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    CONVERSION: Faith and Repentence

    in Family

    Today's show is Part 1 of a 3 part series on the turning point in YOUR LIFE!  Coversion is scriptually defined as our willingness to respond to the gospel call, in which we sincerly repent of sins and place our trust in Chirst for salvation. 
    Three Critical Questions:
    1.  What is true repentence
    2.  What is saving faith
    3. Can people accept Jesus as Savior and not as Lord
    Join me for a more in-depth teaching of God's Word!

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    Luke Chapter 19/ Out On a Limb For Jesus

    in Religion

    On this broudcast, SONSHINE USA Bible teacher Warren Landis launches into the 19th chapter of Luke. We will hear about Zaccheus and his encounter with Jesus Christ......an encounter that Changed his life. Tune in to hear this inspiring story plus a whole lot more!

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    My House Is Forsaken

    in Religion

    Jeremiah Chapter 12:7-10

    We have here a replay of actions that God is displeased with,and because of the behavior of the people who are called by his name have fallen from him into a state of being luke warm,he has removed his spirit from them and has forsaken his house. Pastor's have and are destroying his coveant he has made with all who came to him in repentence and were saved, have gone into spirtual death, because the Pastor and Preacher's are no loger preaching the fear of God,Eternity is near,and they need a spiritual revevival.

    Isiah 58:9 Then you shall call, and The Lord will answer; You shall cty, and he will say"Here I am"



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    Christian Talk

    in Spirituality

    talking about prayer current events and agape

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    Learning How to Respond to Prophecy - Apostle Earnestine Cooper Elrc

    in Christianity

    When the prophet Isaiah brought prophecy to Israel and Jerusalem the Northern Kingdom and Judah the Sourthern Kingdom the response of most of them was not to repentence or change. When warning comes we need to move swiftly to place ourselves in the right place for Salvation, the obedience of God.

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    A Time Of Trouble

    in Religion

    We are living in the times of the end of the age, every signs of God's prophecy is being fullfilled daily, unfolding before our eyes. God has been showing  the times and events that will lead up to the cilmax of the Day of the Lord,the Bible says there has never been a time like this before and would never be again.

    The 7 years of the Tribulation is designed to bring Israel unto repentence & restoreration & conversion, But, will  effect the Gentiles of the world as well.Today is the acceptable time and the time to turn to  Christ,and add your name to the Lambs book of life.

    Revelation 22:13 I am Alpha And Omega the beginning and the End, the first and the last.

    May The Lord lift up his face unto you and give you peace

    ''Yissa Adhonay  panaw elekha viyasem lekha shalom"


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    TRUNEWS 04/02/15: Dr. Paul Nyquist & Jennifer LeClaire

    in News

    Rick reports on the London Times’ stunning report that Russian generals warned NATO reps that Vlad Putin is prepared to nuke the West. Should Western Christians prepare for persecution? Moody Bible Institute President Dr. Paul Nyquist tells Rick that Western society is becoming hostile to Christianity, and Christians must deepen their walk with God to deal with the paradigm shift. Later in the program, Charisma senior editor Jennifer LeClaire shares with Rick an chilling prophetic message the Holy Spirit recently spoke to her….and why she feels an urgent need to cry out for repentance and mercy.

    Thursday April 2, 2015

    Dr. Paul Nyquist | Moody Bible Institute

    Jennifer LeClaire | Charisma Magazine

    Jennifer LeClaire | Ministry Website

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    You Don't Know Her Story

    in Self Help

    This show I will be sharing some of my personal experiences and others things I have read or watched. It will be based on a post I have previously submitted to Gentlemenhood.com 's site. 

    Many times when we see women with a sexual past, we easily jump to unrighteous judgement (there is righteous judgement). In our sinful nature it is easy to speak on things in the flesh without knowing why a female acted out/or is acting out in this dangerous and sinful lifestyle. I felt led to talk on this because of the double standard in society and many reasons are not heard. Females are ashamed to talk about it at times even to those close to them and unfortunately the church as well. This is not to justify behavior or  to fall into a victim role because it is easy to go this route. Therefore, I want to make that clear. It is so easy to fall into that esepcially if betrayal, rejection, abanadonment, and more was involved. This is why an everyday path to forgiveness is necessary.

    I hope that this show will encourage and uplift females who are currently bound and my hope is that they will find freedom in acceptance of the Holy Spirit. With godly sorrow (have a show on this) and repentence, God can make a major transformation in your life! He did it for me and can do it for you! Also, for females who have already been delivered (praise God), my hope is that you will find healing and forgiveness for yourself and others. It is also crucial to take some time off from dating and process everything. I am currently on this journey and I employ you to enter a healing journey with God as well to be where it is that he needs you to be. I plan to have another show that will focus more on overcoming shame and guilt, but this one is more for understanding.

    (Post on Gentlemenhood) http://gentlemenhood.com/you-dont-know-her-story

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    Moment In The Word: The Chastisement of My Peace

    in Christianity

    "...But He waw wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquitries; the chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed..." Is. 53:5

    What is the chasitement for our peace?  Have you ever reallly taken the time to reflect upon the meaning of  the part in Isaiah 53:5..."the chaisement for our peace was upon Him..."  Let's take a moment in the word to learn some of the depth of that statement, one that we often quote  

    We all need to know that there is purpose to this life, and a genuine hope even when all seems to have fallen apart. There are some that God has called to minister to the inner hurts of those who others have pushed aside and left to become "marginal people". Marginal people are those who feel shut-out and abused by the very family (community) called to nurture them. These are the very people that Jesus ministered to during His journey. When gathering at The Well you will discover that God has a plan and sees His creation (you and I) with hope and promise. Therefore, like the woman at the well, come and take the opportunity to drink from the well (the word of God) that never runs dry and will quench spiritual thirst...and you shall be healed and delivered. http://gatheringatthewell.isteaching.com/

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    Heavenly Sunlight

    in Religion

    Jaremiah Chapter 7 King James Version

    Here God is saying in very strong and yet tender words,that the children are profaining his name, by going to the temple and pretending to serve, when they are worshipping other false God's,Jeremiah is told to stand at the gate of the temple and cry out this message of repentence  and returning to God, or Judment was surely coming,quit being hyopcrites and be true, this is the same message  that is going out today by the true Men Of God.

    Habakkuk 3:19 The LORD God is my strengh; He will make my feet like deer's feet. And He will make  me walk on my high hills.



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    TRUNEWS 03/20/2015: Phil Robertson at the Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast

    in News

    The United State’ top allies are fleeing from the dollar-backed system in record numbers to join up with China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Is this the beginning of the “Crack-Up” phase mentioned by Regan economic advisor, David Stockman? In part 2, Rick presents an excerpt from Phil Robertson’s powerful address given today at the annual Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast.