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    Live with Barrett: Bold, Gold and Inspired

    in Motivation

    Welcome to Live with Barrett. Author and international lifespan consultant and coach Barrett Clemmensen Powell is your host. 

    The topics are all about and for you, so you can make the most of your personal and professional life. Focused on spreading love, making money and changing the world, Barrett will be bringing you programs around many topics. Here is where you will find bold success strategies, practical tools for good living, insight across the lifespan to empower you to make wise decisions for your life, wellness, spirituality,  interviews with successful entrepreneurs, some commentary on current events and more.

    Today's show is about what it takes to put yourself on the map so you can fulfill your purpose and reach the people you want to serve. It is part of a leadup to the first of an ongoing series of conversations with some of the most exciting, successful people around the globe who are effectively, joyfully and profitably working their side hustle or running a fulltime entrepreneurial business. That conversation begins on April 18.

    Listen in today. Be empowered! Be inspired!


    Thrive SAN DIEGO 2015 . A Weekend Wisdom & Wellness July 18 / 19 BUY TICKETS HERE

    10% discount code: LWB0415 (expires 4/20) / 20% discount: listen to the show and send your quiz answer to info(at)barrettcpowell.com


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    Marsha McClelland's CALL TO ACTION to Save Ourselves from Forced Vaccines

    in News

    Start here to DEFEAT SB277:  Health Committee Chair in CA, Dr. Richard Pan (click on it) and here is Marsha McClelland's page too. 

    Host Sallie O. Elkordy says send Legislation for a VACCINE FREE 2015 to Congress to sponsor (petition) http://tinyurl.com/VaccineFree2015 and then copy and paste the text of the bill to a word doc and HAND deliver it to your U. S. Representative's Home Office:   http://www.house.gov/representatives/ and ask them to forward to the legislative staffer.   Get name of same and follow up weekly till we are vaccine free!

    Scroll DOWN to the bottom of this page for a lot more information.

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    Talk 2 Me: More Love Poetically Speaking Pt.2

    in Entertainment

    Today, Mon. 3/2/15 at 6:30pm, on Talk 2 Me Radio the topic is "MORE LOVE POETICALLY SPEAKING PT.2!". Guest is "Renie Love." She's a playwright, actress, poet, mother, singer, public advocate, and director out of New Haven, CT.

    NEW SITES: http://www.stamfordct.gov/youth-services/webforms/youth-serving-agency-directory#D &  http://www.ditrfindingthespiritinme.org Coming soon the Center for Family Justic web page.



    twitter @CLH T2M OR @TALK2CHERI, 



    42DITR@GMAIL.COM /CALL DITR AT 203-952-9807



    GO TO http://16weeks.ning.com/profile/runningintothelight 4brief  RIL description

  • Consciousness Evolution Hour with Philip Mollica - The Dream Within The Dream

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Philip Mollica’s Consciousness Evolution Hour!  On our show, we will be discussing in depth a wide range of metaphysical topics from Highest / Broadest Perspective possible, and everything below. Proudly presented through Rob Gauthier's Enlightenment Evolution Network!

    Tonight! January 8th, 2015 at 9pm ET, 6pm PT, join hosts Philip Mollica, along with his special cohort in crime, Debbie McClelland Jacobson, Entities Peatre and Tammara, Seth, Elias, Bashar and the rest of the crew for an unforgettable journey into the psyche, spirit, soul, our consciousness... indeed, our very existence.

    Tonight's topics will include recent dream activity, telepathy, and likely probable realities over the next 15 years of so, but specifically some very high percentage probable events in the next two years.

    Join the Local Live Consciousness Evolution Meetup Group that meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month in Clarkston, Michigan at: http://www.meetup.com/ConsciousnessEvolution/

    You can find Philip and the Consciousness Evolution 2.0 Group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/sethabe

    Also subscribe to Philip's YouTube page at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd_P0t3__hlaQxikjnnWL5w

    Donate here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=MJGWH22NNSNS2

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    The Script Behind The Film-The Trial 2020.

    in Entertainment

    Abraham Doe is from NYC. MBA Int'l business, worked Wall Street and Corporate America 30 years. One 4 credit film class undergrad - fell in love with film. Wants to contribute to strengthening the fabric of America via TV and film. Dec. 7, 2014 - PHOENIX -- A new TV court drama, "Trial 2020," about America's challenges defining "right" and "wrong," is right-timed and catching attention. Private discussions about acquisition options have begun.The Script Behind The Film introducing you to great film makers. The Cast

    Nadine Jackson - Beverly Whittington

    Sandy Penny - Blanche Anderson
    Eva Louis - Judge Rhonda Sanchez
    Tim Helmstadter - Neely McClelland
    Mark DeBoer - Johnny Wood
    Mark Rose - Officer Jack Adams
    Marc DeCrosta - Luther Brock
    Julie Van Lith - Mandie Chadsworth
    Joseph Martin Jauch - Mitchell McLaughlin
    Abraham Doe - Atwell Jake
    Miles Koudelka - Detective Thomas Kennedy
    Sylvie Cohen - Court Audience
    Susan Jude - Court Audience (as Susie Laskorski)
    Susan Rienzo - Bar Scene
    Daniel Blunk - Court Audience
    Rebecca Shriver - Court Audience
    Jessica Daniels - Court Audience
    Ryan Van Sickle - Court Audience
    Matt Cluever - Court Audience
    Janet Boudreau - Court Audience

    Also  Author Rene Abril  joins us with our giveaways We will make a random call to someone in the United States letting  them know they have won one of his books .Our way getting the artist out there in America.  If you heard one of our live calls, you would know 95% it will go wrong .

    Join us live Fri.

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    Girls Night Out on the Celestial Show

    in Spirituality

    Aleta McClelland is the special guest joining Celeste Morgan for “Girls Night Out” on the Celestial Show. The number 3 is the energy of the day and to celebrate the number of creativity, they will be exploring the gifts of the divine feminine energy embodied in the Empress Card of Tarot.

    When did Aleta become so audacious and is Celeste really so Celestial? The answers will be revealed through our divine psychic gifts on a special “Girls Night Out.”

    Join us for merriment and we’ll do some readings too.

    Call in 347 426 3346 or post your questions on "The Celestial Show with Celeste Morgan" fan (LIKE) page on Facebook.

    Aleta McClelland has a wide range of abilities. As a life-long intuitive empath with 25+ years experience in astrology, Aleta loves combining the psychological study of your astrological chart with the psychic, claircognizance she brings to every reading. Aleta likes to describe Astrology as, "The love letter your soul wrote you before you were born offering you insight, direction and in times of need, strength, validation and empowerment." Every astrological chart maps a life being lived on target with purpose. Aleta specializes in offering practical and immediate tools and insights into any life situation. Aleta's work releases the barriers that stand between thinking about and living YOUR heart's individual and global vision.


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    In Pursuit of the Divine - Raw Naked Beauty with Katherine McClelland

    in Health

    Katherine has worked in business, healing, psychology, health, and spirituality. She is a mother, daughter, sister, friend and lover. She became worldly at a young age living in the Middle East most of her childhood giving her a rich appreciation for diversity and belonging. In addition to all the wonderful experiences and journeys in her life, her heart has been touched by trauma, loss, grief, pain, and health and financial issues in herself and her family and friends and the larger society in which she lives.

    She knows that her life has been enriched by those things and sees herself a kinder, stronger and wiser person for all of it. She is passionate and caring and Grateful, above all, for the gift of life and for the lives of her loved ones, her son, and people everywhere. She considers all people her people, all animals kin and all of nature her mother and home. She lives with the knowing of a Oneness with all and the warmth that comes from claiming it All as our own to care for. At 50+ she is a model of health, wellbeing and beauty for the boomer generation. She is a leader for women in the art of caring for yourself in your body, mind, heart & soul while caring passionately and making a difference in the world. She has a sharp mind, a big funny bone, and a healthy libido that she credits as one of the primary forces in her and in every woman’s life and the font of women’s power. Katherine believes that passion and pleasure are the font of a woman’s beauty and their ability to inspire themselves and others, underscoring the need for women to have presence in the body, and in the heart, mind, and soul as well. As the founder of RawNakedBeauty and the creator of the non profit, RawNakedBeautyProject she is devoting her life and creativity to inviting women to see the beauty they already are, enjoy their lives and live empowered from the song in their soul. 

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    Women's Radio Network Presents Open Forum: Hosted by Roger Moore 7/28/2014

    in Lifestyle

    Shannon Smith At 10:00AM

    Nancy Champlin At 10:24PM

    Tiffany Price At 10:36AM

    Renie Chander At 11:12AM

    Kelly Green At 11:48AM

    Susan Williams At 12:00PM

    Anita Oberwortann At 12:24PM

    Stephanie Sanders At 12:36PM

    Kim Carter At 12:48PM

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    Cherokeeewoman Has Aerospace Engineer Clark McClelland Talking all things Space.

    in Education

    Lecturer and Author Clark C. McClelland, ScO, is making a guest appearance on tonight's show.12.30.2013 Monday 6:30 P.M. EST

    Clark's career as an Aerospace Engineer at NASA ended abruptly in 1992. He feels it was an effort to keep him from learning more about the object in space that NASA is aware is headed our way to planet Earth. Maybe he will talk about what he knows in regard to what it could be and whether it is causing some of the unusual weather and earth changes we have been witnessing lately. Just an honorable mention about Clark's experience of having launched or wirnessed 684 missions into space since 1958. He holds the record for this achievement.

    Please visit his website to read more:


    I want to invite you to listen and to call in as a guest to talk about it with Mr. McClelland, ScO.

    CALL (646) 200- 4955 to be on the show with us as we learn more about space together with our Special Guest who was in the space industry for 34 years.1958-1992. NASA, Florida.


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    Audrey McClelland and How to build a smarter kid

    in Moms and Family

    Audrey McClelland discusses lessons for parents outside the classroom and how to build a smarter kid.
    Co-founder with her Mom and Sister, Audrey has an online destination for moms with 800 videos and 5000 articles on latest trends. 
    This Life Lessons Show is sponsored by Crayola, ARRIS and Excedrin.

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    Guest - Clark McClelland- former NASA engineer.

    in Current Events

    The show with Jerome Robert Corsi, author of "Hunting Hitler" will be rescheduled for 1/23/2014.

    Today will be reairing one of Jack's popular shows, interview with Clark McClelland.

    Clark McClelland is a former NASA engineer. He served in the US Naval reserve and performed counter espionage activities.  He was involved in efforts to defend Cape Canaveral during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He was involved in the Apollo space program and the Space Shuttle program.