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    June 21st 2015, 9pm(PST)- Renata Daniel, Lucky Psychic & Ghost Tour Owner

    in Paranormal

    Sunday night LIVE on two dates at the same time!  9pm Pacific time as well as Monday afternoon at 1pm AEST we are joined by Australia's wonderful Renata Daniel "the Lucky Psychic".  

    Renata is a investigator and spiritual medium who owns and runs Newcastle Ghost Tours over in New South Wales and is NHGT business owner and main tour guide. She has worked in private business as a psychic for over 16 years and has been conducting classes in basic psychic development for the past 5 years. She has been involved in leading paranormal tours since 2008 and believes that each time we venture out to  investigate things that go bump in the night  it provides us with an opportunity to challenge our beliefs in what lies beyond the world as we believe we know it.

    “I love local history and my tours allow me to share what I have learned so far.  Every time I conduct a tour there is always someone who knows a story that their grandmother or grandfather has told them about early Newcastle or has had an experience themselves. People’s personal stories are always the most fascinating.”

    Renata has a Diploma in Individual, Couple & Family Counseling and also completed her Hypnotherapy Certification in 2010. She is a Reiki practitioner and psychic reader.

    Newcastle Heritage and Ghost Tours aims to bring you a mixture of history and mystery in all of our tours! We ONLY conduct tours on sites where we have been given specific written authorisation.


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    Carla Renata

    in Entertainment

    Carla Renata who currently recurs on both the Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up!” and the CW romantic drama “Hart of Dixie.” On “Shake it Up!,” she plays the sensible Marcie Blue, mother of Rocky and Ty (Rocky is one of the two lead girls in the series) while over on the CW, she can be found chatting away as Susie Collins, the gossipy owner of the town’s one and only beauty shop, opposite series star Rachel Bilson. In addition to her recurring roles, Carla will be guest starring on the February 10th episode of NBC’s “Up All Night” where she will be going toe-to-toe with Will Arnett. She also was featured on this past Tuesday’s episode of FOX’s “Raising Hope” as an overly empathetic shopper offering some not so reassuring advice.   

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    Renata Bialkowska, "No Jab No Pay No Way" Events in AU 6/21 ~ Sallie O. Elkordy

    in News

    Rallies throughtout Australia, "NO JAB NO PAY NO WAY".  Renata Bialkowski will be in Sydney on June 21st https://www.facebook.com/events/456663717832508/ with Karen Johnston and many more: www.vaccination.inoz.com & www.visainfo.org.au

    Host Sallie O. Elkordy ~ Solidarity EVENT in NYC on June 20th and in CA too! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sallie-O-Elkordy-for-Mayor-Vaccine-Free-NYC/587347554614900.  IMPORTANT: http://tinyurl . com/VaccineFree2015  & please visit Sallie's blog is here: http://BillionToddlerMarchForSurvival.blogspot.com/



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    Remembrance Day special with Pat Stogran on Veterans' past, present & future

    in Politics

    Lest We Forget.

    Over a century after it was written during the second battle of Ypres, Belgium, Lt. Col. John McCrae's "In Flanders Fields" is universally known and representative of the Canadian respect and deference to our veterans. However, the governments responsible for sending forces into harm's way have taken a different opinion than the Canadian population in recent times. The opportunity now exists for a new direction. The shortcomings and shoddy respect shown for veterans by the Harper regime has ended. Where it goes now under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Minister of National Defense Harjit Sajjan and Minister of Veterans Affairs Kent Hehr is of fundamental importance.

    Much has been written lately exposing the results of the recent past policies. They are not acceptable to veterans, their families or Canadians in general. Renata D'Aliesio writing in The Globe and Mail since the election has done fine journalism and I give credit to her for much discussed on this episode. Great improvements are needed and time is of the essence. But where to start? Will veterans organizations be invited to speak to committee? Will surviving families be recognized and allowed to contribute?

    Former Veteran's Ombudsman, former Commander of Canadian Forces in Afghanistan, retired Colonel Pat Stogran returns to The View Up Here on this special Remebrance Day episode to discuss these issues. We are honoured to welcome back The Rebel Gorilla for his expert perspective on our subject.

    Tune in, listen, join the chat room or call in to give your thoughts.

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    Tomorrow Will Be Televised Born Again/Pitcher/Kevin/Hand Of God Special Episode

    in Television

    Special two-hour episode of the program all about TV Our guests: Born Again Virgin creator Renata Shepard; Movie Pitcher chief executive officer Stavros Xenides; Kevin From Work creator/executive producer/head writer Barbie Adler and Hand Of God producers Marc Forster and Ben Watkins

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    Abraham Lincoln and Homeopathy

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Renata Hines is interviewed on the connection between Lincoln and Homeopathy. Call in to ask a question at 858-769-4705.

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    ProWMMA Now! Episode 105

    in MMA

    ProWMMA Now! Episode 105 is brought to you by MMA Somnia and Audible.

    Tonights episode will cover the entire Invicta FC 12 card which took place Friday night in Kansas City, Missouri.  The event streamed live and exclusively on UFC Fight Pass from the Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City.  Tonight we will give a breakdown of the nine fights on the card which was headlined by a strawweight title fight between Katja Kankaanpää and Livia Renata Souza.  In addition to the Invicta FC 12 card we will also cover current events so be sure to tune in at 9:30 PM EST to hear what is going on in WMMA!

    Be sure to tune in and join the chat to ask any questions and contribute to the discussions. To speak with the host call 347.884.9986. Check out our sponsors at www.MMASomnia.com and www.audible.com/prommanow

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    Gerald Anderson Is Standing Firm

    in Writing

    Tonight Author Susanna K. Green of Sweet Nectar Publishing interviews Gerald C. Anderson, Sr.

    Raine Davis is abused and battered by her husband. The music industry's newest star is loved by millions and adores the limelight. However, in the darkness she’s suffering. She turns on her family and finds herself betrayed by her friends. How will she escape? Who are the men hiding in shadows, running the world?

    Gerald C. Anderson Sr.’s Standing Firm: One Family’s Fight Against Domestic Violence depicts the life of a young starlet with a thirst for fame. Turning her back on a loving family who live to the good word of the Lord, Raine joins forces with a shady man who delivers the fame he promises, but subjects her to harrowing abuse in the process. Gerald’s narrative is a microcosm of the abuse that plights the lives of millions of American women; a fictional tale with a very real wakeup call for reality.

    While domestic violence is hidden behind the doors of homes on almost every American street, each case is chillingly unique and often a product of the most bizarre circumstances. For the protagonist in Gerald’s searing new novel, her life of hurt and pain should have been a life under the spotlight.

    All is exposed in Standing Firm: One Family’s Fight Against Domestic Violence. Reading Raine’s story of abuse can be difficult and painful at times, but it tells a vital story.

    Visit Gerald: www.GeraldcAndersonSr.com/  Watch the trailer: https://youtu.be/DmRJnAjP1qI

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    "Conversations" with Renata Brown of Artson365.com

    in Art

    Join us as we welcome : Renata Brown of Artson365.com
    Join us as we welcome Ms. Renata Brown of Arts on 365. Ms. Brown, whom we affectionally call Renata is a highly celebrated and accomplished Graphics Artist, Poet and Author who has so graciously dedicted her Life and Time to assisting other Artists in being seen. At her Web Site www.ArtsOn365.com she features Artists of all Genres, their Music, their Words and other forms of Artistry. Join us as we speak of her Mission . . .  her Ministry . . .  this is going to be another Good One.

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    WE R STANDING FIRM with Domestic Violence on 5-7-2015 @ 6pm

    in Radio

    WE ARE "STANDING FIRM" with Domestic Violence on 5-7-2015 @ 6pm

    WE'RE TALKING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE with Gerald C. Anderson, Sr.-Author with his NEW BOOK STANDING FIRM along with the BeauTiFuL Renata Mikae & Andra Richardson aka Andra Rich Models/Actresses  on Thursday, May 7, 2015 6-6:30 pm est at www.blogtalkradio.com/thedivashowz Call in 646 595-4134

    Did U know anyone can be a victim of domestic violence? Nearly 1 in 4 women/1 in 7 men/more than 3 million children & also Please login to The DIVA SHOW at www.maximumrealityradio.com all weekendz 58 HOUR BROADCAST with GOD IN THE MIX STARTZ FRIDAYS 10 PM EST...#ALLWENEEDIZU #ADVERTISEONTHEDIVASHOWS #GETDIVAVIEWED #LOVEDONATIONZRWELCOMETHX If u are in a DV relationship PLEASE GET OUT NOW....call 1 800 799-SAFE or 1 800 799-7233 for immediate, confidential HELP



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    ProWMMA Now! Episode 104

    in MMA

    ProWMMA Now! Episode 104 is brought to you by MMA Somnia and Audible.

    Tonights episode will cover the Invicta FC 12 card taking place this Friday night in Kansas City, Missouri.  The event will stream live and exclusively on UFC Fight Pass from the Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City.  Tonight we will give a breakdown of the card which is being headlined by a strawweight title fight between Katja Kankaanpää (10-1-1) and Livia Renata Souza (7-0).  Host Gina Begley will be making her pro debut on the Invicta FC 12 card as well so be sure to tune in as we give our predictions for the entire card.

    Be sure to tune in and join the chat to ask any questions and contribute to the discussions! To speak with the host call 347.884.9986. Check out our sponsors at www.MMASomnia.com and www.audible.com/prommanow