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    Let's talk...God is not Religious - The Act's Church

    in Christianity

    What was the Act's Church & were we meant to depart from it into what Church has become today. And if we have, how did we get there? Join us as we unravel these questions & tackle many more which has made Christianity into what it is today.  Dr. Morano will continue sharing with us tonight the practical walking out of the Acts Church that we, the true believers, will have to return to & walk out if we are to survive & be found in the faith when our Lord returns to rule his earth.

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    Let's talk...God is not Religious - The Act's Church - 9

    in Christianity

    Participants are encouraged to present their spiritual questions, queries and struggles, whereby the host will attempt with the aid of scripture and the Holy Spirit's inspiration to provide adequate instruction, correction, inspiration and encouragement.  Comments and exhortation may also be solicited from the other participants within the bounds of relevance and congeniality.  The overall objective will be to create a liberated atmosphere where people feel free and comfortable to share their concerns and get their longtime, internalized questions at the least addressed and ideally answered.  This format is being employed to stir discussion and participation amongst God’s people and counter the current spectator, one-way monologue program that is being practiced in most contemporary church worship services today.  The goal being to allow the Holy Spirit the freedom, time and interaction to bring knowledge, wisdom, healing and support to the members of Christ’s body, for one another and by one another.  As well as, inviting outside seekers of truth into a non-intimidating, non-traditionally religious setting of dialogue, where they can pose their questions without fear of judgment and openness and acceptance in a spirit of love and mutual engagement.  Join us as we pierce through the darkness & cut our way through the murky waters of what Christianity has become today, so as to find the freedom that Christ intended us to have, in the same way he taught & shared when he walked & lived life among the people. What was the Act's Church & were we meant depart from it into what Church has become today. And if we have, how did we get there? Join us as we unravel these questions & tackle many more which has made Christianity into what it is today.ian faith.

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    Lent, Legacy, and Legitmacy: The Black Religious Struggle

    in Christianity

    Blacks have spent centuries attempting to measure up to western Christianity's religious standards. Black preachers heralded high moral standards and strict religious observances that kept the idea of "heavenly rewards" ever before the eyes of their members. Has this desire for religious and holy legitmacy and legacy contributed to the black church's current condition of carnality and withdrawal. What role does black gospel music and preachers have in reaffirming the contemporary religious struggle in the black church? Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics of interest

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    Let's talk...God is not Religious - Act's 14

    in Christianity

    The Apostle Peter is commanded by God to leave behind his prejudices and go into uncharted territory by bringing the baptism of the Holy Spirit to the Gentiles.

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    America, the Fourth Reich: The Religious Beliefs of the Candidates; Debates

    in Culture

    The Church the Source of Culture

    Secular academics insist that the Church is a subset of culture, and that it synthesizes the evolving political and social consciousness of people over a period of time.  Religious people say that the Church is the source of culture; the values of the culture have their origin in the spiritual life of the Church,and that the Truths of the Church are not derivative, but original, absolute, and even comes from an UnCreated Sacred Source that is Supernatural to the mundane reality of regular life.

    The Attack On the Church

    The attack on the Church has been political, and it has been social. Political in that it challenge and redefined the consult of the office of political authority, political sovereignty, and the role of the peoples to the crown, or the political authority. Even though this has happen, human behaviour towards authority has not changed,

    Social changed in moral  who defines what morals a society follows, and how to enforce or allow for difference.

    Foreign Policy


    Collaborative -Multi-Polar

    Spiritual and Philosophy Shapes Foreign Policy

    What Type Of Values Do We Want to Embody

    Does Domestic Policy Shape Foreign Policy?

    John F. Kennedy Speech

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    Let's talk...God is not Religious - The Act's Church - 12

    in Christianity

    What was the Act's Church & were we meant to depart from it into what Church has become today. And if we have, how did we get there? Join us as we unravel these questions & tackle many more which has made Christianity into what it is today.  Dr. Morano will continue sharing with us tonight the practical walking out of the Acts Church that we, the true believers, will have to return to & walk out if we are to survive & be found in the faith when our Lord returns to rule his earth.

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    Economy is good? - GOP debate wont be heavily viewed - Religious freedom!

    in Politics

    Hr1   Manufacturing plants and layoffs... sounds like economic recovery doesn't it? NOT! Get ready for the jobs report! You KNOW the economy is bad when... a donut shop goes out of business!

    Baltimore man on the street, Corey Prez Duncan talks Baltimore politics, Freddie Gray cop trials, & more.

    Oregon college students want to remove MLK's "I have a dream" quote because it's not inclusive enough!  

    Hr2   SNL will have a hard time topping this REAL story... councilman sworn into office while in jail for murder. How, exactly, is he supposed to conduct business for the city?

    Contrary to the Vagina Monologues... some things are better kept private!

    FOX News host Greta Van Susteren poll showed 83% of her viewers won't watch the GOP debate without Donald Trump.

    Amherst boots college's unofficial racist mascot Lord Jeff. Good luck finding a new one in our politically correct environment!

    When the state tells Christian schools they can't pray in public. Religious freedom is dead with government mandates like this!

    Hr3  A federal agency continues to sound the alarm over the "state of the climate," but a conservative think tank says it's not cause for concern.

    Political writer and commentator, Michael Hausam weighs in on Trump, the GOP debate, Ayn Rand's election advice, and more. He says "Trump is a petulant, whiny baby. I'd rather have Jeb than Trump at this point." Oh boy!

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    The Spirit-Filled Life

    in Christianity

    Dr. Danny discusses the truth that walking out the commands of the Lord Jesus can only be successfull, powerfull and victorious in communion, fellowship with and possession by the Person of the Holy Spirit. We must receive Him, be inhabited by Him and allow Him to take control of our lives!

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    AKYISAN NE AARU: The Ancestral Religious Community, Reversion and Nationbuilding

    in Education

    In this episode of AKANFO NANASOM, we examine the nature of the Ancestral Religious Community (AARU) and AKYISAN - Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) Ancestral Religious Reversion and its direct relationship to Nationbuilding/Restoration in the true sense. 

    There is no Revolution-Resolution for Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut (Africans~Black People) that has ever been affected or ever will be affected in the future without our firm foundation in Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) Ancestral Religion - our spiri-genetic birthright. All pseudo-religions in all of their forms (christianity, islam, judaism/hebrewism, rastafarianism, buddhism, hinduism, vedanta, extraterrestrialism, kabbalism, gnosticism, hermeticism, sufism, etc.) are the creations of the whites and their offspring designed to distort and control the minds/spirits of our people. The same is true of various expressions of secular nationalism, atheism, secular pan-afrikanism, socialism, communism, secular-communalism, etc. These pseudo-religions and pseudo-political ideologies were fashioned by the whites and their offspring and presented to us in 'black-face' to thwart our move towards true Revolution-Resolution and thus our achieving Amansesew - Nationbuilding/Restoration.

    The Ancestral Religious Community (AARU) is the key to ideological purity leading to sound and effective revolutionary-resolutionary strategy.

    We examine our books:

    MMARA NE KYI - Divine Law/Love and Divine Hate

    THE OKRA/OKRAA COMPLEX - The Soul of Akanfo

    KUKUU-TUNTUM The Ancestral Jurisdiction


    Download the free e-book versions of these and all of our books from our publications page:



    Odwirafo Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan 

    Aakhuamuman Amaruka Atifi Mu 

    Akwamu Nation in North America 



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    in Christianity

    Matthew 15:1-9New King James Version (NKJV)

    Defilement Comes from Within

    15 Then the scribes and Pharisees who were from Jerusalem came to Jesus, saying,  2 “Why do Your disciples transgress the tradition of the elders? For they do not wash their hands when they eat bread.”

    3 He answered and said to them, “Why do you also transgress the commandment of God because of your tradition?  4 For God commanded, saying, ‘Honor your father and your mother’; [a] and, ‘He who curses father or mother, let him be put to death.’[b]  5 But you say, ‘Whoever says to his father or mother, “Whatever profit you might have received from me is a gift to God”—  6 then he need not honor his father or mother.’[c] Thus you have made the commandment[d] of God of no effect by your tradition.  7 Hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy about you, saying:


    ‘These people draw near to Me with their mouth,
    And[e] honor Me with their lips,
    But their heart is far from Me.

    And in vain they worship Me,
    Teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.’ ”[f]

    a.Matthew 15:4 Exodus 20:12; Deuteronomy 5:16
    b.Matthew 15:4 Exodus 21:17
    c.Matthew 15:6 NU-Text omits or mother.
    d.Matthew 15:6 NU-Text reads word.
    e.Matthew 15:8 NU-Text omits draw near to Me with their mouth, And.
    f.Matthew 15:9 Isaiah 29:13

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    Part 1: Health and Wellbeing, Cancer and Colonization, the patterns of illness.

    in Spirituality

    Krow Fischer, Tranc Channel with Red, from The Council of Elders and Diana Davies. From Red... I suppose you could say I am representing a whole parcel of folks here. We come at the request of those of you who are interested in our opinions.When you request advice or information from us it’s our job to try to match your request to the information that is infinitely available to all of you anyways,isn’t it so?
    Through your imagination, through your contemplation, through those times when you are allowing yourself to recognize that you are part of all things, you are able to allow that creative process that brings through information. Many of you believe that you must fight this creative process with the logical part of the mind and you use the logical part of the mind as if it is a gate. We invite you to use the logical part of your mind as the host, the one who opens the door & invites the guest in, asks the questions & utilizes that creative time, rather than the logical part been seen as a block. You invite your creative process, then you take from that creative process what seems beneficial to you at this point in your life, because really, what's the point of bringing through knowledge if there is no application for it?

    So began a discussion on our health crisis with the huge rise in cancer & all the nervous system & autoimmune diseases sweeping through places in the world, while war, fear, misery, displacement & hopelessness are also sweeping through. How have we as humanity co-created this micro & macro crisis, how are we reacting to these crisis & how can we change this trajectory we have found ourselves racing along. A beautiful weave of hope & honesty, of love & ‘how it is’, practical 'how to' & emotional deepening, this was a very moving teaching session brought through at the request of the King City Spiritual Cinema Group.