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    The DG Show- It's Not All About Intimacy, Male/Female Relationships

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    Social media has this society communicating more than ever. But for some reason men and women are not communicating very well with each other. There is a disconnect between the sexes, what we want from each other, how we talk to each other, what we have to offer each other has been lost in translation! Join us as we discuss male/female relationships beyond the bedroom.
    And of course we start the show off with The Post of The Week from the FB group Visual Thoughts!

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    InnerSpeak - Jean Adrienne and Michael Mirdad

    in Spirituality

    Distinguished author and spiritual teacher Michael Mirdad returns as my guest to discuss creating fulfilling relationhips and how to turn a 'cell-mate' into a Soul Mate.

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    after 50 after hours...

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    What is your definition of intimacy? romance? happiness?

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    Mannerizm Radio: Emotional Roller Coaster Fight for Control

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    A voice for the masculine identified woman
    Special Guest: TSmuv female HipHop Artist
    Talking about her mixtape 'Bottomless Emotions"

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    after 50 after hours...

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    Conversations between men and women

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    LittlePinkBook's Cynthia Good&Grammy Winnner Crystal Nicole

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    The theme for August is "Romance Awareness Month".  Today on Inside Out LIVE! with Traci S. Campbell, meet the incredible Cynthia Good in our 2-part Community Mic segment. Cynthia Good is the CEO and Founding editor of Little Pink Book, an online portal and magazine with over 500,000  monthly readers. This portal helps to shape, educate and, motivate women in business and future female entrepreneurs.  She also tells us why she is such a strong supporter of our Beauty In / Beauty Out Tour movement.
    Learn the ways that you can heighten the romance in your life as we honor Romance Awareness Month in our  Beauty In/Beauty Out Advice and tips segment.
    And our headliner guest is Grammy Award winning songwriter and  musician Crystal Nicole. She won the Grammy for her work on Rihanna's "Only Girl in the World" track as well as for work she contributed to Beyonce's "I am Sasha Fierce" CD.  She has worked with Mariah Carey, Brandy, and Jennifer Hudson to name a few! She shares her inspiration and humbel spirit with us.
    Featured Music: "Scared of Lonely " by Beyonce (written by Crystal Nicole) "Only Girl in the World" by Rihanna (written by Crystal Nicole) "Pinch Me" by Crystal Nicole "Sundown" by Crystal Nicole  
    Learn More:
    Twitter:  @TraciSCampbell

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    What Do You Consider Cheating ?

    in Entertainment

    Tell Us , What You Consider Cheating Is , While In A Relationship .. Be Honest , Feel Comfortable , And Say How You Feel , We Wanna Hear Your Opinion .

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    Part II -- For Lovers Only - Relationship Smarts

    in Romance

    Part I was hot! Join us for Part II of this great topic, Relationship Smarts.  Learn, Share, Ask, and Comment about things related to relationhips.  
    Ladies and Gentlemen, get your thoughts together and get ready for some REAL discussion on Relationships. This Thursday we will dig into some of the in's and out's of relationships. Bring your comments, experience, and knowledge to The Blue Spot and let your voice be heard. 

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    Face It & Fix It

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    The Chinese Proverbs states," Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results". This too is applicable in our healthy relationship dynamics as many of us have chosen to place our heads under the sand and not face the truths and reality of our hurts and past pains to move into a place of wholeness.
    Join host Lady Kezra on Hidden Jewels Radio with Special Guest Elder Juanita Sanders Cribb Author of Book, Face It & Fix it", as we enter into kingdom dialouge on the process of staring into the face of unforgiveness and Kingdom principles on how to fix the fragments of our lives as we are heales by the power of forgiveness.
    Hidden Jewels Radio is the Station where wisdom speaks & listeners are empowered!

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    Facing the OTHER Woman: The Kingdom Man Perspective

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    Join Host Lady Kezra on Hidden Jewels Radio for this powerful segment as we continue Kingdom Dialogue on "Facing the Other Woman: Infidelity & the Church" and move to enhance our discussion from the heart of a Kingdom Man. We looked into the mirror of the soul seat of woman that would cause her to move into  place of infidelity from a spiritual as well as psychological view. Now we will hear from a Man of God as we look at the other woman from a man's perspective. Don't Miss this Dynamic show with Special Guest, Social Scientist Alexis Michelle & Pastor Michael D. Samuels, KKRM, Inc.
    Hidden Jewels Radio is the Station Where Wisdom Speaks & Listeners Are Empowered!

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    Red Tent Wisdom w/host Cyndi Harris

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      Today's topic is "Soulmates... Who Do You Love? Soulmate relationships can be some of the most intense relationships we experience. If you are noticing a pattern in your romantic relationhips maybe you are missing an important life lesson that will change your life for the positive.   The Red Tent Wisdom radio program... The Feminine "Art of Sensuality and Surrender" Cyndi Harris is an intuitive life coach (specializing in women's sensuality and spiritual development) plus a natural health advocate and pratitioner. She combines a blend of fun, playful, sensuality, and spirtuality w/ humor and love to help her clients achieve a happier and more balanced approach to joyful living. She assists women in their return to the sacred feminine wisdom that is their birthright.  For more information go to: http://redtentwisdom.com or Check Cyndi out on Youtube at: http://youtube.com21stcsexgoddess.com.

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