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  • Mid Mo Sports Show 12-22-14

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    Join your hosts Justin Renaud and Chris Hooper for this weeks Christmas show! Topics include; Rams, Christmas stuff, Cheifs, sports stuff, man leaking, Justin wants celebration in the end zone, Chris wants socks for Christmas, Marshawn Lynch's appreciation of questions asked, and lots of Hot Sauce/Weak Sauce!

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    Meet Rick Renaud of the Victorville Oath Keepers

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    Every Monday we try to have people on the show that are making a difference in  San Bernardino County.  This Monday we will hear from Rick Renaud of the Victorville Oath Keepers.  The Oath Keepers are a group of citizens around the country that are mainly veterans and peace officers that are defending our constitution.  It is no surprise that Sheriff Paul D. Schrader is an Oath Keeper and so is Patricia Winkler, and John Wesley Nobles.  You do not have to be a veteran or peace officer to be a member and membership is encouraged.  
    Rick, is going to tell us about the first meeting of the Victorville Oath Keepers which is schedule for Saturday, July 13, 2013 at Valley Hi Nissan at 10:30 am.  The featured speaker will be Nancy Keesee, Fair Tax District Director, CA 8.  Nancy will be talking about the impact of taxation on our liberty and much, much, more.
    Tune in on your computer, or call in on your telephone; (347) 996-3116 and press 1 on your telephone to speak to Sheriff Paul.
    All shows are live but are recorded for future play. We invite you to export, copy and share.

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    Blue Sky Highway™ [episode 010 v1] - "Calliope's Tears"

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    Welcome to this tenth BSH episode, entitled, "Calliope's Tears." "Calliope," for those who may be unfamiliar with Greek mythology, was the muse of epic poetry. How befitting a name, for this episode, which includes the haiku of Basho, Buson, and Issa, and is the tenth, in a series of episodes. 

    The Circle, or Decad, has, since ancient times been a representation for the Number Ten. From the very first BSH [ep001], to this tenth, we may see an apt illustration of the decad, as the recpticle of all things, and containing elements of the preceding episodes.

    Sit back, relax, and take a journey within your mind and being, as you listen to these selected artists:

    GothicStorm Music - A Universe in a Teardrop
    Giyo - Are the Animals Gone
    Julsy fea Quiet Sun - Before Hibernation
    The Inconsisten Juke Box, Renaud Deback and Luciole Langevine - L'Inhumanite
    Hazel Iris - Spacey Jane
    Blood 'n' Tongue - Calling Forth the Spirits
    Zeb Machine - Destiny
    Bam Spacey - Taigan
    Mobelstuck Beckmann - L'Armateur
    NoisE LaB - The Missing
    eyezwitouttaface - In and Out of Time
    LeClair - Winter Marches On
    Agitation Phi - Om Sweet Om

    Please Note: There is no live pre-show for this episode, and for more information, links, and/or contact:

    Michael Ash Sharbaugh has been the co-producer and host for this episode, as well as, [ep005], [ep006], and [ep008]

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    Talk Radio Network with Owner 'BACK TO THE BOOKS' JON RENAUD

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    Be ENTERTAINED listening to the dynamic speaker, Jo-Anne Vandermeulen, as she sizzles with energy and introduces her special guest: Suspense/Thriller Author JON RENAUD. Jon is a true supporter of indie authors, owner and operated of ‘Back to the Books’—the only bookstore opened for the sole purpose of bringing the works of independent authors from around the world together in one place. ‘Back to the Books’ has assembled an incredible collection of unique books for the residents and visitors of Manitou Springs and the surrounding communities to enjoy.
    Follow and interact with Jon Renaud today at: http://www.jonrenaud.com/and more news for ‘BACK TO THE BOOKS’ - http://www.backtothebooks.net/books

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    Mid MO Sports Show 8-18-14

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    Join Justin Renaud and Chris Hooper for this weeks show. Topics include; KC Royals, Cardinals, Johnny Manzel, the rash of penalty flags in pre-season NFL, Missouri football preview, fantasy football preview, lots of hot sauce/weak sauce and Coach Howard, head coach of the Rolla Bulldogs, stops by to preview there season, and much more.

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    Mid MO Sports Show 8-4-14

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    Join hosts Justin Renaud and Chris Hooper as they discuss the NFL, Cardinals trades and updates, Missouri basketball, Donald Sterling, lots of Hot Sauce/Weak Sauce,NBA, Justin's definition of sport and much more.

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    Mid MO Sports Show 7-28-14

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    Tune in this week as hosts Justin Renaud and Chris Hooper discuss Justin Blackmon, Ray Rice's suspension, Chris Kluwe, the sale of the Buffalo Bills, NFL expansion in Europe, FIFA possibly stripping Russia of the World Cup, Cardinals trade rumors and much more.

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    Mid MO Sport Show 7-21-14

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    Tune in as Justin Renaud and Chris Hooper discuss the worst team names in sports, distractions on NFL Teams (Manziel vs Sam),  Rams and Chiefs team previews, the Cardinals plans for the 2nd half of the season, the British Open and what Rory McElroy means to golf moving forward, and where Kevin Love will end up. That and MUCH more on this week's Mid MO Sport Show.

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    Interview with Gilbert Renaud

    in Self Help

    Gilbert Renaud brings to us" Total Biology", with its tremendous body knowledge, brings a great understanding on "how to help a person to become aware of the emotional trauma behind any condition and or pattern by connecting the person with its own roots (history, life time-line, project-purpose, to name just a few...)!

    When we understand Total Biology, it becomes a great tool to help others...
    Through understanding, the final step for the client, is to arrive at a solution to the situation of conflict, either in practice or by overcoming it, and finally by letting go of it.

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    En 1ère heure: Paris: Le Journal du Yoga. En 2ème heure: Québec: La FFY

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    Première heure:  Renaud Cellier, président des Éditions portant son nom (RC Editions) est l’éditeur et le promoteur du Journal du Yoga.  Publié depuis 2000,  ce journal est écrit par une équipe de journalistes professionnels du yoga et du mieux-être ou de thérapeutes (médecins, naturopathes, herboristes).qui touche des techniques de bien-être, L' objectif est de promouvoir, auprès du grand public, la pratique du yoga et des disciplines corporelles et énergétiques, sans exclusive, ni à priori.

    Deuxième heure: La Fédération Francophone de Yoga depuis le Québec avec le secrétaire Swami  Vijnananda

    C'est donc un rendez-vous (consultez ce convertisseur d'heure  pour savoir ou et quand cette émission enregistré live depuis YogaPartout Web Radio aura lieu.

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