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    Sports Show: Replacement Refs

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    Merk and Mike host. Call in and tell us if we're fools or wise men regarding the following topics:
    1) NFL replacement refs
    Who deserves the most blame? Where does Roger Goodell stack up against other league commissioners?  This would be a good point to argue, since I still believe David Stern is guilty of this on a nightly basis with superstar favoritism and home court officiating. 2) Broncos outlook
    What is holding back progress on the offensive side of the ball?  Is it Peyton clearing the cob webs or is it the fact that this group of personnel just isn't ready to play with someone of PM's caliber? Why is coaching staff holding PM back?  McCoy and Fox are far too conservative - don't understand how to utilize a player's strengths Prediction for Raiders game 3) Funny news story of the week
    4) CU  / CSU
    A glimmer of hope after Wash St win or will that be the only win of the year? How much more time do you give Embree to prove he's capable of being a head coach?  CSU - After showing some promise against CU, what went wrong?  Wasn't CSU's schedule supposed to be a cupcake this year? Does McElwain have the right philosophy? 5) Top 5 tweets of the week
    @TJLang70: Got f***** by the refs…embarrassing. Thanks nfl @TJLang70: F*** it NFL.. Fine me and use the money to pay the regular refs    

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    Sunday's With Dr. Shawn - Clearly Corinthian! "Replacement Theology?"

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    Replacement Theology?  We dig in to what makes this Emmissary Sha'ul so fired up and flinging Truth everywhere!  

    2 Corinthians 3:5-  5  It is not that we are competent in ourselves to count anything as having come from us; on the contrary, our competence is from God. 6  He has even made us competent to be workers serving a New Covenant, the essence of which is not a written text but the Spirit. For the written text brings death, but the Spirit gives life.  Now if that which worked death, by means of a written text engraved on stone tablets, came with glory- such glory that the people of Isra'el could not stand to look at Moshe's face because of its brightness, even though that brightness was already fading away- won't the working of the Spirit be accompanied by even greater glory? For if there was glory in what worked to declare people guilty, how much more must the glory abound in what works to declare people innocent!  In fact, by comparison with this greater glory, what was made glorious before has no glory now. For if there was glory in what faded away, how much more glory must there be in what lasts.  

    Matthew 5:17 Don't think that I have come to abolish the Torah or the Prophets. I have come not to abolish but to complete, to make their meaning full.  

    This is gonna get interesting!  Tell your friends!

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    A Replacement Economic System

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    Okay here's deal. Humans have been a human labor based economic system from our very beginnings. However, all of the top minds are pondering a growing problem that is only going to get worse. Artificially intelligent machine are slowly but increasingly accelerating their replacement of human labor. Soon you will no longer have jobs in the fastfood joints because these jobs all will be done by robots. In fact we are currently training the robot cashiers at Safeway everytime we scan and process our own check out sans human contact. The robot even talks to you and thanks you always reminding you to come back again which bored, tired human employees often forget to do. So what's to become of we few billions human beings now that we're no longer needed by the rulers for our labor?

    I'm sad to report that we are scheduled for elimination. Already the poisons placed into our food, drink, medicine and more have reduced the birth rate. Add to this the millions of abortion mostly motivated by economic privations caused by the rulers as well as the secret sterilizations and it's clear what is to become of us. So the rulers have proven their plan by murdering procreation before it can even happen and done this is secret. What a world what a world and their ugly wickedness.

    It doesn't have to be this way. Change from a human labor funded society to a land based funding system. If all human labor and the things which that labor becomes, except the land itself, are tax free then humans can survive and thrive quite comfortably keeping themselves busy around the home/garden. With no tax on labor, houses or other stuff our labor has purchased we all don't even need a job. Our jobs would be to mind our families, homes, gardens and neighborhoods. So the top psyco rulers need not murder us if they simply leave us alone. And we'll leave them alone to play with their robots. That's our counter offer. Take it or else.

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    BONUS TEACHING: Replacement Theology, the Brainwashing Of Tradtion and Religion

    in Spirituality

    On Thursday morning, February 5th, 2015 (16 Sh'bat 5775) at 10AM EST (900 AM CST), your Brother (Akhy) in YAHUAH will be talking, teaching, and testifying a Bonus Teaching about the Replacement Theology that is being practiced in the congregation today and the brainwashing of tradition and religion plus what does it means to the True Chosen Remnant of the Almighty Creator..Please join us by calling in at (347) 884-8468 or just click on the link below and be blessed. Love you in Spirit and in Kingdom Truth! Shalum. Shalum. Halal u YAHUAH!

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    The Race Trim MotorSports Hour #18

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    Start your Sunday NASCAR race day the right way . . . with the guys in the Frat House Sports Garage giving you all the latest news and chat and taking calls before green flag today at Bristol Motor Speedway.

    (1) It seems the penalties for messing with the tires of the #31 have, for the most part, been upheld against Richard Childress Racing and Ryan Newman. (2) Kyle Busch seems to have shed his bad-boy “Rowdy” persona as he appeared before the media and provided his timetable for return. (3) Jimmie Johnson got his second win of the season at Texas Motor Speedway, but Martin Truex Jr. might just be the next winner as he nailed-down his seventh Top-10 in seven races! (4) David Ragan has been more than a suitable replacement for Kyle Busch keeping the Joe Gibbs Racing #18 in the #10 spot in the standings. So, why would JGR consider going to Erik Jones?

    This week it’s time to go short-tracking and “Bristol Stomping” at The Bullring of Bristol Motor Speedway and THAT always poses its own special hazards.

    Uncle Mark is going Over the Wall; Sidekick’s got his Fantasy picks; and the rest of the guys are jumping in with their Eat-My-Dust Picks!

    As usual, they got the coffee going . . . YOU bring the donuts . . . and your comments to the Frat House Sports Garage . . . by giving them a call at 347 - 826 - 9964!

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    PJ Sports Talk The Dream

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    PJ talks about the Wisconsin Cinderella Story coming to an end at the Big Dance Monday Night. PJ also talks about the latest sporting news.

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    How to stay healthy naturally and fighting fatugue and weight gain.

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    Dr. Ron and Dr. Ron discuss up to the minute medical news and discuss how to stay well naturally. We have treatments for weight loss, neuropathy, hair removal and we specialize in functional medicine. Rejuvenaions Health Radio on Blog Talk Radio Log in to: Blog Talk Radio and Look Up our Station: Rejuvenations Health Radio with Dr. Ron & Dr. Ron. Learn about contra-indications to certain Drugs Learn about Toxins and how they affect your Hormones, Learn about Hormone Replacement Therapies, Learn about how to Manage Thyroid Dysfunction Naturally Learn about the 10 Tenants of Good Health and....... so Much More. Get Back into you Skinny Jeans / Blast that Belly Fat w the latest Cavi-Lipo and Lipo Light Non-Surgical Body Sculpting System.... Your gonna Love It!!" We bring you the latest non biased drug reporting and drug interactions. Lipo Light Naples 1575 Pine Ridge Rd Ste 6 Naples, FL 34109 239-331-5886 www.lipolightnaples.com

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    Sports Talk Tuesday on Apex Talk Radio

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    On this episode of Sports Talk we bring back our Sports & Crime segment to focus on the details in the Aaron Hernandez trial, is he guilty or is there not enough evidence beyond an reasonable doubt. We'll talk about it! Also the Firing Squad will make its way to us at 7:30 w/ scores and whats going on in the MLB. Listen while Steve Fedder and the guys throw nothing but basesball heat.  Then its on to the NBA where The Picture for the playoffs is tuning in as the pelicans and OKC battle for the final spot in the west to play Golden State in round 1.  Plus to the Duke Fans congrats on winning the NCAA championship, but did the refs mess up and skew the game? We'll talk about it and you decide! 

    Join us tonight LIVE by Calling 646-716-8552, wait for the que and host to answer and get you into the show.  If you want to listen, you can still call in and let the host know or log on at www.blogtalkradio.com/apextalk and enjoy the show.  Follow us on Facebook and listen to us by tapping the link left on our timeline for the show. Thank you for spending time with us. Take Care! 

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    Mindset Management Monday3 Success Builders Consulting-Robyn Gaskins Smith

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    Mindset Management Monday 3 of 21 episodes

    A Combination and replacement

    of 3 previous individual episodes in one:

    Walk of Life

    Why We Fight

    and  Solutions

     Robyn Gaskins Smith  Success Builders Networking and Consulting

    "I started the company with one thing in mind: YOU, the entrepreneur and small business owner."





    First Impressions that Last - Dressing for the Part, Respectfully 


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    Mood and Hormones...How To Optimize Both!

    in Health

    Welcome to Tuesdays at 2, with Dr. Gail Jackson, speaker, author, radio & TV show host and Special Guest Dr. Hyla Cass. On this episode we will go over Mood and Hormones...How To Optimize!!!

    We're excited! We will be taping her web tv show Let's Talk Hormones with her special guest Nationally Acclaimed Speaker, Author & Natural Health Expert Dr. Hyla Cass on Thursday, April 16th from 7:30am to 9:30am at the beautiful Luxe Hotel, Located 11461 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles 90049.

    You'll experience the excitement of the live taping while enjoying lite breakfast, networking and the opportunity to join the conversation.

    No worry...what's said here...stays here.

    It's complimentary to our guests, but you'll need to RSVP at 310-451-2300 or email at info@drgailjackson.com

    Office Contact Info:
    Website: www.drgailjackson.com
    |Office Number: 310-451-2300
    1333 Ocean Avenue. Santa Monica. Ca. 90401
    Email Us at: info@drgailjackson.com

    For more information about our office come in for a Complimentary Consultation by CLICK HERE.

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    Replacement for Uncle Sam Wants Your You and Your Money

    In this week's episode Yaron addresses the Sin Tax - should you be taxed for your weight?  Tune in here and weigh in by email at ARIRadio@icloud.com!

    Every week Yaron Brook reviews significant headlines that impact freedom in various forms. Commenting from a philosophical view that man's greatest value is self, he brings unique perspective to the conversation, always ending the show with a positive sense of life.




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