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    What is Etiquette Anyway?

    in Self Help

     Back To School Etiquette part two. We will continue our conversation with Dr. Tom Keating, Project CLEAN a 45 year educator who cares about the condition of our school bathrooms.  Dr. Keating shares with us what parents and students can do to ensure children have safe and hygienic school bathrooms.

    In case you missed part one on August 9th you may go back and listen to the archived show:



    Article http://www.scribd.com/doc/275484025/FreePress-8-21-15

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    Relationship Holiday Etiquette

    in Radio

    There is a certain rule in meeting the new s/o's family during the holidays. Let's discuss the do's and don'ts! 

    How should you or do you expect to be introduced? 

    What if they don't warm up to you or vice versa? 

    Did you s/o exclude you from holidays activity with his/her family, how do you feel about it and what's your next move?

    Also, if you are single how do you get past the onslaught of questions about being single over the holidays? 

    Let us help you survive the holidays in one piece!

    On Wednesday, December 18, 2013 8-10 pm tune in to the Ladies of The Relationship Handbook Live as we discuss "Relationship Holiday Etiquette". 


    The number to call is (347) 633-9853 to give your 2 cents on the subject!

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    What is Etiquette Anyway?

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    Believe it or not it is back to school time at least in the southern part of the country. Friend-to-the-show Dr. Tom Keating with Project CLEAN  joins us. Dr. Tom is always on a mission to improve school bathrooms.

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    What is Etiquette Anyway?

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    Prom Etiquette- It's that time of the year when teens all over the country are preparing to attend their prom. We will  discuss prom tips for teens and parents.

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    Facebook Social Media Etiquette

    in Education

    Has social media created and condoned actions that if donei in person would render someone to get fucked up, stomped out, slapped or clapped ? Join us as we explore the deep psychological effects of what instant social media is compelling some of us to evoke on a demented level.

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    What is Etiquette Anyway?

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    We are having audio file issues and the engineers are working very hard to remedy this problem.  We'll speak with you next week.

  • What is Etiquette Anyway?

    in Self Help

    Etiquette and Healthcare- We'll discuss the proper protocol for securing health insurance.  J.P. Clay will guide us through this healthcare selection maze. You may send your questions or comments to etiquetteladies@gmail.com.

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    What is Etiquette Anyway?

    in Self Help

    Happy Valentine's Day Weekend!  A celebration of love and relationships. Please share your relationship stories or advise with us. If you are looking for love, let us know what type of mate you are looking for...  they may be listening to the show.  If you are too shy to call send us an E-mail to etiquetteladies@gmail.com.

    Andrea DeJesus is our special co-host.

  • "In Other Words…" with International Etiquette Expert Grace Lee

    in Business

    This was one of the more challenging and interesting interviews I've done, mostly because I disagree with much of what she had to say.  But my show is all about making you think, and this one certainly did that! 

    Grace Lee is an etiquette expert.  With one foot in Japan and the other in the United States, she founded Grace Lee International to help businesspeople with international etiquette.  What do you need to know when you are negotiating a deal with a Japanese firm?  And you may be surprised how much dining etiquette varies from one part of the world to another.  Some places, it's rude to leave food on your plate, in others it's rude not to. 

    But it was her views on a woman's job and who should raise the kids that's likely to be different from what you're used to.  Check it out.

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    Etiquette Training

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we will be discussing etiquette.  You know that thing your parents tried to teach you even though they super ratchet.  People should be allowed to act and speak as they please, we agree, and that's why we are going to try to teach you a more proper way to be yourself. From dressing appropriately for the occasion to social media. We got you covered. Join in on the conversation!

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    What is Etiquette Anyway?

    in Self Help

    What's Your Favorite Public Speaking and Etiquette tip? Our children will discuss theirs. Part 1 of 2.

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