology & ethnic studies.