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  • Guest:Salvatore Totino/Cinematographer/Everest/Concussion/Inferno

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    Salvatore is currently one of the foremost recognized cinematographers in cinema. He approaches each project with a unique visual style, and seamlessly translates each story's unique concept into breathtaking moving images. Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, Salvatore is a regular fixture on director Ron Howard's team.  In addition to Inferno, the duo collaborated on films such as The Missing, Cinderella Man, Frost/Nixon, The Dilemma, Made In America, The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons. Salvatore Totino began building his reputation as one of the finest commercial and music video DOPs of his generation.  Today, he has over 500 commercials on his resume, having contributed to high profile campaigns like Jack Daniels, Nike, Jaguar, The GAP and H.I.S. Jeans, winning a Clio Award for the latter.  He lit the music videos for such celebrated bands as Radiohead, REM, Bruce Springsteen, Sound Garden, U2, and many others. Totino's first feature film as Director of Photography came in 1998 when Oliver Stone hired him to work on his American football drama Any Given Sunday.   Since then, Totino has compiled an impressive list of credits, including Changing Lanes directed by Roger Michell, People Like Us for Alex Kurtzman, Concussion for Peter Landesman and, most recently, Baltasar Kormakur’s Everest. You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    Every Man Standing In His Place -Men Of The Round Table - After The Love Is Gone

    in Religion


    Join Us: Fridays @ 5:00 PM (PST) - 7:00 PM (CST) - 8:00 PM (EST)

    God's Mighty Men of the Round Table will return to share with us life lessons and Biblical principals pertaining to the subject of Divorce, Remarriage & Reconciliation. These men of God are answering the tough questions that you won't hear preached from a pulpit, because until there is application of the word of God there can be no transformation through the word of God.

    So prepare to be blessed by Pastor Lester Carver, Ministers; Kevin Parks, Isaac Wright, & Anthony Brooks, along with teachers; Supt. Kevin Hinkston, & Minister Pablo Rangel as they keep it real about  when the love is gone from marriage.

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    The FWOT Show - Weekly Edition for September 11, 2015

    in Comedy

    On this episode:

    ♦ God Orders Xerox Emptying
    ♦ Minor Act Of Hyprocracy
    ♦ Arby's Error
    ♦ After School McMuffins
    ♦ Native Language Debate
    ♦ Prayer In Schools
    ♦ 10-Years For A Selfie

    ♦ Anniversary of Tragedy
    ♦ Anti-Knowledge Terrorists
    ♦ Music Issues
    ♦ Marriage Issues
    ♦ God Refuses AIDS Victims?
    ♦ She Concealed It Where?
    ♦ Weird Law Of The Week

    And Jay Ward joins to to talk #BlackLivesMatter if you happen to be a black cop.

    Bonus: Rob goes off on premature Christmas commercials.


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    KINGS IN THE MORNING/News/Everyday Life/ Politics/Interesting Artists/Uniqueness

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                          Is it really THURSDAY?  Hey who started THROWBACK THURSDAY?  Why can't we THROW BACK every day?  Why can't we remember everyday?  What if we're on Monday, edging to Tuesday, and we're not going to see Thursday, can't we rem a nence (how do you like that?  Reminisce anytime of the week, why don'tcha?  KINGS IN THE MORNING IF YOU PLEASE.  Every morning Monday-Friday 8a-10a Pacific time, configure the times for your neck of the woods.  You will laugh OR get really really mad, but you owe it to yourself to find out - 347-205-9366.

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    RA: Conversa com Eduardo Ngumbé sobre a detenção dos jovens revús em Benguela

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    Rádio Angola (RA): Domingos Mario teve o privilégio de conversar com o juvem activista Eduardo Ngumbé sobre a detenção de dois revolucionários, quando foram apanhados pela policia a distribuírem cartazes em Benguela, sobre a manifestação que pretendem realizar no dia 29 de Agosto pedindo a libertação dos 15 ativistas + 1 e a destituição do PR de Angola.

    Por Florindo Chivucute
    Perguntas e sugestões podem ser enviadas para info@friendsofangola.org. A Rádio Angola – uma rádio sem fronteiras – é um dos projectos da Friends of Angola, onde as suas opiniões e sugestões são validas e respeitadas.

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    073015 Seth Piccirillo - Director, Community Development Niagara Falls NY

    in Politics

    In this segment of the Vince Anello show, Seth Piccirillo, Niagara Falls New York Community Development Director describes the program for first-time homebuyers. The homes in this program are selected from the city of Niagara Falls In Rem list. These are the properties that the city of Niagara Falls plans to auction off due to nonpayment of taxes.

    Mr. Piccirillo also discusses with callers the Isaiah 61 worker training initiative. This is a community effort to train unemployed and disadvantage individuals to learn a trade related to the residential remodeling industry.

    Callers also wanted to discuss the frozen water line issue plaguing the city of Niagara Falls for the past several winters.

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    Ron Siegel Radio Network May 06, 2015

    in Real Estate

    Ron Siegel of Anaheim Hills, Robert Mott of LaQuinta, Randy Maddix of Placentia,, and Matthew DeArmey of Santa Ana, CA discuss: current events, financial markets, politics, and even poking fun at the rest of the media in a live radio broadcast from Anaheim CA on NBC Talk Radio. 

    Ron, Robert, Randy and Matthew discuss: Some trivia facts about the LA International Wine Competition; Why is the REM Sleep Solutions bed so good; Is it affordable to purchase the best bed on the Market; Upcoming Wine; Discussing the upcoming Chateau Falconieri, “ The Wines of Summer Event” and how you can get tickets; Report Finds 28 Million American Adults have no credit History; Easy Chicken Little, Homeownership Rates are not crashing; Senator Seeks to Permanently Extend Foreclosure Protection for Service Members; Mortgage Minute; Your Credit Matters; Real Time Real Estate; Word on Wealth; The SLT will Provide a Complementary Real Estate Action Plan (R.E.A.P.) Semi-Annually, and so much more.

    Ron Siegel, consumer advocate and mortgage lender, discusses anything that affects the roof over your head, your bank account or other items that will benefit you / your family.

    Reach Ron at                  

    Twitter: @RonSiegel


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    Ron Siegel Radio Network April 09 2015

    in Real Estate

    Ron Siegel of Anaheim Hills CA, Randy Maddix, of Placentia Ca, and Dr. Bill Janeshak of Yorba Linda, CA discuss: current events, financial markets, politics, and even poking fun at the rest of the media in a live radio broadcast from Anaheim CA on NBC Talk Radio. 

    Ron, Randy and Dr. Bill discuss: What makes the REM Bed different from other Mattresses; How is REM Sleep Important To Our Overall Health; How Many Inches of Memory Foam is used in the REM Bed; Housing Market is Healthiest in Years; Is Getting a Mortgage Getting Easier; Rate Hike Debate Continues in Federal Open Market Committee; Mortgage Minute; Your Credit Matters; Real Time Real Estate; Word on Wealth; The SLT will Provide a Complementary Real Estate Action Plan (R.E.A.P.) Semi-Annually, and so much more.

    Ron Siegel, consumer advocate and mortgage lender, discusses anything that affects the roof over your head, your bank account or other items that will benefit you / your family.

    Reach Ron at                  

    ·         800.306.1990 

    ·         Ron@RonSiegelRadio.com

    ·         www.RonSiegelRadio.com

    ·         www.SiegelLendingTeam.com

    ·         Twitter: @RonSiegel

    ·         www.Facebook.com/RonSiegelRadio



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    "SOME GOOD CRAIC " - with Ice Wagon Flu

    in Music

    On Wdenesday night 4/1/15 at 8 pm Some Good Craic is back LIVE with special guest Ice Wagon Flu - I've seen these guys play many times over the years and they know how to get a crowd going . Kev will be calling in to talk about the band and what they got going on . And i'll be playing some of their tunes . Jonny Ra will be on later in the show as well with the News From The Emerald Isle That'll Make You Smile !!! 

    Icewagon Flu, where did this name come from?

    Back in the days when the icebox was the best form of refrigeration, icemen would deliver large blocks ice in horse-drawn wagons. Chunks of ice were placed in the icebox which became the predecessor to the modern day refrigerator. The good-neighbored iceman would supply his frozen goods with a grin on his face and an outstretched hand. Often the unassuming civil servant, would receive an extra “tip” from lonely housewives. And the telltale sign of their secret tryst was a nasty case of “icewagon flu.”"Icewagon Flu plays fast and loose with the traditional songs of our culture, with marvelous results. Nancy Whiskey goes under the sonic knife as a boozy bar maid and emerges as a Riot Grrrl, thanks to crunchy alt-rock guitars and slurred vocal. Fields of Athenrysounds like something REM might chance---should we re-christen it 'Fields of Athens, GA?' Waxie's Darglehas a funky jam-band beat interspersed with pipes and flutes! Imagine that! Off the Wagon takes these beloved tunes into a back alley, roughs them up, and makes them into modern rock gems. 

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    Part 2: CUTV News Radio spotlights Jill Whitley of Lighten Your Path

    in Self Help

    South Ogden, UT – Jill Whitley is the founder of Lighten Your Path, a healing center offering a unique combination of alternative healing methods: Rapid Eye Technology (RET); Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT); and hydro-colon therapy, more commonly known as colonics.

    “As human beings, we all have an inner knowing, but too often that intuition is compromised by the weight and stress of life,” says Jill. “Through Lighten Your Path’s services, ideas and answers will come. We just have to wake them up.”

    RET encourages our natural ability to endure and release stress by working with the body’s natural stress relief mechanisms: blinking, breathing and rapid-eye movement.

    Have you ever seen a child’s eyes flutter while they’re sleeping? That’s the dream state. But they’re not haphazardly moving their eyes; there’s a pattern. Jill uses a device to generate that pattern in front of the eyes and it tricks the body into believing it has entered REM sleep. If you do this while the client is awake, the subconscious and conscious can speak, allowing you to make a new choice.

    Colonics by contrast can be a little nerve-wracking if you’ve never had one. Waste in the body can get tied up in the bowel. Sometimes it doesn’t evacuate properly, especially with our diets and lack of exercise. Hydro-colon therapy releases that trapped debris, allowing every other system in your body to function more freely.

    “People get such different ideas about them. By the time they come in they’re really nervous,” says Jill. “But after the colonic, the main comment I hear is ‘I can breathe!” They feel lighter.”

    For more information on Lighten Your Path, visit http://www.lightenyourpath.net/  

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    Radio Show: REM Sleep Solutions

    in Health

    REM Sleep Solutions is a leader in developing quality sleep products to ensure a restful night’s sleep. Their premier line of sleep solution products includes the Cayman and Martinique visco elastic mattresses, and the Wave premier adjustable bed. These amazing beds adjust to the shape of your body, relieving pressure and ultimately end up creating a perfect fit. Their products will allow you more crucial REM (Rapid Eye Movement) deep sleep so you can start everyday feeling rested and refreshed. REM mattresses come with an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty for your peace of mind. You can find REM Sleep Solutions over 100 Home Shows across the country and their 4 S CA corporate store locations.
    This radio show is presented by the Maricopa County Home Shows, held 5 times a year, exclusively at the AZ State Fairgrounds in Phoenix, AZ and the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ.