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    John Carver Show - Dr. Charles Price - The Closed Door

    in Self Help

    Charles S. Price was born in England in 1887. His mother died when he was two and his father later remarried a woman that Charles loved and respected. He attended college at Wesley College, in Oxford England. He immigrated to Canada in search of work with a law firm, but could not find work and ended up on a railroad crew. In frustration he went to Spokane, Washington hoping to find work there. He went to a church service at a Free Methodist Mission and was converted. He decided to stay with the mission as a worker and was eventually ordained a Methodist minister. Dr. Price came under the influence of "modernistic" or liberal theology. The teachings included the lack of belief in the bible as the Word of God, and a repudiation of the miraculous. He left the Methodist church and became Congregationalist pastor. Later he would describe this period of his life as one who was 'spiritually blind, leading his people into a ditch'. He pastored this way for twelve years.

    Dr. Price had the privilege of ministering under the unction and anointing of the Holy Spirit in a ministry unparalleled in these days of "signs following," where the lame walked, the blind received sight, and cripples were made whole. His God-given ministry of faith -- the faith of Jesus Christ -- continued until three days before his departure to be with his Lord on March 8, 1947.

    Dr. Price was known for his simple, gospel preaching that exalted Christ. He was also known for his word pictures, in which, under God, he was able to paint the tenderness and love of his Master with such clarity that those who sat under his ministry were brought into personal contact with their Lord. Although Dr. Price has gone on to be with the Lord, his message continues to be taught through the pages of his magazine, "Golden Grain."

    For more info go to http://johncarverministries.org/pof/price/index.cfm


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    John Carver - Bob Farrell - Give em the Pickle

    in Self Help

    I heard this talk years ago and want to share it with you today.

    Born in beautiful Brooklyn, New York, in 1927, a bouncing baby boy named Bobby Farrell was introduced to the world. His grandfather, Patrick Farrell, owned a successful auto parts company and life was good in "the old neighborhood." When the stock market crashed in 1929, it took its toll on the business and the family. Bob Farrell's father took his own life when Bob was only four years old. His mother couldn't cope and placed him and his sister in an orphanage. It was a safe place run by loving people. "I remember crying when I arrived and crying when I left," Bob would later recall, "I'm sure I gave those poor people a harder time than they gave me." His mother remarried five years later and got her children back.

    In 1973, Bob Farrell sold his fifty-five store chain of ice cream parlors to the Marriot Corporation. He remained as its spokesperson and they added nearly a hundred more stores. It was during this time that he developed a speech for new employees called, "Give 'em the Pickle!", based on a letter he received from a disappointed customer. This speech began the third chapter of his career as a highly sought-after motivational speaker and author.

    You can get more info on Bob at http://www.giveemthepickle.com/bob.htm and http://www.giveemthepickle.com/

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    Selfish divorce radio with Greg W Anderson Episode 1

    in Relationships

    When my ex announced she was going to get remarried, I decided to post something about it on Facebook. No, this isn’t a story of a poorly considered FB post gone sour.

    You can read the entire post in the following pages, but in essence what I said was:

    I am so happy for her. She’s an amazing woman. I wish them both the very best for the future.

    The comments, both online and offline, came pouring in. Some thought it was a joke. Some thought I was being sarcastic. 

    I was interested in the response but I was also saddened. It is clear that so many people see their divorces as disasters and their exes as the devil. It doesn’t have to be that way.

    My own divorce allowed both my ex and me to face the future unburdened by anger, resentment, bitterness, and even huge attorney fees. My approach allowed us to move into the future with the possibility of being the best versions of ourselves.  This experience prompted me to write the book about the “selfish” divorce. The selfish divorce isn’t what you think. It could easily be called the “selfless” divorce, because in the end, being selfless is adaptive and will lead to the best outcomes possible for you, your ex, and your children.

    That said, here’s what to expect from The Selfish Divorce Radio:

    At times i’ll tell you my life story, especially as it relates to relationships and marriage. Some of these lessons have to do with relationships and some don’t. But they’re all things I’ve learned and if possible, I’d like to help prevent you from taking any of the “classes” I did.

    We will also cover the tatical steps I took and continue to take each to to create a better life. 

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    Ask the Pastor Live Call-in with Gregory Dickow

    in Christianity

    Today on Ask the Pastor, Pastor Gregory Dickow addresses your everyday challenges.

    Question Topics:

    Will you please explain the difference between a disciple and a believer as discussed in John chapter 17
    Will you please pray for my healing?
    My wife passed away at the beginning of the year.  I believe I have found my new wife, but my teenage children aren’t ready for me to have a new relationship. Is it too soon to get remarried?

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    When One Door Closes It's Your Opportunity To Do Amazing Things with Jon Landers

    in Business

    From Banker to work for dad's import-export business on Long Island in the lawn & garden and hardware industry for about a year or so and then became the National Sales Manager for a British company just getting started in the North American market that was in the DIY hardware industry. Did that for about 4 years and then attempted to help a German horticultural company get established in the US market with a peat bog they started in New Brunswick, Canada. Did that for a couple of years and then decided to become a manufacturer's rep in the same industries. Built a rep organization, one of the first to sell and service The Home Depots and other big box stores covering Maine down to Virginia. By the time i left in 1999, we had 100 service reps on the road covering all the Home Depots from Maine to Virginia with just over 40 different product lines in each store. Burnt out, got a divorce and decided to change careers. Joined Weichert Realtors for a few years originally to be a sales agent, but quickly became the go to for designing the presentations for the agents to get customers, both for sale and to purchase. Left that to buy Creative Desktop in Brookfield, CT; a graphic design company and worked that up to about 4 years ago, changing the name to Creative Group LLC and converting it into a music promotion business. As a self taught graphic designer and picking up a keyboard in 1999 to start to write and compose my own music, found my true passion was music. Never looked back. Actually wrote my vows into a song when i remarried in 2006 which was our first dance. Decided to pay it forward and fill a void in the music industry that was missing in supporting the independent music artists and started TBAIMS in January of 2013 holding the first seven monthly showcases at the Gibson Guitar Studios on the West Side of Midtown Manhattan. Have since moved it to Toshi's Living Room.

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    BTR Guest: Author of Wolves Amongst Sheep fmr Jehovah's Witness James Kostelniuk

    in Religion

    Saturday 9/20/14 12pm ET/11am CTRL/10am Mtn/9am pac Call in and listen, share comments or ask questions at 1-347-934-0379

    James Kostelniuk was a Jehovah's Witness who knew when he left he would be shunned but the events that ocurred afterward he would not fathom in his worst nightmares. Divorced from his believing Jehovah's Witness spouse (Kim Anderson) who remarried to an appointed elder who would not only be a predator to James children but then serve as the executioner of his family. As seen on tv on  the Investigation Discovery channel series, Season 2 episode 6 "Deadly Devotion: Witness To Murder," James will share his story as a warning to others about the policies from the destructive cult of the Jehovah's Witness that endanger the lives of the public and those within. He has written a book for purchase on amazon and other outlets entitled, "Wolves Amongst Sheep: The True Story of Murder in a Jehovah's Witness Community." You can obtain this book at: http://www.amazon.com/Wolves-Among-Sheep-James-Kostelniuk/dp/1926676262/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1408980578&sr=1-2

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    Tuesday Talk With Dr. Meredith: "Bishops In TheFlow" Bishop Matthew A. Jones

    in Motivation

    Biography of: Bishop Matthew A. Jones, Sr.

             Dr. Matthew A. Jones, Sr. was born the 7th child of Mrs. Cecile M. Wheatley and Mr. William E. Jones, Sr. in Springfield, Illinois. He has 12 brothers and sisters; Loretta (deceased), William, Jr (deceased), Michael, Allen, Kevin, Ken (adopted), Lisa, Anthony, Linda, James, Jr (deceased), Lesley, and Mason (adopted). His mother later remarried Mr. James T. Woodson who reared Dr. Jones and his brothers and sisters. He was a baptized member of Union Baptist Church in Springfield under the pastoral leadership of Dr. Rudolph Shoultz for his entire childhood. Dr. Shoultz was a mentor and friend of Dr. Jones until his death in 2000.

             Dr. Jones is a 1980 graduate of Lanphier High School in Springfield, Illinois where he graduated with Honors. After graduation he continued his education at Wiley College in Marshall, Texas where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1983, being number 2 in his class. He then attended Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois receiving a Master of Divinity degree in 1986. God directed him to further his studies and he attended Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Austin, Texas where he earned a Doctor of Ministry degree in 2000.

    During his freshman year at Wiley College, Dr. Jones answered the call of God into the Gospel Ministry.

    In the summer of 1999, Dr. Jones met his wife to be, Lisa R. Moshay. They were married June 10, 2000.  They have 4 children: Erika Tenisha, Malindiene Elizabeth, Matthew Alfred, Jr., and Kendrick Earl, 1 grandson: Jasiah Dejuan, and 1 granddaughter: JaLeigh Brené. In April 2013 Bishop & First Lady Jones became foster parents to two sisters, Paige and Shelby.

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    Re-telecast frmr Jehovah's Witness Rick Fearon Host of the Six Screens Network

    in Religion

    Special re telecast! Saturday 7/5/14 12pm ET/11am CTRL/10am MTN/9am Pac call in and listen at 1-347-934-0379


    Rick Fearon in this re-broadcast was still married to Inez who has gone home to be with the Lord. Rick has since remarried to Susan whom we hope to have on our program and share her testimony! Both Inez and Rick were of the anointed in the Jehovah's Witnesses. Rick has a radio and video telenetwork at: http://www.sixscreensofthewatchtower.com/

    You Tube page is http://www.youtube.com/user/araretreat/featured

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    Anointed Wives:

    in Family

    Marriage Coach and Author of "Two Paths, One World," Lakiesha Townsel, joins hosts Gen Duenas and Elle Jones to talk about blended families, and her passion to share pratical tools to have a successful marriage.

    Mrs. Lakiesha Townsel is passionate about motivating women, encouraging them to be confident and to pursue Gods plan for their lives.  She believes that confidence and great faith will have a tremendous impact on their families and home life first, as this is where true ministry is birthed.  Whether speaking to single women about preparation for marriage, or to married women about being the best that God called them in to be in their gender purpose as a wife, she desires to change the lives of each woman she encounters. 

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    NDE: Jeff lost his leg but his wife & youngest son was killed ...What NOW HELP!

    in Paranormal

    JEFFERY C. OLSEN is a best selling author and inspires audiences across the country with his intriguing personal story of perseverance and inner strength. In 1997, Jeff experienced a horrific automobile accident which inflicted multiple life threatening injuries, including crushing both his legs. His left leg was amputated above the knee. The most devastating outcome of the accident was the loss of his wife and youngest son, both killed instantly. At that time, Jeff had profound experiences, which deepened his spirituality and gave him insights and gifts not common in today's world. He found the courage to carry on, heal, care for his living son and eventually thrive in his career and community contributions. Jeff has since remarried and adopted two more boys.

    Professionally Olsen is a conceptual thinker, a proven team leader, and a die-hard brand enthusiast. He brings vision and passion to everything he does. With accolades from the New York One Show, the Clio Awards and Communication Arts, Jeff takes his place among the lynch pins of his industry. Couple his creative recognition with appearances in Forbes Magazine, the Inc. 500 and an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist Award and you have a winning combination of talent and tenacity.


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    A Second Chance at Life: Gina Quarles : The Accidental Purpose

    in Women

    Gina Quarles; Best Selling Author of the memoir The Accidental Purpose: My Unexpected Nightmare Revealed with the Gift of Hope, Amazon best seller in Women’s Inspiration, Own Ambassador.

    After a shattering car accident Gina had a second chance at life.  In a halo for months, broken leg and emotional heartache, Gina unexpectedly discovered healing through heartache.  Priorities changed, perceptions changed, purpose for life changed.

    Gina shares how her greatest pain became her most wonderful gain in getting real with life and learning inner peace is a priceless gift available to all.

    Gina is a series author for Creativity-Portal.com, and her blog has been awarded a Top 7 Blogs that Inspire by Searching for Happiness.com.

    “My hope is that my story will change your perspective on life and give you some tools to deal with anything difficult you are enduring. I believe I was spared for a reason and that would be to share my story of hope. If it touches one person, I will accomplished my task.”

    Divorced and remarried with three children and three step children Gina says her new family is like a modern day Brady Bunch. Gina now lives in Texas making each moment matter for herself and everyone she meets.

    Visit   http://ginaquarles.com/

    Connect with Deb at:  http://www.DebScott.com

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