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    CONVERSION: Faith and Repentence

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    Today's show is Part 1 of a 3 part series on the turning point in YOUR LIFE!  Coversion is scriptually defined as our willingness to respond to the gospel call, in which we sincerly repent of sins and place our trust in Chirst for salvation. 
    Three Critical Questions:
    1.  What is true repentence
    2.  What is saving faith
    3. Can people accept Jesus as Savior and not as Lord
    Join me for a more in-depth teaching of God's Word!

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    Romans chapter ten, a blueprint for the Gospel.

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    In this episode I will explain the tenth chapter of the book of Romans. I will explain why this sometimes overlooked chapter is a cornerstone of the born again experience. I will explain that the meaning of this chapter is not one of law, how the law is used here to open up grace

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    Getting Too Comfortable with God and Others

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    This is the last show of the season and I felt it was great to end out on a show about being too comfortable. We get far too comfortable in our relationships with God. God is so patient with us and despite our sinful ways, he sent his son to die for our sins. His hope is that none of us should perish even though we have free will to do as we choose (2 Peter 3:9). However, we take advantage of his grace all the time and do the opposite of what we should. I know from my experience that turning away from God and going into the World is the most foolish decision I have ever made and will ever make. It was not worth one ounce of it and God tried to steer me away every step of the way. I could have avoided so much unnecessary pain and wasted time. I know many can relate to this as well.

    Even though God loves us, there is a time when he will allow us to do what we want in sin and he will step back and allow us to face our consequences (Romans 1:24). Yes there is grace and a chance to be forgiven, but if we push him away too much eventually we won't hear the Holy Spirit anymore. We cannot be saved without being forgiven and how can we be forgiven if we do not have the heart to repent? The Holy Spirit brings true repentence (2 Corinthians 7:10)

    We also take advantange of others here on Earth and we take people for granted. We think that we will always have the option of having someone around when this is not true. As I mentioned on Instagram, even the nicest person has a limit.

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    I will be talking about repentence and how everybody need to repent of their sins

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    Luke Chapter 19/ Out On a Limb For Jesus

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    On this broudcast, SONSHINE USA Bible teacher Warren Landis launches into the 19th chapter of Luke. We will hear about Zaccheus and his encounter with Jesus Christ......an encounter that Changed his life. Tune in to hear this inspiring story plus a whole lot more!

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    True Repentence - C326

    in Christianity

       Ever do something wrong and almost automatically say "I'm sorry?" Did you really mean it? True repentence is something we all need and we need to know what it means. Come join us as we learn what it means to repent and do the first works over.
    Sometimes the truth is a little hard to handle, but Jesus said the truth will set you free. Come on, become one of the thousands listening to CNR and discover the loving truth of God's Word for yourself. Jesus loves you, and He wants to meet you; no matter who you are.
    We are, as Believer's in Christ, to come out of the world and to be separate, to be different and to love our neighbors and to witness Christ. Come out of the socially acceptable haze of a watered down "gospel" that doesn't address sin and the soul of men: come out of the darkness and into the light of pure Bible truth.

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    THE COME UP HIGHER series  Today's Message: REPENTENCE and FAITH IN GOD are FOUNDATION-PRINCIPLES for believers ~ Concerning principles of Faith in THE LORD; We must know them, we must not lose them, we must not despise them, we must not forget them. We must lay them up in our hearts, and use them as the foundation of all our profession and expectation; but we must not rest and stay in them, WE MUST BUILD ON THEM.
    We start with MORNING DEVOTION on the EVERYDAY CHRISTIAN worship hour at 7AM… followed by THE VOICE OF REASONS PROPHETIC MINISTRY with The prophet Mary Washington bringing you a burden removing yoke destroying Word from the Lord. Prayer, Praise and Prophecy!  The VOICE is what God has said, the REASONS are what He meant when He said it.
    Send your Prayer Request to voiceofreasons@live.com.
    We are trusting in the Lord's provision, and ask you to partner with us in this ministry; together we can reach more people. We also ask you to pray for our ministry in our call to spread the Word of God through doctrinally sound Bible Teaching. To Give go to http://www.thevoiceofreasons.org  May God bless you in your giving. Questions or comments can be made by writing us at voiceofreasons@live.org

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    Christian Talk

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    talking about prayer current events and agape

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    My House Is Forsaken

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    Jeremiah Chapter 12:7-10

    We have here a replay of actions that God is displeased with,and because of the behavior of the people who are called by his name have fallen from him into a state of being luke warm,he has removed his spirit from them and has forsaken his house. Pastor's have and are destroying his coveant he has made with all who came to him in repentence and were saved, have gone into spirtual death, because the Pastor and Preacher's are no loger preaching the fear of God,Eternity is near,and they need a spiritual revevival.

    Isiah 58:9 Then you shall call, and The Lord will answer; You shall cty, and he will say"Here I am"



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    Learning How to Respond to Prophecy - Apostle Earnestine Cooper Elrc

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    When the prophet Isaiah brought prophecy to Israel and Jerusalem the Northern Kingdom and Judah the Sourthern Kingdom the response of most of them was not to repentence or change. When warning comes we need to move swiftly to place ourselves in the right place for Salvation, the obedience of God.