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    7 Easy Ways to Renew Yourself

    in Motivation

    It’s springtime and the earth is renewing herself and so should we. How do we bring some of the joy back into our adult lives?  The answer is a matter of getting serious about bringing happiness and energy into our activities.

    ·         1.Give yourself permission to step out of your routine. 

    ·         2.Live in the now.  Take notice of what's around you and be fascinated by things you haven't noticed before.

    ·         3.Be an explorer. 

    ·         4.Do something creative and  try something new. . The point is to analyze less and create more.

    ·         5.Play around with something fun. . Do something that puts a smile on your face 

    ·         6.Be less critical, more open minded. ·        . 

    ·         7.Write about your dreams. Start a journal as a way to capture what's great about your day and what hopes you

                 have for the future. Use your imagination and explore your wildest dreams. true.

     It takes time to change our habits and patterns, so be patient, persistent and consistent.

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    How To Renew Your Mind

    in Religion

    To change your life you must renew your mind. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed b the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God, (Romans 12:2).

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    "Pan De Vida"

    in The Bible

    Estudio Biblico con el apostol Emilio Torrez

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    What Does It Mean To Renew Our Mind in Christ?

    in Christianity

    Often we are told that we must renew our mind in Christ but how do we do that if we dont even know what that means? I welcome you listen in on this bible teaching today on how to renew the mind. Uoudont want to kmiss out on this teaching because every born again believer needs this even if you think you don't!

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    release and renew

    in Spirituality

    renew and release new show

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    Restore, Renew, to Get Through the Storms in Your Life

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Toni  G. Alvarad , author of Stoking Your Dreams couldn't make it , so I talked about how to keep your eys on the prize. Keep your eyes on Your Dreams, And how your dreams were given to you by God. Follow his Will and not Your Will. Storms move us to higher ground. Storms create a breakthrough. 

    God will never leave you nor forsake you.

    God is always by your side. Listen to the show on following your dreams. How to breakthrough and not be discourage





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    Higher Design for Living Show: Review, Renew and Rejoice!

    in Spirituality

    Broadcasts segments to encourage, motivate, inspire and strengthen the listening audience to review where you are currently, to renew your commitment to yourself to reach your goals, and to rejoice in the fact that you are able to continue to move forward to fulfill your God-given purpose. Life is a journey to pursuing your purpose.

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    Renew The Mind And Actions, The Next Level

    in Social Networking

    Real Men Speak is a radio talk show design to stimulate conversation within our community and amongst men and women and especially the younger generation. The show is designed again to stimulate  conversation to help to change the way things are being developed and executed. I've learned that the only way things will change is if we come up with new ways of thinking and doing. So what I'm asking is that you the listening audience, You my friends and family, You my Colleagues come and join this movement to help make things better. The real man speak radio show is full of different ways to help create options for both our young men and men in general as well as the family. It takes a village to raise a standard for change

    The real men speak radio show does not have a topic of discussion, we want to have open dialogue conversation with you about the matters of the heart ,  and how to change the events  that are taking place.

    I need each and every one to become a player in the game and voice your opinions and your concerns so that our young listeners can hear the love that's coming from concerned  people like ourselves.  Myself and Real men speak cannot Change this on our own We are just one voice one voice.Please get involved. Our website is www.realmenspeak.org 


    George Stevenson

    Host / Producer

    Real Men Speak 


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    in Spirituality


    Dr. Joy, Psychic-Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Metaphysician, Holistic Healer, Motivational Speaker, Author profoundly teaches life enhancing practices and principles that can auto-magically change your life.  Each broadcast includes a healing meditation, an empowering message, followed by lively discussion on the air and in the chat room.   Callers may ask Dr. Joy questions as time permits, or may visit her sites and obtain additional information.

    To schedule a session for a psychic reading and success/life coaching with Dr. Joy, please go here: http://UnlimitedJoy.org/page3.html


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    Repurpose, Restore and Renew

    in Self Help

    Have you decided this is the year you will get rid of your stuff?  Join me and my guest Drew Meyer, Sr. Director of ReStore Operations Group at Habitiat for Humanity International and learn how your donated home goods can benefit others.

    Habitat for Humanity ReStores are nonprofit home improvement stores and donation centers that sell building materials, appliances, new and gently used furniture and home accessories at a fraction of the retail price. Habitat ReStores are owned and operated by local Habitat for Humanity affiliates and have raised more than $110 million for homebuilding while diverting more than 235,000 tons of reusable material from landfills. With more than 920 stores in five countries, proceeds generated by Habitat ReStores are used to help build homes, communities and hope locally and around the world. To shop, donate or volunteer, visit www.habitat.org/restores. 

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  • Flip Tip #087: Evaluate and Renew Your Business

    in Real Estate

    Entrepreneurs and small businesses do a great job and picking up bad habits and doing things that don't add value over time. It's natural...but the winners take time periodically to break apart your business and stop doing things that don't make sense. In this FlipNerd.com Flip Tip, Jason Roberts shares how to periodically evaluate and renew your business, so you can stay lean and mean! Check it out!

    Thanks for joining the FlipNerd Real Estate Investing podcast, where we interview the most experienced real estate investors in America. It's an incredible opportunity to learn about rental properties, rehabbing, wholesaling and assigning real estate, flipping houses, creative deals, and overall real estate investing education. We're the fastest growing real estate investing podcast in America, check out all of our incredible REI content!