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    in Religion

    Website: hiddengospel.com  HEAR what the SPIRIT says to the churches!  What manner of "word" preserves havens for contentious debates?  Such is NOT the Gospel, but a tainted curse! (Gal.1:1-6)  The Gospel heard and obeyed heals a WORLD unto ONE saving righteousness. Rightly understood, the Gospel will mandate REVOLUTION unto REALITY so POWERFUL that ALL CITIES of the NATIONS SHAKE and FALL before it! (Isaiah 19:1-5, 19:18-25, ch.24-25>-27) (Rev.16:12-21) (Daniel 2:44, 7:9-14, 11:28-37)   A "word" leaving men devout under stagnantly DIVERSE status quos, is NOT the monotheist GOSPEL which arose out of the EAST!   The word of repentance renders a born again "renaturalization", an allegiance, a reorientation from ABOVE.  Gospel Truth overcomes every false "mark" of beastly nations founded UNtrue to the fullness of YAH!   Maturation in the HOLY Spirit is not retention of any indiscriminate polytheist WESTERN world view! (Isa.48:22-49:6)  Be SEALED, PROTECTED in the NAME of the ONE LIVING YAH!  It is an OATH confirming ALL the EVERLASTING CONTRACT of THE COVENANT! (Rev.9:4, 6:12-7:17) (Acts 3:18-23)
    Messiah warned man to pray that prayers be found pure in allegiance unto the Son of Man.  Can man pray with a whole-heart for a prophetic eventuality he has not learned? (Psa.119:7) (Rom.10, 2:12) To die in lawLESSness, is to die in sins!" (John 8:23-32 .. 1John 3:4)  Wisdom has not wrought di-visionS.  My people perish beguiled in all manner of diverse fatal flatteries for lack of knowledge! (Hosea 4:1-12)    WHO has known the Gospel that it be YAH ALONE he serves? (Isaiah 48:1-49:6, 26:12-13)