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    Next Show on Thursday June 10, 2010

    in Current Events

    Hello all, thanks for checking out the archives and I hope you will continue listening in to the Uribe Society. As promised, I will make this show as informative as possible on anything involving current events, politics, dating, nightlife, charity work and sports. It will be entertaining. Tell all your friends to listen in and you won't be disappointed. I will be reading listeners' emails on the air, so if if you have something to contribute, feel free to send a brief email with your thoughts to: professorfuj@gmail.com and I will share a few at the end of the show. I am confident you will appreciate my insight into all the topics discussed. Thanks for the support and most of all, I appreciate you listening.

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    Making Development of an Insoluble Drug Candidate Possible by Using Solid Dispersions: A Case Study

    in Science

    IQPC_NYC interviews Satej Bhandarkar, PhD, Senior Manager, Analytical Sciences Department at Sanofi-Aventis U.S. and speaker at IQPC's 4th Improving Solubility summit, March 29-31 in Philadelphia. For more info, please visit improvingsolubility.com.

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    Brandon's Take #39: Finding a Suitcase with 1 Million dollars in the woods

    in Comedy

    What would you do if you found a suitcase with a million dollars in it?

    Brandon and Tim discuss their strategy of how to deal with this opportunity and predict possible scenarios in the future.


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    Fast Forward Radio -- Possibe Futures

    in Technology

    When considering the future, the possibilities are (almost) endless. Will we see

    The dawn of teleportation?
    The triumph of machines over human beings in the workforce?
    The privatization of space exploration?
    The introduction of brain backup technology?
    The discovery of life on other worlds?
    Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon discuss these and other possible futures -- some of which may be happening right now.

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    NY Baseball Blogs Live

    in Sports

    Steve Keane of Kranepool Society joins Pat Nestor and Brian Alleva. Mets and Yanks talk and possible discussions on the Armando Gallaraga's Perfect game.

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    "The Next Phaze" with Icz and Friends

    in Entertainment

    Any comments or opinions you hear on this show do not necessarily represent the views and/or beliefs of the host,sponsors or blogtalk radio.
    This show addresses community concerns,in regard to desigining ways members in communities,can increase their abilities to acquire more income for them selves. In addition to that, methods to address increasing political strength and impact, will also be featured. Financial enhancement,increasing political strength and impact,improving possibilities for combining efforts with others who have similar interests,all these and more poignent concernswill be approached in an entertaining format. There will be musical segments,interesting guests as well as questions and comments from our listening audience. If you have an interest in improving situations for our youth,stemming incarceration estimates for minority members of this society,reassessing the significance of Spiritual impact,investigating the best possible means of boosting knowledge for improving your health, as well as many pertinent topics too numerous to include,JOIN US on "The Next Phaze" with Icz and Friends.

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    I Am: With Lesley Jones Roberstson ( Part 2)

    in Paranormal

    Have you ever had your very daily existence as you know it crumble around you...and wonder how you are ever going to re-create a life for yourself worth living again. I want you to meet Lesley Robertson a lady who has done just that... who's strength and life re-creation abilities will make you cheer and smile. Today she is on the road once again to success and she is going to tell you just how she did it. Join me as we learn how one lady learned to recover & rebuild after losing it all and how the spirit world made it all possible. This is part 2 of my conversation with Lesley on her incredible life.

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    THE ATTITUDE SHIFT w/ Marlene Waldock

    in Self Help

    Women empowering women is the trend for the future and Marelene Waldock is doing her part to inspire women to make permanent changes to better their lives. Her website, www.becausewearewomen.com, states " Women are a powerful force. By helping each other, offering encouragement, we can open our heart and minds to the POSSIBILITIES that will enable opportunity to find us. And then, together we will CELEBRATE the successes. We will inspire, believe, support and live our vision and values. For us, everything is possible."
    Right on! We love that women are focused and determine to help each other reach their amazing dreams and welcome Marlene to the show.

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    in Current Events

    Join drkate and guests tonight for an urgent call to citizen action on the Gulf Coast in response to the BP oil spill. First we review the evidence that the BP explosion is false flag operation, and the government's response. Second, we take look at the non-toxic options available for cleanup, including hay. Finally, we call for direct action of Americans to go to the Gulf Coast and use these non-toxic items to soak up the oil. This will be a live call-in show to gather as many ideas as possible and to mobilize for direct civic action to assist our fellow Americans and all other living creatures in the Gulf.

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    Here We GOOOO

    in Comedy

    Random Callers, Guests, News, anything and every thing is possible

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    Lead Change Library

    in Work

    Discuss leadership concepts from the later part of Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 of Seth Godin's bestseller, Linchpin. The chapters are titled Becoming the Linchpin and Is It Possible to do Hard Work in a Cubicle. Topics we'll discuss include:
    From Chapter 5, Pursuit of Perfect, Pursuit of Perfect, Downside of Good, He Works for Blessings, Do You need a Resume? Google You, and Remarkable People Deserve Remarkable Jobs.
    From Chapter 6, (if time allows) we will review Labor Means Difficult, Volunteering to do Emotional Labor, and The Gift of Emotional Labor.

    The microphone will be open. Come and share your thoughts on these subjects. Even if you haven't read the book, you will be interested in the discussion.

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    Tonya Ward Singer Author of Opening Doors to Equity

    in Education

    Opening Doors to Equity

    About Tonya:  

    My clients and I believe in a world where education is a pathway to equal opportunity. Where family income does not determine a child’s’ future and effective teaching changes lives. Applying considerable courage and creativity, we build this world together by expanding what is possible in schools. We lead courageous learning so that EVERY student may realize ambitious dreams and expectations and thrive in a changing world.

    A Practical Guide to Observation-Based Professional Learning

    How do we make educational equity a reality, lesson by lesson? This compelling book is a call to action, focused on using observation-based professional learning to elevate teaching practice.

    Learn how to bring team observation into the classroom to test, refine and transform instruction so that students of all backgrounds achieve. Ideal for classroom teachers, grade- level team facilitators, department chairs, and all education leaders, this guide shows how to:

    Create a culture of deep collaboration that closes opportunity gaps among students
    Redesign instruction to reach culturally and linguistically diverse learners, using observation data and shared best practices
    Center instructional conversations on developing students’ skills for college and career success, including hard-to-assess skills

    Both powerful and practical, Tonya Ward Singer’s book promises to become a catalyst that will inspire educators as leaders of positive change.