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    Your Soul Loves: Relation-ship to Relation-shift Part 2

    in Self Help

    Today, on Empowered on Every Call Radio Live Listener and Caller Show we will continue our discussion about Your Soul Loves!  It is an ongoing series about love, your will and your soul: soul mate, sole mate, twin flame.  Today;s topic is one that is ignored sorely in every relationship and that is the shift!  Most relationships that don't make it or dissolve after long periods of time is because they say "we've grown apart!"  Well, today we will be discussing how to move from "Relation-ship to Relation-Shift!  Learn how to move with your partner, learn how to grow with and not from.  On this Pre-Valentine weekend there are lots of couples both married and engage as well as singles who can and will benefit from this topic.  So, tune in it's your Saturday morning coffee break! This is a listener caller participation show.

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    crsystal guru turn your relationshiships into relationshift

    in Entertainment

    .Hi Angels, Today on Blog talk radio, we have The Crystal Guru, Stacy Jay as a special guest.  Valentine's day is just around the corner and Stacy will share with us The crystals to help us in our love life, relationship obstacles, spiritual and physical healing and much more.  She is an expert and widely known for her work.  It will be a fun, magical and informative call that will help us take our relationships into a "relationshift"with the help of Stacy and her Knowledge of the crystals.  

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    6.20 Tamara Shilling Unforgettable FBC Cheryl Resnick

    in Social Networking

    Tamara Schilling, RN, BSN, CLNC, NLP. Master Practitioner
    As a successful personality on an international platform, Tamara’s expertise is in assisting others to cultivate joy and depth while experiencing deeper connections in their Relationships. Her breadth and depth on the subject of Relationships comes from a background in bereavement counseling in hospice as a Registered Nurse involved with end-of-life care as well as graduate study in the area of psychology, human sexuality and human connection.
    Ten years ago her son was diagnosed with Autism. It was at that time, Tamara reports that she had to apply all of her professional expertise toward reaching out and into her son to “bring him back.”
    Through Tamara's own greatest pain and suffering she discovered the secrets to happiness in Relationships. Her style is candid, often witty and sometimes raw, in revelation of the truth about Relationship!
    Tamara’s focus with clients & audiences is in the area of Life Transitions and Intimate Relationships. Topics and Titles she speaks and teaches on are: Sex, Sex after children, Dating, Dating After Divorce, How to find “The One” and then keep the love you find, Dating as a single parent, Keeping long-term, committed relationships fresh, vibrant and exciting, How to take relationships from casual to committed, How to find and bring your “Sexy” back, Sexual Empowerment and releasing shame, Owning Your Aphrodite.

    Tamara travels internationally teaching her craft and hosting her own web TV show, http://RelationShift.tv as it is her personal mission to reach out to those who are seeking to create more connection, more joy, more depth, and healthy attachments in their Relationships creating a more deeply fulfilling life experience. 

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    Change Associations - Relation Shifts!!

    in Relationships

    Did you know that you are the average of the 5 people you hang around? Are you surrounded by positive people? Are you involved in healthy relationships. Tamara Schilling of Relationshift TV will help us explore our relationships!!