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    Homeopathy and Spiritism

    in Spirituality

    Renata Hines, BSc.(Hons), D.D.S., LCCH, MARH, RHom., talks about the interesting intersection between Spiritism and Homeopathy. Dr. Hines is also a Spiritist who found the Spiritist Study Group of Harpenden. Join us LIVE and ask your question at 858-769-4705!

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    The Why of Weight Gain...Body, Soul, Spirit Issues

    in Self Help

    Coach Liz interviews Holistic,Life, and Wellness Coach Renata Smith on the Why of Weight Gain?  The whys deal just as much with soul and spirit as it does the body.  Tune in to begin to unravel the:" Why" of your weight gain. Coach Renata, a Registered Nurse, helps us to look beyond pharmaceuticals to other sources of health and well-being. Coach Renata promotes balance in one's life as a prevention of sickness. 

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    Philmchology Special: Lady in White (1988)

    in Film

    Remember the Halloweens of yesteryear?  The simple masks, school Halloween parties, when Trick or Treat took place one could get a trick or a treat it was always candy. Little toys were given, money and all sorts of fun things not just sugar!

    Full Movie on Youtube: Lady In White (1988)

    This movie offers a sweet look at simple America in the late 1950's as a writer remembers his childhood and the mysterious tragedies that brought him face to face with a serial killer who was frighteningly closer to the family than anyone ever dared believe.  I enjoy this movie mostly because it reminds me of the Halloween season in a spooky, yet sweet way.  Join me for another preparation for the big event on Friday October 31st Halloween on Levitating Mindsets Network.

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    Alice we are going down "The Rabbit Hole"

    in Current Events

    Is it just a FEAR TACTIC?
    Donald Trump blames President Obama?
    Africa as a continent is a gold mine to man; is this the new way to genocide the nation?
    Is this a way to keep us out for them to get in and take over?
    Hmmmm, something to think about! Join my guest G Devi-Turtle Persaud and Renata Marillia Ottley as we take a journey down the rabbit hole on the Bridget Norvell show @12pm Est.

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    in Entertainment

    Join us on Wednesday February 27,2013  7-10pm est as BUTTERFLY EFFECTRADIO goes 1 on1 with RENATA BROWN of ARTSON365.COM. she will be talking about her upcoming events and movement. She is always on the go promoting events and shows for artists,  recording vocals, doing graphic designs, writing poetry and so much more.  We will take your phone calls at 718-766-4295 all night long and welcome you to listen in at www.blogtalkradio.com/thebutterflyeffect 

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    "Conversations" with Renata Brown of Artson365.com

    in Art

    Join us as we welcome : Renata Brown of Artson365.com
    Join us as we welcome Ms. Renata Brown of Arts on 365. Ms. Brown, whom we affectionally call Renata is a highly celebrated and accomplished Graphics Artist, Poet and Author who has so graciously dedicted her Life and Time to assisting other Artists in being seen. At her Web Site www.ArtsOn365.com she features Artists of all Genres, their Music, their Words and other forms of Artistry. Join us as we speak of her Mission . . .  her Ministry . . .  this is going to be another Good One.

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    in Spirituality

    At 18:30 UK time on Sunday 17th August, presenters will gather online for 3 hours of prayer to assist in clearing the karma of the Israeli and Palestinian citizens and countries and to raise the vibration of light in their peoples and through their part of the earth, blessing them with deep compassion, love and healing transformational light.

    Organised and hosted by Rev. Dr. Swan Montague, this spontaneously created initiative is growing fast with leaders of influence stepping up to be part of this vital effort to bring healing and peace to a region torn by trauma, violence, war and religious separation for too long.

    Presenters to date include:
    Lama Lobsang Topgyal
    Lama Surya Das
    Lobsang Penbar
    Lobsang Wangyal
    Brigitte von Bulow
    Arun Gandhi
    Tony Samara
    Martha Reich Braden (musician) with Gregg Braden "In God's Eyes"
    Rev. Dr. Swan Montague (The Book of Sahra, Jesus' Secret Wife" & "Caviar for the Soul")
    Patrick Van Buyten and Katrijn Joris
    Rev. Celeste Yacoboni (How Do You Pray?)
    Shawn Gallaway ( I choose Love)
    Kevin James Caroll (musician)
    Ohad Ezrahi
    Joanne Shenandoah
    Oliver Riz, Asher Quinn, Judith Ansara & Robert Gass
    Baba Dez, Bruce Lyon, Deva Premal & Miten
    & Mooji

    JOIN US, your participation is valuable. Every thought and prayer count!

    How can you participate?

    Join this event on this page now, click 'like' and share on your newsfeed.
    To find out/do more and get regular updates to go https://www.facebook.com/pages/Swan-aka-Sahra-Renata-AuthorArtist/405595042917398

    International Times: US:1.30pm Est, 10.30 a.m. US.PST (7.30 am 18th August, Aus PST)

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    Artson365 takes over Mic Nice with LyricalForte & Renata B.

    in Poetry

    Mic Nice is being taken over this week by Artson365.com!!!! Join LyricalForte and his Co-Host Renata Brown as they spotlight Artson365 and get ready for the Arts on 356 Official Launch Party/ Extravaganza! 
    There will be some great poets and song birds coming throught LIVE to talk about the event and some other up and coming things! You do no want to miss it! Get Your Tix NOW FOR THE EVENT AT http://artson365launchparty.eventbrite.com/ . Check out Artson356.com as well!

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    Rodney Perry Live #172 - Georgia Arts, Neo Soul & Poetry Awards Edition

    in Comedy

    This week on Rodney Perry Live we are talking about The Georgia Arts, Neo Soul & Poetry Awards! Our guests include Renata Brown (Executive Director), Sunni Patterson, Xavier Lewis and George Tandy, Jr. 


    Rodney Perry Live is a show consisting of all arts and entertainment. Everything from comedy and politics to music and acting. Rodney covers it all with a comedic slant.

    Tune in each and every Monday at 2pm EST www.blogtalkradio.com/rodneyperrylive to check out "Rodney Perry Live" on internet radio: Call in number: (718) 305-6383.

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    Wanda's Picks Radio Show:50th Anniv. Freedom Summer

    in Art

    Inter-generational Action Agenda at Tougaloo College - Jackson, Mississippi, June 23 - 29, 2014

    John K. Pierre has been on the law faculty of the Southern University Law Center since 1990 and was promoted to vice chancellor in 2006. Pierre is a member of the Louisiana State Bar Association and the Texas Bar Association.  He has previous teaching experience as a visiting and adjunct professor at California State University, Southern Methodist University School of Law, Loyola University Law School, Southern University College of Business, Saint Leo's College, Webster University, Louisiana State University, and Baton Rouge Community College. He received the bachelor's degree in accounting from Southern University in 1980, a master's degree in tax accounting from Texas Tech University in 1982, and a juris doctor degree from Southern Methodist University School of Law in 1985. Pierre has published numerous articles on tax law, sales and contracts, real estate and commercial law, ranging from magazine features to legal journal and law review articles.

    We close with a prerecorded interview with Blair Doroshwalther, dir., Out in the Night (2013) and film subjects, Patreese Johnson and Renata Hill. Out screens June 26, 2014, 9:30 p.m. and June 28, 2014, 1:30 p.m. as a part of Frameline38. Out looks at the case of the New Jersey 4, 4 young Lesbian women arrested, charged and imprisoned when they defended themselves from first verbal then physical attack. The four women who faced the most time were those who maintained their innocence. Patreese and Renata are two of them.

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    The Gathering Space with host Renata

    in Self Help

    Join Renata as she celebrates the holiday season by opening the phone lines and sharing loving messages from the other side. Renata will take your live calls. Does your loved one have a message for you?
    Call in number 646-378-1399

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