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    Civil Rights Discussion with Jerry Mitchell

    in History

    The stories of Clarion-Ledger investigative reporter Jerry Mitchell have helped put four Klansmen behind bars.  A winner of a MacArthur genius grant and a Pulitzer Prize finalist.

    Since 1989, the investigative reporter for The Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, MS, has unearthed documents, cajoled suspects and witnesses, and quietly pursued evidence in the nation’s notorious killings from the civil rights era. His work helped put four Klansmen behind bars giving justice to these families: Medgar Evers; the four beautiful young ladies in the Birmingham church bombing; Vernon Dahmer; and, Chaney, Goodman, & Schwerner (aka sadly, Mississippi Burning case)

    After winning the prestigious George Polk Award for a second time, Mitchell received a MacArthur genius grant — only the second investigative reporter to ever receive the $500,000 award. Others have also noticed his work. In 1996, filmmakers portrayed him in the movie Ghosts of Mississippi about the reopening of the Medgar Evers assassination. 

    In October 1998, Mitchell was recognized a at the Kennedy Center in Washington. ABC's Chris Wallace told those gathered for the Anti-Defamation League event, "Jerry Mitchell isn't comfortable being called a hero, or being portrayed as one in the film, Ghosts of Mississippi. It is difficult, however, to find a better word than 'hero' to describe Jerry Mitchell. Today, justice — long delayed — has been served, and Sam Bowers and Byron De La Beckwith grow old in jail."

    Mitchell received his degree in journalism at Harding University in 1982, a master’s in journalism from Ohio State University in 1997 and an honorary doctorate in law from Colby College in 2006.

    Mitchell has won countless awards, but I only have 2000 characters!  I will share these during the broadcast! Please listen in on Wednesday, April 6, 2016, at 11:00 AM. 

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    The reopening of Disney's California Adventure

    in Entertainment

    The Geeks review and look at the reopening of Disny's California Adventure Park, and look at Car's Land

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    Hosting Live from the Pup House at Shed Leathers First Innaugural Code Night

    in LGBT

    Information Provided By Shed Leathers:

    Our season reopening party this year is SURE to put be UNLIKE anything we have delivered thus far. 
    After much consideration we have put together an evening that Old Guard Leathermen and new to the Leather scene leathermen have inquired, desired and mostly required for over 10 LONG YEARS !!! 
    The Queen City, The State of North Carolina and yes even for most of the Southeast have been without said, " a real CODE night" We heard you and WE GOT YOU !!!!!!!
    We tend to lean on the side of Jaw DROPPING, Eyebrow RAISING events we have hosted past. This WILL BE NO DIFFERNT !!!!! 
    The one thing that WILL be differnt FOR SURE is that, 
    Old Guard Leathermen from the " Old Skool Cruising Era" will be brought back in time. 
    Gentlemen do you remember a time when you had it .....right ...in ....front .....of ..you.....? When you could touch it......? When you could tatse it.......? When you could smell him......? Lick him......, Pet him....., Spank him....., Tickle him....., Nibble on him...., Tie him up, Gentlemen...this is, THAT TIME ONCE AGAIN , THIS NIGHT is "THE NIGHT" you , 
    SHED LEATHER DRESS CODE NIGHT is CONFIDANT to leave even the "OLD SKOOL CRUISING" leathermen with a BIG SMILE ! 
    Come see friends from years past and meet plenty of new ones all while smoking a nice cigar, having a good boy boot black for you, watching some good fetish scene LIVE in front of you, all while being in our space we will be providing for an this EXCLUSIVE PARTY . 
    There will be a privacy wall built with a door sectioning a restricted area to those not in code from entering a CODE ZONE . 

    The SOLE purpose of this event is to ALLOW an ERA to be REVISITED it has been WAY TOOOOO LONG!!! 

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    Bridging Spirit with Jody, Linda and Christina

    in Spirituality

    Tonight we will once again be holding an opendiscussion night. We will be discussing everything from Paranormal Investigations, Mediumship and Angel readings and more. We also will be going back abit and reopening some of our past topics such as negative Energy and how you can protect yourself n a daily basis. have questions about a haunting or want to ask if your home maybe haunted, call in or come to chat and allow us to help you find out what may be going on. Would you like to connect to a loved one or maybe your own angels? We will also be doing readings live as well. The floor is wide open for all your questions tonight. We hope you will either call in or come to our chat room and lets chat!! Starts tonight Live 8 EST

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    Power of Perception Coaching Dan Ryan

    in Spirituality

    Dan was born and raised in a small Midwestern town surrounded by a large working class family. He had a happy childhood - being the youngest of five brothers.

    Early on, he struggled in school and was challenged throughout his adult life with the  undiagnosed learning impairments of ADD and dyslexia. He spent his junior and senior years enrolled in the school vocational program working construction until midday then going to school for the afternoon and participating in sports after school.

    After graduating from high school, Dan had a beautiful son and began his journey raising him as a single father while working in a factory for seven years. During this time he saved his money until having enough to go to college.

    He graduated from a small community college, and he and his son moved across the state to attend Illinois State University and graduated with a double major - History and Social Science – and a teaching certificate. While at ISU, Dan became a father again, to Brittney, a wonderful daughter.

    Moving back to his hometown, Dan taught 6th grade for five years before receiving a scholarship from the University of Illinois. After be granted a sabbatical from his district superintendent, he graduated from the U of I with a Masters of Education. Soon thereafter, Dan was blessed with Lexi, a fantastic granddaughter.

    He returned to his home school district and became a certified media specialist. He oversaw the reopening and expansion of the high school library and ran it for five years.

    After taking care of his mother in his home for an extended illness, he decided to change direction and become a building contractor. He did this for eight years. In the meantime, he met and married the love of his life, Jill, and gained a wonderful stepdaughter, Meghann!


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    The Health and Wellness Show - 27 Nov 2015 - Frankenfoods: GMOs in our Foodchain

    in Health

    The latest news on the Genetically Modified foods front is the FDA approval of the GMO salmon in the US, or "Frankenfish", as it's not-so-affectionately termed. This marks the first genetically modified animal food to be approved for entry into our foodchain, and its approval in other countries is anticipated to follow, despite widespread public outcry.

    Today on the SOTT Talk Radio Network's Health and Wellness Show, we'll be reopening the topic of GMOs and exploring the implication of genetically modified animal foods entering our foodchain. Is there any hope in avoiding these frankenfoods? Join us as we explore this topic and more.

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    Red Maryland Radio #241: November 19, 2015

    in Politics Conservative

    It’s an all new episode of Red Maryland Radio tonight at 8 PM on the Red Maryland Network.

    On tonight's show:

    Governor Hogan's decision on refugees is making waves. We discuss;
    We'll tackle the #OccupyTowson nonsense;
    The Anne Arundel School Board Nominating Commission is reopening the nomination process for two School Board seats; what does it all mean?
    The Maryland Republican Party Convention is this weekend, and some bylaw amendments are ginning up some controversy (for some);
    And Greg says that the Maryland "establishment" is coalescing around Marco Rubio. We'll discuss that, and figure out when I became "establishment."

    All that and more is why you can’t afford to miss an episode of Red Maryland Radio on the Red Maryland Network…….and don't forget that you can subscribe to all Red Maryland Network programming on iTunes and on Stitcher.

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    Motorsports Weekly and The Needmore Speedway Reopening Sho

    in Sports

    Motorsoprts Weekly is proud to announce the reopening of Needmore Speedway in Norman Park,Georgia.Guest on the ahow will be Keith Stith and dan Broome.The two men who will opening the speedway and bringing fast dirt track racing back to Nedmore Speedway.Fans and drivers alike will need to tune into the show as these guys give us the ins and out of the track as well as going over some of the rules for the various classes.
    Another that may be coming to the show that will be a racer that plans on turning laps at the track with his car.Name to be released later after conformation is made.
    We will open the phone lines at 8:30 for call-in to ask any questions to these two or three gentleman concerning the track.
    Please note that I do have kids listening to my show as it is family oriented so please refrain from any foul language.

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    The FWOT Show - Episode 203 - Goin' Back To Cali

    in Comedy

    On This Episode:? Have A Gun But Don't Shoot It? Plenty Of Prisons In California? Automatically Registered? Kimchi Tacos?? Alabama Reopening? BERNIE WINS!? Huckabee Sticks His Dogs Foot In Someone's Mouth? Don't Be Black If You Have A Gun? Breast Cancer Awareness Good? Bone Cancer Awareness Bad? Duke Leto Atradies Wouldn't Approve? Weird Law Of The Weekwww.theFWOTshow.com

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    Protesters Wage Hunger Strike To Save Dyett Public School

    in Women

    Are you willing to put your life on the line for what you believe? Twelve advocates of supporting good neighborhood public schools have certainly done so. The Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, wants to close Dyett public school, strategically located in the Hyde Park area bordering the Bronzeville community, forcing families to have to travel miles away from home to reach a nearby public school. In Chicago, traveling to outside neighborhoods could be fatal, given the unchecked gang violence that cost so many lives last school year. The bottom line issue is always money. The Dyett High school building would serve those well who want to include it in a real estate deal as the city negotiates space in Hyde Park for the new Presidential library. And as for the safety and education of the children? The city has chosen to ignore an excellent plan for the reopening Dyett as a Dyett Global Leadership and Green Technology School. Mr. Jitu Brown and Dr. Ayesha Wade Bey join us to give an update on the hunger strike.

  • Everything "Relationships" & YOU At The University Of Love

    in Family

    So what makes EVERYTHING “RELATIONSHIPS” AT THE UNIVERSITY OF LOVE, different from any other talk radio show on relationships?

    • Well I’m glad you asked, there are many differences that you will  notice right away.  First of all the show and it’s topic begin at the beginning of each week,  right here on social media. Long before my show air you will get a peek at that weeks topic.  The beginning of each week  I will post songs, movies, and actual posts from you guys on my page, that will be the source of my topic that week.   You are encouraged to listen, watch and even have open discussions on my pages if you’d like.

    Instead of talking randomly about relationship issues, I have chosen to be a tad bit more creative by using songs, videos, movies, books and social media posts about the challenges that each of has most likely confronted,  at some point in our own  lives.  I think that this will eliminate reopening many of the emotional scars that we might be still dealing with.   The issues in the resources that I’m using might be very familiar, but they are not about you, they are about the characters and those that inspired its work from the artist or actor.  The goal is to allow us to speak about and peek into the message of the work, while trying to find answers and even revelations about our own choices in life.

    • Every Friday night at 9:00 pm est the show will air for 2 hours, you are encouraged to join in on the conversations if you’d like about our topics of the night.  We will respect the privacy of others by not discussing  real people, no names will be spoken on the show even in reference to your point.   This is not a hate session, but an opportunity for us to take a closer look at ourselves  and how we affect the outcome of our relationships.