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    Michael Jordan and Nike are evil for charging $650 4 Jordans!! Calvin Johnson re

    in Sports

    1- Michael Jordan are evil for charging $650 for Jordans!!

    2- WR Calvin Johnson set to retire from the Detroit Lions!!

    3- Boxing- Sergey Kovalev beats the breaks off of Jean Pasqual in a light heavyweight title bout!!

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    in Politics Progressive


    The 2016 political primary season rolls past Iowa, & into New Hampshire, Nevada, & South Carolina, we discuss how the potential candidates relate to Your Issues, Events, & Concerns.  

    Issue: Republicans have been freakishly obsessive (& successful) legislatively blocking African Americans & people of color, poor, elderly, & students, their rightful access to VOTE. However, in Iowa there is same day registration, as well as allowing 17.5 year olds to 'pre register,' as long as you are 18 on election day. 

    We talk voter registration/participation & the Issues, Events, & Concerns compelling your civic engagement.

    ~ ~ ~ 

    Murdering for sneakers: my persepctive on this horrific self destruction.

    ~ ~ ~ 

    ZIKA Virus: Q's & A's 

    ~ ~ ~ 

    Bring Your REAL RAW RIGHT NOW... Perspective. 

    Join The Journey. Share The Show.  IDECLAIR IT. 


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    A Braver and Happier Me Ready To DANCE!

    in Entertainment

    So much has happened in the past two months. In the one and a half weeks I've been in this apartment, though, I'm looking forward to my future more and more excitedly. Oh, I super cannot wait for it. I know it's looking good.

    Since it is our fabulous Dancing Monday, I'm putting on my sneakers and filling my water bottle. You better join me! We got B*Witched, Hilary Duff (during Disney), Cake, Dixie Chicks, and possibly Todd Rundgren. Don't miss it!

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    Interview with Rebecca Woodworth Brodie

    in Goals

     I became involved working with inmates quite by accident. One day, a colleague asked me to meet with a woman incarcerated at MCI Framingham. I was really scared to go inside a prison but, in the end, it was not at all like I expected. The inmates were all dressed in sweat suits and bright white Keds style sneakers. The visiting room was open and bright and there was a play section with toys off to one side. Some of the inmates walked puppies on leashes. I felt more like I was in a college dorm than in a prison.

    When I met with the client, she was pleasant and polite. She didn’t proclaim innocence or make excuses. She fully accepted her situation and understood she had made poor choices. She was about my age. She was a mom, She had been involved with bad guys. Her life had been a lot like mine. Meeting this client changed my life and made me realize how, if not for a few different choices, she and I could be on opposite sides of the visitation table.

    Since that day, I began doing more work with inmates and working to change the outcome of those incarcerated. Eventually, my work with inmates led me to pursue a Master’s degree in criminal justice. I studied recidivism, prison programs, and the epidemic of suicides in prisons; of both inmates and correctional officers. I finished my MA from UMass Lowell in 2014.

    Since finishing my degree in criminal justice, I have been working toward prison reform. My goal is to overhaul the entire Massachusetts correctional system; making the system better for inmates, officers, communities as well as all the other stakeholders in the system. In my spare time, I am working toward a Master’s Degree in the Public Policy department from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth – and running for Sheriff of Middlesex County (the first woman ever to even run for this office)

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    A Hard Weekend's Nights With Myself

    in Entertainment

    Though I am late for creating today's segment, I will definitely have stories to tell. My weekend was full of disappointment and crazy ideas. My writing skills stay the same, but so do my music taste.

    Why? Because it is Dancing Monday. Let's par-tay, hey! We got music from the Beatles to the late 90s. Put on your sneakers and grab your water bottle. You're gonna sweat!

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    The WORST names in football

    in Comedy

    What the hell is a D'brickashaw?  My Co host Larry Goodwell and I break down the worst names in pro sports.  We will also discuss the Rams moving to LA. ShoesNthings will talk about the Black History Month sneakers coming out.  The Oscar (whites only) party. And the Joint Cheifs will break down some of the best weed on the market.  

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    Exciting Movies From the 80s to late 90s!

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    Welcome back, everyone. Christmas and the New Year celebration are over. Life goes on, as we continue with our set schedules. Sleep, eat, work, read, play, eat, poop, and dance. Yes, I said dance.

    Our Dancing Monday is back! The soundtrack set continues. Put on your sneakers, get your water bottle, and dance dance dance. We got films from the 80s all the way to late 90s. Are you ready to knock those socks off?

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    in Pop Culture

    As 2015 comes to a close this blogger can honestly say that this year has been a very big year for fashion not only high fashion but for the underground fashion world also. Seems as like this year many underground styles have came to the forefront of fashion for example Kanye West of course with his very basic color/style clothing that has been popular for a while it just never was as big till now. Many items came back such as ripped jeans that are actually hand ripped and not factory ripped….ya we know who you are. Now this list that I am about to give you is my honest opinion of who I thought was the most stylish, best dressed, and looked the best in 2015. Oh and in my true nerdy style if you click on any of the pictures or GIFs it will take you to something about that person either an article about them or their music something of that nature…and every name it linked to their Instagram pages. Here it is:

    #5 Ian Connor

    #4 Nicki Minaj

     #3 Solange Knowles

    #2 Rox Brown

    #1 A$AP Rocky


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    The Mz OptimiZm SpeakZ Show goes OFF~~~ Turn up on the Topics!

    in Motivation

    Tonight we are sharing so much insight about what is going on on a universal, local and personal level! What are the true issues hidden behind the shade?

    Is it possible that we are so blinded with the foolsiness that we forget to be true to what we stand for and ot believe in?

    Smiling faces
    Republican Debate
    Why is Serena Williams being hated on? Why can't she just  enjoy the cover maaaaaan??
    Should we let our kids believe in Santa?
    Why do women throw shade??
    Justin Beiber sleeping with two (or more) Whordashians
    Is the weather causing us not to be in the holiday spirit?
    Afluenza Kid goes missing with mom
    Lebron giving away his funky sneakers

    and much more



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    Zola Neale Hurston

    in Comedy

    Damien, Ali, and Vlad sit down to get in the conversation about sandwich preferences, deli habits, and Koolickles in honor of National Sandwich Day, Steph Curry's Under Armour sneakers, Zola's epic Twitter story, Eddie Murphy winning the Mark Twain Prize, Halloween costumes, Anonymous outing KKK members, and a lot more. Check it out.

    Follow on Twitter: twitter.com/dlemoncomedy ... twitter.com/mrmuhammad ... twitter.com/LaughingVlad ... twitter.com/StandUpNYLabs

    Keep up with the conversation on Facebook: http://facebook.com/intheconversation

    Check out all the other podcasts on this network at http://standupnylabs.com

  • Fall 2015 Week 7 Podcast (No Perfect Season)

    in Sports

    The UMPR Co-ed Flag Football League is a competitive and recreational version of a popular American game. Teams will be organized and play according to national rules and regulations. League will include regular season league games, statistics, awards and playoffs. The league will provide the referees, flags, field and football. This is a great activity for individuals and teams. Individuals and teams are encouraged to register. Athletic attire and non-metal football cleats/sneakers required.

    Super Flag Bowl Champions

    Super Flag Bowl I – eMoney (Fall 2008)

    Super Flag Bowl II – Stallions (Spring 2009)

    Super Flag Bowl III – Stallions (Fall 2009)

    Super Flag Bowl IV – S.B.D. (Spring 2010)

    Super Flag Bowl V – Bar (Fall 2010)

    Super Flag Bowl VI – F&F (Spring 2011)

    Super Flag Bowl VII – F&F (Fall 2011)

    Super Flag Bowl VIII – Bar (Spring 2012)

    Super Flag Bowl IX – Bar (Fall 2012)

    Super Flag Bowl X – Bobbie Miles (Spring 2013)

    Super Flag Bowl XI – N.W.O.  (Fall 2013)

    Super Flag Bowl XII – Bar (Spring 2014)

    Super Flag Bowl XIII  –  Bar (Fall 2014)

    Super Flag Bowl XI – N.W.O.  (Spring 2015)

    Super Flag Bowl XII - TBD (Fall 2015)