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    Living & Thriving Guest: Renetta J. Cochran, President/CEO, Be Reel Productions,

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    Welcome  Renetta J. Cochran, President/CEO, Be Reel Productions, 

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    Jazz Legends Duke Ellington,Billy Taylor and Renetta DeBlase

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    Don't miss this fascinating journey back to the turbulent 1960s as Burke Allen talks to Renetta DeBlase, author of With Stars in My Eyes. Renetta was at ground zero for the turbulent civil unrest of the 60s while working closely with jazz legends including Duke Ellington and Billy Taylor.  Don't miss this show!

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    Almost Famous Fridays

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     Scott Stevens-Eight percent of the population has the disease of alcoholism, millions more abuse alcohol and each alcoholic or alcohol abuser affects an average of eight more people. Those families and friends and even the alcoholic can feel hopeless and helpless. But there is hope for all. Scott knows the topic, not just as a journalist/author and researcher, but as an alcoholic who drank two liters of Jack Daniel’s a day, daily, for two years.

    Professional, sassy, and intellectual are the words that best describe, Renetta J. Cochran, the
    visionary and founder of Be Reel Productions, LLC, which includes Abraham’s Publishing 
    Company and The Author’s Corner Magazine, the online magazine to promote the self-
    published authors. The humbling journey for this courageous, African American woman began 
    in her birthplace of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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    2X NFC Champ & Former Carolina Panthers DB Dante Wesley

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    The Total Tutor will interview former Carolina Panther Dante Wesley. He will discuss his book.
    F.A.C.T.S. Uncensored Inside a Professional Sports Marriage Every truly successful man is said to accredit his success to a woman. However, in the NFL and other professional sports, the downfall of a man’s marriage may be other women. Dante Wesley, who is still married to his college sweetheart after 10 years, would definitely agree. Both Dante and his wife Renetta have gone through their share of ups and downs that come along with a professional sports marriage. After being active in the NFL for 9 seasons and playing in 2 Super Bowls (Carolina Panthers 2003 & Chicago Bears 2006), Dante knows the struggles of keeping a marriage and family together during and after professional sports. First time marriages in the United States have about a 50% chance of success. And although professional sports athletes tend to earn much higher salaries than the rest of the professional workforce, about 70% of their marriages end in divorce. In the NFL, it can often be worse because of the physical and mental stress that comes with the years of playing; many times with injuries. At the outset, players are overjoyed that the sport that allowed them to live a financial life they only dreamed of, only to retire, divorce, and heal from both physical and emotional wounds; while still in their late 20’s and/or early 30’s. This is usually the age many of their college friends are just now starting to have success in their careers/marriages. After becoming a Free Agent at 31 and then deciding to retire at the age of 34, Dante and Renetta both had to redefine their life and marriage. They want to benefit the professional sports community in a way that would be impactful on multiple levels.

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    Domestic Violence - Part 2 (archive)

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    Today is Part 2 to Domestic Violence topic.  This is a 3 part series and we will cover every aspect as much a we can during this 3 part series.  Today we will also be live on the air with Author, publisher. Play writer ... Entrepreneur Renetta Shackelford Cochran joining us for the discussion.  Part 3 will be broadcasting on Free You Mind Friday...Don't miss it.

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    Dealing with Domestic Violence- Part 2

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    Today is Part 2 to Domestic Violence topic.  This is a 3 part series and we will cover every aspect as much a we can during this 3 part series.  Today we will also be live on the air with Author, publisher. Play writer ... Entrepreneur Renetta Shackelford Cochran joining us for the discussion. 

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    Coping with Social Anxiety Pt. 2

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    Did you know that all good psychology is GOD psychology? Living Well with Dr. Peg radio show shares effective psychological strategies based on biblical principles to help you to live well.
    We continue Part 2 of our discussion on Social Anxiety Disorders. My guest, Dr. Michele Cooley-Strickland shares her expertise in treating social anxiety with cognitive-behavioral techniques. Dr. Michele is a licensed psychologist and professor at both UCLA and Johns Hopkins University.
    In addition, Global Change Network, USA (GCN) ordination candidate, Renetta Haynes will share a few words about GCN's Ordination Ceremony tonight at Colorado Christian Fellowship. Renetta is being ordained as a minister in the office of Teacher. If you are in the Denver Metro area, we invite you to come to the Ordination Ceremony tonight, Friday, March 29, 2013 promptly at 7 pm. The address is 10630 E. Iliff Avenue, Aurora, CO 80014.
    If you or someone you know would like to be a guest on the show, contact Dr. Peg at info@drpegonline.com.

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    BDPA iRadio: June 28, 2011

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    The BDPA iRadio Show creates a vibrant communications platform that speaks to all BDPA stakeholders.  We enojuyed an exciting line-up for our show on June 28.

    Renetta English- is the BDPA New York chapter president.  She will share 'best practices' from her chapter.
    The host is Franne McNeal.  The BETF Executive Director is Wayne Hicks.  The producer is Michele F. Ortmann.  The online chat coordinator is Everaldo Gallimore.  The technical advisor is John Malonson. 
    The show is sponsored by the BDPA Education and Technology Foundation.

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    The Authors Corner

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    Renetta Cochran,Author, Publisher and CEO of Abraham's Publishing Company will talk about book publishing.

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    Urgent: brother & sister vanish; man tells police kids are dead!

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    Urgent -- A 5-year-old girl and her 3-year-old brother missing and a man walks into a police station, claiming the children are dead! What happened to Natalie and Jonathan Deblase and could they still be alive? Nancy Grace investigates, 8 & 10 p.m. ET on HLN.

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    (347) 857-3494

    Business owners... We want to hear from you...
    How did yoy get started? What made you go into that type of business? Has the road been easy? How is your business surviving the recession? What advice do you have for other business owners and what would you say to someone interested in starting a business?
    What are your pet peeves with businesses?
    We will be speaking with the OWNER of the new HOT magazine The Author's Corner... Renetta Cochran
    Let's talk about this...

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